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German - (English subtitles)

(Hollywood) USA

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Southern Belle Pictures [us]

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America had her prisoners too... some of them never wanted to leave.

1940s, based-on-true-story, boy, coming-of-age, german, military, prisoner, prisoner-of-war, single-mother, small-town, title-spoken-by-character, world-war-two,

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  1. Drama
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My Prisoner is an incredible true story, set during WWII, written by the little boy who lived it and grew up to tell the tale 60 years later about the unlikely family bond that he and his single mother find with a German soldier who is imprisoned in a POW camp in the United States. A coming of age and love story that transcends politics, race, religion, and most of all, time, that uncovers the little or unknown facts about the 500,000 German POWs on American soil during the war. America had her prisoners too... some of them never wanted to leave. SB Pictures Plot not found

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PD: February 2012 -

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  1. Rome, Lazio, Italy


- Unknown to most, German and Axis Powers Prisoners of war where held in up to eight plus locations in the United States during World War Two. The little or unknown fact is that an approximate total of 500,000 German and Italian POWs where interned on American soil during the war.

- The writer of this story and script was the little boy featured in the story who later went on to serve in the United States Army during another war.