"My Hero" (2000) {The Foresight Saga (#5.1)} TV Season

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Overview "My Hero" Season 05 Episode 01 (S05E01)



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4.5/ 10 (9 Votes)

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Production Company
Big Bear Films [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 7 January 2005
(Hungary) - 13 May 2011

Running Time



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Full Cast

  1. Dennis, Hugh as [Piers] <8>
  2. Hirsch, Lou (I) as [Arnie] <4>
  3. Hursit, Brandon as (uncredited) [Cassie]
  4. Hursit, Jordan as (uncredited) [Cassie]
  5. O Grady, Daniel (I) as <16>
  6. O Hanlon, Ardal as [George] <1>
  7. Rhyser, Max as (as Max Rishoj) <15>
  8. Stroud, Finlay as (voice) [Ollie] <9>
  9. Want, Ben as (uncredited) [Ollie]
  10. Want, Joel as (uncredited) [Ollie]
  11. Whitchurch, Philip as [Tyler] <3>
  12. Wylton, Tim as [Stanley] <6>
  13. Benloss, Lorraine as [Midwife] <12>
  14. Godliman, Kerry as [Receptionist] <11>
  15. Joyce, Emily (I) as [Janet] <2>
  16. Kaplinsky, Natasha as [Newsreader] <13>
  17. Lindgren, Anna (I) as [Inga] <14>
  18. McNulty, Geraldine as [Mrs Raven] <7>
  19. Mortimer, Madeleine as (voice) [Cassie] <10>
  20. Roughley, Lill as [Ella] <5>

Movie Certificate


Music Composers

  1. Pope, Philip

Dress Designers

  1. Benge, Janet


Comedy Central [hu] - (2011) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Wadsworth, Chris


  1. Davies, Allen (production accountant) (as Allan Davies)
  2. Gaunt, Pauline (stage manager)
  3. Gearing, Ray (studio manager)
  4. Karadia, Nila (production coordinator)
  5. Mable, Frances (script supervisor)
  6. Morpeth, Julia (location manager)
  7. Oliver, Liz (II) (production secretary)


George Sunday: No. It's not true. The snakes are real. Tyler: Don't give me that. You'd be telling me next Ant and Dec are real. George Sunday: Ant and Dec are real. Tyler: They're animatronic! Think about it, that's how they can do so many shows. George Sunday: No Tyler, they're real. It's Simon Cowell who's animatronic. [first lines] George: OK, I want the cardiac team on standby, a defibrillation unit ready to go, EEG on max, and the Korean nurse who's in love with a married surgeon. Janet: You've got to stop watching ER. Receptionist: Just where do you think you're going? George: My wife is seriously pregnant. Receptionist: First time? George: Oh, yes. One go was all I needed. Janet: My second. My last labour only took three minutes, and they say second babies are quicker. Receptionist: If you'd like to go in through there, and I'll get you a midwife. Janet: And a net, in case he starts to fly! Inga: Hi, I'm Inga. I will be the perfect helper. I will make lots of phone calls, ignore the childrens, and will walk round the house dressed in my underclothing when your husband is around. George: Well, it sounds good to me. You're hired! Janet: No, George! Tyler: Can I have an au pair? Janet: No. Ella: Well, I hope this one's a bit brighter than Ollie. George: Ollie is bright. He was reading today. Ella: Oh, yes? Reading what? Ollie: Proust. Ella: You see, fourteen months and he still can't say any proper words. [last lines] Cassie: Daddy, I've just had another... George: Cassie, no more visions! Cassie: But this is a nice vision. In three seconds you will all be very happy. Janet: Really? How? [Cassie turns on the TV] Piers: Aaaargh! Get me out out of here! Help.