Nina (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Ealing Studios [gb]
Londinium Films [gb]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Biscione, Vincent M. as [Nina's Entourage]
  2. Brown, Kenneth I. as (uncredited) [Black Panther Member]
  3. Campbell, Kholee as [Ninas Background Vocalist]
  4. Dunning II, Darryl as [French Valet] <6>
  5. Elobar, Sky as [Nina's Bass player] <23>
  6. Epps, Mike (I) as [Richard Pryor]
  7. Garrett, Spencer (I) as [Alan Burson]
  8. Gaston, Stevens as [Marvin Henderson]
  9. Gault, Chuma as [Andrew Stowen]
  10. Harp, Josh as [Harry's Bass Player]
  11. Kalu, Kelechi as [Omar]
  12. Leonard, Kit as [Alan Burson]
  13. Lupo, Dakota as [Harry's Drummer]
  14. Molinari, Anthony as [Cop #1]
  15. Olson, Spencer John (I) as (uncredited) [Nina's Entourage]
  16. Oyelowo, David as [Clifton Henderson]
  17. Scott, Nelson (V) as [Gilles Drummer]
  18. Thrash, Marcus L. J. as [Nina's Entourage]
  19. Winbush, Calvin C. as [Leopoldo F. Fleming] <8>
  20. Zublena, Zack as [Robert]
  21. Abdel, Gabriella as [Teenage Nina]
  22. Agyapong, Nana as [Musician Girl]
  23. Davalos, Alexa as [Olivia]
  24. E Lan, Cherrelle as (uncredited) [Black Panther Party Member]
  25. Eteme, Vivie as [Young Nina]
  26. Gauna, Lubella as [Violinist]
  27. Goines, Siena as [Heather]
  28. Golchan, Yasmine as [Dr. Cousier]
  29. Grushko, Olesya as [Friend]
  30. Imani, Nia as [Young Girl - 4 Women Singer]
  31. Natta, Camille as [Michelle Laroche] <7>
  32. Nelson, Christina Michelle as (uncredited) [Nina's Entourage]
  33. Saldana, Zoe as [Nina Simone]
  34. Sarofim, Allison as [Nurse Sheila]
  35. Surer, Alexandra as [Youth Concert Guest]
  36. Thomas, Ella as [Lorraine Hansberry]


  1. Drama
  2. Music

Total Business

BT: USD 7,000,000


  1. Malaimare Jr., Mihai

Dress Designers

  1. Guidasci, Magali


  1. Ahuja, Ashim (production assistant)
  2. Alvarado, E. Gloria (assistant production accountant)
  3. Baker, Justin Edward (production assistant)
  4. Barden, Case (production assistant)
  5. Baria, Billy (production assistant)
  6. Brewster, Caleb (production secretary)
  7. Chase, Matt (II) (key craft service)
  8. Hagen, Wade (production accountant)
  9. Hanson, Chris (VII) (technical medical advisor)
  10. Harris, Kenton (assistant location manager)
  11. Helwani, Abdullah (assistant to director)
  12. Kehoe, Michael G. (craft service company: Los Angeles)
  13. Kubena, Robyn (assistant production coordinator)
  14. Lander, Justen Patrick (production assistant)
  15. McHugh, Kathy (script supervisor)
  16. Meyer, Sophie (I) (head of development)
  17. Nawrocki, Tony (production assistant)
  18. O'Brien, Tara Jean (key location assistant)
  19. Sperry, Jon (dialect coach)
  20. Standley, Wednesday (production coordinator)
  21. Veron, John (production assistant)
  22. Vines, Amy Greene (production supervisor)
  23. Watson, Caroline (II) (production secretary)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA