"North & South" (2004) {(#1.4)} TV Season

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Overview "North & South" Season 01 Episode 04 (S01E04)



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7.5/ 10 (62 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 5 December 2004
(Hungary) - 19 November 2006

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Full Cast

  1. Armitage, Richard (I) as [John Thornton] <2>
  2. Charnock, Tom as [Williams]
  3. Coyle, Brendan (I) as [Nicholas Higgins] <6>
  4. Evans, Rupert (II) as [Frederick Hale] <11>
  5. Faraday, Tim as [Mr. Watson]
  6. Light, John (I) as [Henry Lennox] <13>
  7. Oliver, Travis (I) as [Capt. Maxwell Lennox]
  8. Pigott-Smith, Tim as [Richard Hale] <3>
  9. Potts, George (II) as [Parson]
  10. Protheroe, Brian as [Mr. Bell] <10>
  11. Tacey, Will as [Mr. Latimer]
  12. Wild, Spencer as [Tom Boucher]
  13. Booker, Jane as [Mrs. Shaw]
  14. Brown, Lucy (V) as [Ann Latimer]
  15. Cusack, Sinéad as [Hannah Thornton] <4>
  16. Denby-Ashe, Daniela as [Margaret Hale] <1>
  17. Ferguson, Emma (II) as [Edith Shaw Lennox] <14>
  18. Joyner, Jo as [Fanny Thornton] <8>
  19. Lyon, Kay as [Mary Higgins] <12>
  20. Manville, Lesley as [Maria Hale] <5>
  21. Maxwell Martin, Anna as [Bessy Higgins] <7>
  22. Pollen, Isabel as [Parson's Wife]
  23. Quirke, Pauline as [Dixon] <9>

Full Plot

Frederick safely reaches Spain. After her father's death, Margaret leaves Milton to live with her aunt in London. Thornton learns that Frederick is Margaret's brother. With the money that she inherited from Mr. Bell, her godfather, she decides to help Mr. Thornton's mill from closing. R. Plot not found


  1. Greenhalgh, Peter


Magyar Televízió [hu] - (2006) (Hungary) (TV) (M1)


  1. Neilson, David (II) (key location assistant)
  2. Vasey, Ian (location manager)


John Thornton: I do not wish to posses you. I wish to marry you because I love you! Margaret Hale: Well you shouldn't, for I do not like you. [last lines] John Thornton: You're coming home with me?