Noirland (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Bloodshot Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 22 July 2013

Running Time

Don't dream it. Scream it.

coma, disassociation, dream, erotica, hypnosis, murder, neo-noir, one-word-title, psychologist, psychology, serial-killer,

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Full Cast

  1. Aquitaine, Victor of as [Xerxes]
  2. Austin, Ford as [Detective Schiller]
  3. Bunnell, Paul as [Marvy Marv]
  4. Cain, Sean (I) as [Tyrone]
  5. Catalyst, Clint as [The Baron]
  6. Cravens, Ken as [Max]
  7. Dunning, Douglas as [Zeus]
  8. Duval, James (I) as [Tiberius Malloy]
  9. Esterkin, Maxim as [Hugo Dremin]
  10. Fleming, Eric (III) as [Detective Kaye]
  11. Graham, Jeff Dylan as [Rex]
  12. Harris, Martin William as [Wilhelm]
  13. Hatanaka, Gregory as [Sho]
  14. Hlubik, Jesse as [Detective Gordon Leary]
  15. Hong, Warren as [Ko]
  16. Kaufman, Lloyd as [The Doctor]
  17. Lehr, Alexander as [The Chauffeur]
  18. Lehr, Michael as [Cho]
  19. Man, Steven as [Mickey]
  20. Meir, Adam as [Paolo Vadim]
  21. Saliba, Wissam as (as Sam Saliba) [The Interrogator]
  22. Santos, Edwin A. as [Francisco]
  23. Thompson, Luke Y. as [Ulysses]
  24. Vento, Aldo as [Mysterious Young Man]
  25. Woodruff, Dennis as [Pepe]
  26. Young, Tony T.L. as [Trang]
  27. Barnett, Bianca (I) as [The Woman Downstairs]
  28. Caplan, Twink as [Dr. Zelda Berman]
  29. Carmina, La as [Suspicious houseguest]
  30. Claire, Lenora as [The Baroness]
  31. Cruz, Courtney as [Dream Girl]
  32. Dowling, Elissa as [Penelope]
  33. Ebb, Zoetica as [The Temptress]
  34. Ghavami, Rose as [The Trembling Woman]
  35. Goodstein, Esther as [Camille]
  36. Hruza, Madla as [Serafina Bach]
  37. Hyatt, Kara Michelle as [Sandy Jenkins]
  38. Jane, Mary (II) as [Desirée]
  39. Mahjobi, Mehrnoush Michele as [Dorit Kessler]
  40. McColm, Wendy as [Victoria Finn]
  41. New, Lorielle as [Polly]
  42. Nicole, Amie as [Dr. Anoushka Berman]
  43. Riffel, Rena as [Elektra Wishnow]
  44. Shakhmayev, Alisa as (as Zoetica Ebb) [The Temptress]
  45. Stevens, Hollie as (as Holly Stevens) [Tabitha]
  46. Suvadova, Silvia as [Molly]
  47. Van Ardenn, Inga as [The Shoe Goddess]
  48. Wohl, Tirza as [Miranda]


  1. Crime
  2. Horror
  3. Mystery
  4. Thriller

Full Plot

A catatonic serial killer is put under a deep hypnosis in order to free his last victim, and revive him into coming to terms with the sadistic sexual acts he is responsible for. An amnesiac detective searching for a serial killer, finds out he is the prime suspect. Criminal psychiatrists and psychologists watch and listen to the mysteries unfold. Bloodshot Pictures Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Ramzi Abed


  1. Harris, Martin William (production coordinator)
  2. Kesterson, Michael (production assistant)
  3. Rosiak, David (script supervisor)
  4. Yeav, Kuy (production assistant)

Other Titles

  1. Noirlandia (2012) (ENG)
    (International: English title) (informal title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Lancaster, California, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA
  3. West Hollywood, California, USA
  4. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA