Null and Binding (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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fRANKED Up [us]

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What are you afraid of? Fear is an illusion Vincent Knaves will cleanse you of every last fear Save your last breath Have you seen Ruby?

bury, fear, playing-cards, torture,

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RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Fabert, Randy R. as (rumored) [Mr. Damascus] <4>
  2. Faul, Matt as (rumored) [Mr. Frank] <3>
  3. Kidd, Joe (II) as (rumored) [Vincent Knaves] <1>
  4. Martin, Aaron (IV) as (rumored) [Missing Person 3] <21>
  5. Price, Brenton as (rumored) [Missing Person 7] <24>
  6. Senatore, Matthew J. as [Bs. Exodus] <5>
  7. Brokaw, Brooklynn as (attached) [Missing Person 5] <20>
  8. Brown, Sarah Marie as (attached) [Missing Person 4] <23>
  9. Davis, Tifani Ahren as (rumored) [Missing Person 6] <22>
  10. Kothe, Holly as (attached) [Mrs. Damascus/Suburban Jogger] <6>
  11. Tanis, Jocelyn Jae as (attached) [Dearly Departed Abigail] <7>
  12. Windimere, Iabou as (rumored) [Ruby Scodella] <2>


  1. Drama
  2. Horror
  3. Mystery
  4. Thriller

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000 PD: 12 April 2012 - ? (costume production) SD: 7 August 2012 - ? (FIlming)

Movie Certificate

Not Rated (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Windimere, Iabou (original music by)


  1. Fabert, Randy R. (unit director of photography)
  2. Morgan, John (LVII) (unit director of photography)
  3. Windimere, Iabou

Dress Designers

  1. Windimere, Iabou (head costume designer)


Dahrk City Distribution [us] - (2012) (USA) (all media)
fRANK Up Film Distribution [us] - (2012) (USA) (all media)
fRANKED Up [us] - (2012) (USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Windimere, Iabou


  1. Davis, Tifani Ahren (script supervisor)
  2. Kidd, Joe (II) (stand-in: Mr. Faul)
  3. Windimere, Iabou (stand-in: Mr. Kidd)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. fRANKED Up Studios [us], Beavercreek, Ohio - (flash backs)


- Iabou was dunked over 50 times repeatedly for the filming of this film. during one take, Joe and Matt were worried she might be unconscious.

- This was the first Horror script ever written by Iabou Windimere.

- The intent of this production was to create a collage of the best film artists in South West Ohio.