"Nurse Jackie" (2009) {Health Care and Cinema (#1.12)} TV Season

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Overview "Nurse Jackie" Season 01 Episode 12 (S01E12)



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7.7/ 10 (91 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 24 August 2009
(Australia) - 8 December 2009
(Hungary) - 4 May 2010
(Spain) - 13 May 2010
(Japan) - 25 December 2010

Running Time


coma-patient, diamond-ring, film-critic, hallucination, intestines, life-flashes-before-one's-eyes, morphine, reference-to-kevin-costner, straight-gay-male-kiss, trapped-in-an-elevator,

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Full Cast

  1. Ackler, Joseph as [Paramedic] <16>
  2. Cooper, Chuck (I) as [Intestine Man] <15>
  3. Facinelli, Peter as [Dr. Fitch Cooper] <6>
  4. Fumusa, Dominic as [Kevin Peyton] <8>
  5. Garber, Victor as [Neil Nutterman] <7>
  6. Irish, Mark (I) as [Dr. Rodney] <18>
  7. Jacobson, Lenny as [Lenny] <14>
  8. Schulze, Paul (I) as [Eddie Walzer] <5>
  9. Sleiman, Haaz as [Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz] <4>
  10. Wallem, Stephen as [Thor Lundgren] <12>
  11. Watkins, William Oliver as (as William Watkins) [Paramedic] <17>
  12. Best, Eve as [Dr. Eleanor O'Hara] <2>
  13. Falco, Edie as [Jackie Peyton] <1>
  14. Jerins, Ruby as [Grace Peyton] <9>
  15. LaLiberte, Nicole as [Model] <13>
  16. Smith, Anna Deavere as [Gloria Akalitus] <11>
  17. Tahan, Daisy as [Fiona Peyton] <10>
  18. Wever, Merritt as [Zoey Barkow] <3>

Movie Certificate

12 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Coleman, Lisa (I) (music by)
  2. Melvoin, Wendy (music by)


  1. Cernjul, Vanja (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. McCabe, Suzanne (I)


A-Film Home Entertainment [nl] - (2010) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Divisa Home Video [es] - (2010) (Spain) (DVD)
Lionsgate Home Entertainment [us] - (2010) (USA) (DVD)
Viasat3 [hu] - (2010) (Hungary) (TV)


  1. Austin, Taii K. (story editor)
  2. Brand, David (V) (production secretary)
  3. Collins, Chris (VII) (production coordinator)
  4. Corna, Bob (production coordinator)
  5. Fuchsman, Hal (staff set production assistant)
  6. Ghieth, Dena (assistant location manager)
  7. Guity, Kenneth (unit production assistant)
  8. Horgan, Deirdre (script supervisor)
  9. Kempler, Jeff (I) (script coordinator)
  10. Kirkwood, Charles (post accountant) (uncredited)
  11. Lasting, Gabrielle (assistant production coordinator)
  12. Lynch, Brendan C. (additional production assistant)
  13. McKenney, Cara (main title producer)
  14. Piczon, Karen (production assistant)
  15. Pitkus, Lauri (location manager)
  16. Rich, Brieann (set medic) (uncredited)
  17. Rich, Nicholas (technical advisor)
  18. Saunders, Susan (I) (production accountant)
  19. Williams, Joshua (III) (production assistant)


Gloria Akalitus: [to a coma patient] I've never been a fan of movies where idiots talk to people in comas. Would you consider signing something clearing All Saints of any neglective malfeasance? Just a thought. Eddie Walzer: [pointing to a picture on the wall] Is that your wife? Kevin Peyton: Yeah. Jackie. Eddie Walzer: She's beautiful. Kevin Peyton: Are you married? Eddie Walzer: No. I'm seeing someone, but she's married, two kids. Kevin Peyton: That's a rough ride. Eddie Walzer: Brother, you don't know the half of it. Zoey Barkow: What if he wakes up and the first thing he sees is me wearing kiddy scrubs? He'll think I don't take what happened seriously. Thor Lundgren: Well, what if he never wakes up? Zoey Barkow: Hey! Mohammed 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz: Or what if he wakes up and he's blind? What about the rest of us? We're stuck watching you mope around in grey. Thor Lundgren: It takes a village. Zoey Barkow: That's not what that means. Thor Lundgren: Yes, it is! Zoey Barkow: You know, Mr. Nutterman? I'm not so crazy about Kevin Costner either. Neil Nutterman: Do I know him? Zoey Barkow: Uhm. What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture last year? Neil Nutterman: When was "Showgirls"? That was a good movie.