Ocean's Twelve (2004) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.2/ 10 (169604 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for language

Production Company
Jerry Weintraub Productions [us]
Section Eight [us]
Village Roadshow Pictures [us] - (in association with)
WV Films III [us]
Warner Bros. Pictures [us] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 8 December 2004
(Australia) - 9 December 2004
(Malaysia) - 9 December 2004
(Thailand) - 9 December 2004
(India) - 10 December 2004

Running Time

You cross one ocean, you face them all They're back....and then some Twelve is the new eleven Three years ago, they stole 160 million dollars. Now the only thing between their old enemy and their new one is an Ocean.

2000s, actor-playing-himself, actress-playing-herself, agoraphobia, american, amsterdam-netherlands, anniversary, apostrophe-in-title, art-theft, art-thief, autograph, bank, big-con, black-and-white-scene, black-and-white-segues-into-color, blockbuster, breaking-the-fourth-wall, cameo, cameo-appearance, canal, caper, capoeira, car-explosion, character-name-in-title, chicago,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Camera and Lenses
LAB:EFilm - (digital intermediate)
LAB:Technicolor, USA - (prints)
MET:3429 m - (Sweden)
OFM:35 mm - (Fuji Reala 500D 8592) (Kodak)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (4K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Affleck, Casey as [Virgil Malloy] <11>
  2. Antonazzo, Carlo as [Security Advisor] <54>
  3. Avigdori, Jonathan as (uncredited) [Italian Policeman]
  4. Birkfeld, Keith as (uncredited) [Italian Police Officer]
  5. Bodnar, Marc as [Train Security #2] <68>
  6. Bonaventura, Anthony as (uncredited) [Bar Patron]
  7. Brown, Karl A. as [Train Security #1] <67>
  8. Caan, Scott as [Turk Malloy] <13>
  9. Cassel, Vincent as [François Toulour] <36>
  10. Cheadle, Don as [Basher Tarr] <20>
  11. Clayderburg, Gary as (uncredited) [Policeman in Rome]
  12. Clooney, George as [Danny Ocean] <3>
  13. Coltrane, Robbie as [Matsui] <31>
  14. Craven, Thomas D. as (uncredited) [Bar Patron]
  15. Damon, Matt as [Linus Caldwell] <22>
  16. De Matteo, Antonio as [Hotel Employee] <58>
  17. Delano, Michael as [Casino Manager] <38>
  18. Di Angelo, Dennis as [Photographer's Assistant] <62>
  19. Faris, Nasser as (as Al Faris) [Frank's Jail Mate] <40>
  20. Finney, Albert as (uncredited) [Gaspar LeMarque]
  21. Garcia, Andy (I) as [Terry Benedict] <10>
  22. Giannini, Adriano as [Museum Director] <60>
  23. Gober, Chris as (uncredited) [Mullethead]
  24. Gould, Elliott as [Reuben Tishkoff] <27>
  25. Grace, Topher as (uncredited) [Himself]
  26. Harris, Jared (I) as [Basher's Engineer] <21>
  27. Holly, Bryan as (uncredited) [Dutch Prisoner]
  28. Izzard, Eddie as [Roman Nagel] <37>
  29. Jemison, Eddie as [Livingston Dell] <26>
  30. Krabbé, Jeroen as [van der Woude] <32>
  31. Kross, Ed as [Bank Officer] <4>
  32. Lang, Ernie as (uncredited) [Neighbor John]
  33. Lauria, Vince as (uncredited) [Casino Patron]
  34. Lindsay, David (IV) as [Arsenal Bus Driver] <39>
  35. Mac, Bernie as [Frank Catton] <19>
  36. Magnolia, Giulio as [Photographer] <61>
  37. Meulman, André as (uncredited) [Dutch Officer]
  38. Miele, Luciano as [Hotel Manager] <57>
  39. Peltz, Nelson as [Partygoer] <14>
  40. Pitt, Brad as [Rusty Ryan] <1>
  41. Qin, Shaobo as [Yen] <16>
  42. Reiner, Carl as [Saul Bloom] <23>
  43. Rose, Christian (I) as (uncredited) [Train Rider]
  44. Sbragia, Mattia as [Commissario Giordano] <53>
  45. Schneider, James (II) as [Club Heckler] <25>
  46. Schwartz, Scott L. as [Bruiser] <64>
  47. Simonet, Mathieu as [Backpack Kid] <66>
  48. Sinkeldam, Rik as (uncredited) [Man on Bike]
  49. Sontag, David (II) as [Plainclothes Goon #1] <8>
  50. Sontag, Larry as [Plainclothes Goon #2] <9>
  51. Susser, Craig as [Men's Club Waiter] <24>
  52. Tates, Chris as [Paul's Partner] <35>
  53. Tiffany, Don as [House Painter] <6>
  54. Tordi, Gian Franco as (as Gianfranco Tordi) [Italian Secret Service]
  55. Van Der Heijden, Michael as [Funeral Priest] <30>
  56. Weintraub, Jerry (I) as [American Businessman] <51>
  57. Widerberg, Johan as [Johan] <33>
  58. Willems, Jeroen as [Paul] <34>
  59. Willis, Bruce as (uncredited) [Bruce Willis]
  60. Zahn, James (I) as (uncredited) [Bartender]
  61. Zomer, Chris as (uncredited) [Cyclist]
  62. Anden, Mini as [Supermodel] <15>
  63. Azzara, Candice as [Saul's Lady] <41>
  64. Bell, Jessie as [Toulour Woman #7] <48>
  65. Buhl, Andrea as [Toulour Woman #2] <43>
  66. Connolly, Dina as [Virgil's Fiancée] <12>
  67. Diakite, Youma as [Toulour Woman #1] <42>
  68. Durso, Sue as (uncredited) [Commuter]
  69. Engel, Rebecca as (uncredited) [Girl in Casino]
  70. Faria, Raquel as [Toulour Woman #5] <46>
  71. Gao, Mingming as [Chinese Mother] <55>
  72. Hatte, Anne-Solenne as [Toulour Woman #8] <49>
  73. Hines, Nichelle as [Assistant Manager] <29>
  74. Jacques, Anne (I) as [Shop Owner] <7>
  75. Jones, Cherry (I) as [Molly Star/Mrs. Caldwell] <63>
  76. Kahn-Ackermann, Amelie as [Chinese Daughter] <56>
  77. Kwon, Sylvia as [Toulour Woman #3] <44>
  78. Lancini, Francesca as [Toulour Woman #4] <45>
  79. Liu, Jennifer (I) as [Mani-pedi Woman #1] <17>
  80. Melton, Nikki Taylor as (uncredited) [Girl in Park]
  81. Mendez, Denny as [Toulour Woman #9] <50>
  82. Miller, Lori (V) as (uncredited) [Lady with Dog]
  83. Morariu, Ana Caterina as [Bruce Willis' Companion] <59>
  84. Mori, Carla as (uncredited) [Photographer]
  85. Potapova, Elena as [Toulour Woman #6] <47>
  86. Potrich, Roberta as (uncredited) [Fan]
  87. Roberts, Julia (I) as [Tess Ocean] <5>
  88. Sleger, Michelle as (uncredited) [Maid of Honor at Virgil's Dinner]
  89. Stella, Martina as [Nagel's Assistant] <52>
  90. Tedesco, Nerissa as [Palm Reader] <28>
  91. Volodi, Giselda as [Toulour's Butler] <65>
  92. Zeskind, Rachel as (uncredited) [Dancer]
  93. Zeta-Jones, Catherine as [Isabel Lahiri] <2>
  94. Zhang, Leah as [Mani-pedi Woman #2] <18>


  1. Crime
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

They pulled off one of the biggest heists ever and now they have another job to complete. Ocean's Eleven, which consisted off Danny Ocean (Clooney), Rusty Ryan (Pitt) and Linus Caldwell (Damon) and others, all thought they would be able to enjoy their money, but someone has other plans. Terry Benedict (Garcia) is still fuming after losing his money and wants it back. The team now have the job of getting all the money they spent back, or risk being thrown in jail. How are they going to get it all back? By pulling off another amazing plan. Film_Fan After successfully stealing 160 million from ruthless casino owner Terry Benedict, Danny Ocean and his 10 cohorts think they're free and clear. But one day Terry Benedict pays each of them a visit but instead of doing something to them, he tells them they have 2 weeks. When they get together they deduce that Benedict wants them to pay him back what they took with interest. Knowing they can't do a job in the U.S. they decide to go to Europe. Danny's number 2 Rusty decides to go to Amsterdam cause there's a guy there who can give them jobs but Rusty doesn't tell them that he has another reason for wanting to go there. When they try to pull the job they were given, they discover that someone else has pulled the job. They deduce he was the one who told Benedict who they are. Later Europol operative Isabel Lahiri investigates and upon seeing how they tried to do it leads her to their door. It seems she and Rusty "know" each other. While she chooses not to arrest them, she warns them not to do anything. She also tells them who the man is who told Benedict. When they find him, they learn that he feels offended that his mentor who is a great thief thinks they're better than him so he challenges them to steal something and if they do he'll give them the money they need to pay Benedict. So the challenge begins but they also have to contend with Isabel who is keeping any eye on them. Set three years after "Ocean's 11," this sequel shows us Danny Ocean gathering up his complete gang of con artists and thieves from the first film in New York City before they all jet off to Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris to pull off three seperate heists. All the while, the boys must deal with increasing pressure from a very mad Terry Benedict, a dedicated Europol agent with a link to Rusty's past, and a mysterious French rival known as the "Night Fox." Will Ocean's crew reach their full potential and become the greatest thieves the world has ever known, or will they fall victim to Benedict's revenge? All bets are off. Ken Stauffer Three years after pulling an impossible heist of a three-casino vault Daniel Ocean's Eleven plus wife Tess have been found and fingered by Terry Benedict. Mr. Benedict has promised the provider of the information to show restraint and give the clan two weeks to repay him with interest to the tune of over $190 million. Without a job that can provide that kind of pay off, the gang must accept the challenge of premier thief Francois Toulour to see who can steal a famous work of art first and claim the title of greatest thief ever. FMJ_Joker Three years after ripping off casino owner Terry Benedict in Las Vegas, Danny Ocean and his gang have settled down. Until the revenge-seeking Benedict contacts them all one-by-one with this: pay back what you stole from me, with interest, or else. They have two weeks to come up with $190 million dollars. In addition to the swiftly approaching deadline, they have to dodge tenacious Europol agent Isabel Lehiri and out-maneuver another thief known only as "The Night Fox." It all culminates in Ocean's 12 taking on the biggest heist ever...and also the biggest con! Valerie M. Langley This sequel finds itself after the Ocean's 11 Las Vegas casino heist. However, now we find our characters in a hurry to do another heist because Terry Benedict (Garcia) wants his money back. However, when they get to their destination in Europe, they find that the job has already been done by a thief known as the Night Fox, who is out to prove that he's better than Danny Ocean (Clooney) and his Ocean's 11. So, now the group finds theirselves in a race against the clock to find out who can be the best theives of the world. thexotherxchris Three years after Danny Ocean and 10 other thieves managed to steal $160,000,000 from casino tycoon Terry Benedict, they have been caught, and are left with two weeks to give back all the money they stole, plus interest over three years. Danny and his friends needs to get $190,000,000 or else they will be killed, so they plan to pull off three large-scale robberies in Paris, Rome and Amsterdam before the time is up. radioactiveand Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 17,327 (Estonia) AD: 2,792,383 (Germany) (6 February 2005) AD: 2,766,637 (Germany) (30 January 2005) AD: 2,712,931 (Germany) (23 January 2005) AD: 2,594,408 (Germany) (16 January 2005) AD: 2,374,444 (Germany) (9 January 2005) AD: 597,929 (Germany) (19 December 2004) AD: 1,715,592 (Italy) (23 January 2005) AD: 1,678,428 (Italy) (16 January 2005) AD: 1,580,156 (Italy) (9 January 2005) AD: 1,245,432 (Italy) (2 January 2005) AD: 244,281 (Italy) (19 December 2004) AD: 149,050 (Norway) (6 January 2005) BT: USD 110,000,000 CP: 2004 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited -- All other territories CP: 2004 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. -- U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda GR: USD 125,531,634 (USA) (20 March 2005) GR: USD 125,485,629 (USA) (13 March 2005) GR: USD 125,402,117 (USA) (6 March 2005) GR: USD 125,245,047 (USA) (27 February 2005) GR: USD 125,012,782 (USA) (20 February 2005) GR: USD 124,484,554 (USA) (13 February 2005) GR: USD 124,164,979 (USA) (6 February 2005) GR: USD 123,608,293 (USA) (30 January 2005) GR: USD 122,389,114 (USA) (23 January 2005) GR: USD 120,460,509 (USA) (16 January 2005) GR: USD 115,312,023 (USA) (9 January 2005) GR: USD 107,006,344 (USA) (2 January 2005) GR: USD 86,600,224 (USA) (26 December 2004) GR: USD 68,524,528 (USA) (19 December 2004) GR: USD 39,153,380 (USA) (12 December 2004) GR: GBP 12,030,148 (UK) (6 March 2005) GR: GBP 11,422,858 (UK) (27 February 2005) GR: GBP 10,281,251 (UK) (20 February 2005) GR: GBP 6,897,580 (UK) (13 February 2005) GR: GBP 3,394,100 (UK) (6 February 2005) GR: USD 107,300,000 (Worldwide) (2 January 2005) (except USA) GR: EUR 10,695,257 (Italy) (23 January 2005) GR: EUR 10,478,063 (Italy) (16 January 2005) GR: EUR 9,898,840 (Italy) (9 January 2005) GR: EUR 7,799,093 (Italy) (2 January 2005) GR: EUR 4,539,732 (Italy) (26 December 2004) GR: EUR 1,573,718 (Italy) (19 December 2004) GR: EUR 5,133,166 (Netherlands) (13 February 2005) GR: EUR 4,797,187 (Netherlands) (23 January 2005) GR: EUR 3,229,311 (Netherlands) (2 January 2005) GR: EUR 1,025,730 (Netherlands) (19 December 2004) GR: PHP 20,768,100 (Philippines) (9 January 2005) OW: USD 39,153,380 (USA) (12 December 2004) (3,290 screens) OW: GBP 3,394,100 (UK) (6 February 2005) (450 screens) OW: EUR 1,573,718 (Italy) (19 December 2004) (289 screens) OW: EUR 1,025,730 (Netherlands) (19 December 2004) (134 screens) OW: PHP 20,768,100 (Philippines) (9 January 2005) (45 screens) OW: USD 370,700 (Philippines) (8 January 2005) (89 screens) SD: 31 March 2004 - 12 August 2004 WG: USD 24,991 (USA) (20 March 2005) (73 screens) WG: USD 48,849 (USA) (13 March 2005) (115 screens) WG: USD 91,876 (USA) (6 March 2005) (140 screens) WG: USD 152,072 (USA) (27 February 2005) (202 screens) WG: USD 439,806 (USA) (20 February 2005) (463 screens) WG: USD 188,931 (USA) (13 February 2005) (201 screens) WG: USD 338,396 (USA) (6 February 2005) (407 screens) WG: USD 688,364 (USA) (30 January 2005) (702 screens) WG: USD 1,379,378 (USA) (23 January 2005) (1,275 screens) WG: USD 3,510,460 (USA) (16 January 2005) (2,105 screens) WG: USD 5,310,434 (USA) (9 January 2005) (3,010 screens) WG: USD 9,433,199 (USA) (2 January 2005) (3,290 screens) WG: USD 8,401,175 (USA) (26 December 2004) (3,290 screens) WG: USD 18,124,149 (USA) (19 December 2004) (3,290 screens) WG: USD 39,153,380 (USA) (12 December 2004) (3,290 screens) WG: GBP 321,352 (UK) (6 March 2005) (257 screens) WG: GBP 651,764 (UK) (27 February 2005) (346 screens) WG: GBP 1,328,115 (UK) (20 February 2005) (406 screens) WG: GBP 2,132,196 (UK) (13 February 2005) (451 screens) WG: GBP 3,394,100 (UK) (6 February 2005) (450 screens) WG: EUR 119,317 (Italy) (23 January 2005) (65 screens) WG: EUR 341,365 (Italy) (16 January 2005) (153 screens) WG: EUR 813,651 (Italy) (9 January 2005) (302 screens) WG: EUR 1,876,217 (Italy) (2 January 2005) (372 screens) WG: EUR 2,106,400 (Italy) (26 December 2004) (322 screens) WG: EUR 46,090 (Netherlands) (13 February 2005) (38 screens) WG: EUR 187,208 (Netherlands) (23 January 2005) (109 screens) WG: EUR 590,367 (Netherlands) (2 January 2005) (134 screens) WG: EUR 1,025,730 (Netherlands) (19 December 2004) (134 screens) WG: PHP 20,768,100 (Philippines) (9 January 2005) (45 screens)

Movie Certificate

U (Malaysia)
M/12 (Portugal)
PG (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Ontario)
M (New Zealand)
13 (Argentina)
M (Australia)
12 (Brazil)
G (Canada)(Quebec)
14 (Chile)
12 (Czech Republic)
A (Denmark)
S (Finland)
6 (Germany)
IIA (Hong Kong)
L (Iceland)
AL (Netherlands)
A (Norway)
14 (Peru)
PG-13 (Philippines)
PG (Singapore)
12 (South Korea)
Btl (Sweden)
10 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
10 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
12 (Switzerland)(canton of Zurich)
12A (UK)(original rating)
12 (UK)(video rating) (2005)
PG-13 (USA)(certificate #41268)
K (Greece)

Music Composers

  1. Holmes, David (IV)


  1. Soderbergh, Steven (as Peter Andrews)

Dress Designers

  1. Canonero, Milena


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Warner Home Vídeo [br] - (2005) (Brazil) (VHS)

Film Editors

  1. Mirrione, Stephen


  1. Alunni, Andrea (security coordinator) (uncredited)
  2. Alvarenga, Cecilia (production contact: Como Location)
  3. Anderson, Damian (production coordinator: Rome)
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  5. Bardelli, Matteo (set production assistant) (uncredited)
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Linus Caldwell: Hey, can I ask you something? You ever notice that... Rusty Ryan: If you're gonna ask if you can ask me a question, give me time to respond. Unless you're asking rhetorically, in which case the answer is obvious - yes. Linus Caldwell: Okay, can I ask you... Rusty Ryan: Yes. Linus Caldwell: Thanks. You ever notice that Tess looks... Rusty Ryan: Ooh, don't ever ask that. Ever. Seriously. Not to anyone, especially not to her. Linus Caldwell: Wait, why not? Rusty Ryan: Look, it's not in my nature to be mysterious. But I can't talk about it and I can't talk about why. [walks off] Linus Caldwell: Oooooooooo. Tess Ocean: You're doing recon work on our anniversary? Danny Ocean: Tess... Danny Ocean: Do I look 50 to you? Basher Tarr: Yeah. Danny Ocean: Really? Basher Tarr: Well, I mean, you know, only from the neck up. Turk Malloy: It's ridiculous, I mean this is a moral issue we're dealing with here. Not to mention we don't have a grease man anymore, because he's in a bag somewhere. We don't know. Virgil Malloy: We got a bag man. Turk Malloy: Such an ape, an animal, with no feelings you are. Virgil Malloy: I have feelings. Turk Malloy: No, you don't. Virgil Malloy: Look, yeah, I do I feel bad for the guy. He's a human being in a piece of luggage, but you got water, he's got air. What did you want them to do? Turk Malloy: Oh my God they should have gotten off the bus, get off the bus and pick up the bag with our friend in it. Virgil Malloy: Get off the bus, they were trying to be inconspicuous. How many soccer teams do you know that are fielding 50 year-old men? Danny Ocean: Rusty's not 50 years old. Turk Malloy: Yeah, dude, we know Rusty's not 50. Reuben Tishkoff: [to a fortune teller. As he is having his palm read by her, he turns around to see Terry Benedict with two enforcers] This? You couldn't see *this*? Linus Caldwell: What did I say? Danny Ocean: You called his niece a whore. Rusty Ryan: A very cheap one. Danny Ocean: She's seven. Saul Bloom: You're all aces in my book, butI want the last check I write to bounce. Livingston Dell: [Linus, Basher and Turk are escorted into a jail cell already holding the rest of the gang] So, how'd it go? Linus Caldwell: Hehehehehe. [first lines] Rusty Ryan: Hi. Isabel Lahiri: How'd it go? Rusty Ryan: Lousy. Terry Benedict: [on the cell phone, talking to Baron Francois Toulour] Who do you think you're dealing with? Nothing costs nothing. [on the Night Fox] Turk Malloy: Come on, he's one guy, and he's French. Bruce Willis: You'd better call the rice paddy. [to Tess while she is pretending to be Julia Roberts and is surrounded by photographers] Linus Caldwell: Protect your fake baby, protect your fake baby! Tess Ocean: [while trying to get through a crowd of fans thinking she's Julia Roberts] How is this going to get Danny out? Linus Caldwell: We need someone famous. Tess Ocean: Why didn't you get someone famous? Linus Caldwell: Just think Four Weddings and a Funeral. Tess Ocean: [rather bewildered] She wasn't in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Linus Caldwell: 'I'. 'I wasn't in Four Weddings and a Funeral'! Just protect your fake baby! Virgil Malloy: Doesn't this guy believe in fresh air? Rusty Ryan: He opens the second floor window every now and then. Virgil Malloy: What does that mean? Rusty Ryan: It means he opens the second floor window every now and then. Linus Caldwell: I blew the meet with Matsui. Molly Star: Let me guess. He pulled a lost in translation on you? Linus Caldwell: [shocked] Why don't I see these things? Danny Ocean: What are you doing? Rusty Ryan: Sleeping. Why are you dressed? Danny Ocean: It's 5:30, day of. Gotta go, let's go! Rusty Ryan: It's 11:30. The night before. Danny Ocean: [realizes he was given a prank wake-up call by Toulour] Rusty Ryan: Oh! Oh he's mean. He's just mean spirited. All right, how many espressos have you had? Danny Ocean: Five. Danny Ocean: [watching "Happy Days" dubbed in Italian] That guy doing Potsie is unbelievable. [to Danny on the phone] Tess Ocean: There's water in the basement, and the pilot light is out. Rusty Ryan: Of course, we haven't considered the most obvious solution. Danny Ocean: Oh yeah? Rusty Ryan: We could turn ourselves in. Go to jail. Nothing Benedict could do to us there. Danny Ocean: Yeah, good idea. We all go to the cops and confess to the Bellagio robbery. That averages twenty years for grand larceny for each of us. Yeah, that'd teach him. Linus Caldwell: Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream. I am a traveler in both time and space, to be where I have been. Rusty Ryan: A doctor who specializes in skin diseases will dream that he has fallen asleep in front of the television. Later, he will wake up in front of the television, but not remember his dream. Matsui: [to Linus Caldwell] Would you agree? Tess Ocean: Ma Marcus? Julia Roberts: Um... No it's Julia. Tess Ocean: um... oh... Hello Julia... it's ah... Julia. Linus Caldwell: Um, all right, let's go over the list again. Ah, Swinging Priest? Basher Tarr: Not enough people. Linus Caldwell: Crazy Larry? Turk Malloy: Not enough people. Linus Caldwell: Soft shoulder? Basher Tarr: Not enough people. Linus Caldwell: Baker's dozen? Basher Tarr: No woman [pause] and not enough people. Turk Malloy: Hell in a Handbasket? Linus Caldwell: [sigh] We can't train a cat that quickly [pause] and... Linus Caldwell, Basher Tarr, Turk Malloy: Not enough people. Linus Caldwell: So we do a Lookie-Loo... it's actually a Lookie-Loo with a Bundle of Joy! Basher Tarr: A Lookie-Loo... with Tess... and a Bundle of Joy? Linus Caldwell: Yeah! Basher Tarr: You've gone right out of your tree, my son. [looking at Turk] He's mad. It's madness. Turk Malloy: Yeah, it's crazy. It's Italian television crazy, and, we're still one short. Linus Caldwell: No no, but think about it. She can get near the egg, during daylight hours, with at least half the system down! Well that's a trifecta! Basher Tarr: You might be right. Make the call. Danny Ocean: How old do you think I am? Virgil Malloy: 48? Danny Ocean: You think I'm 48 years old? Virgil Malloy: 52? Turk Malloy: [to Linus] Who died and made you Danny? Reuben Tishkoff: [banging on the bathroom door] Frank come on let me in. Turk Malloy: How do you think it feels when you're sitting down on the toilet and someone's banging on the door? Reuben Tishkoff: Well, I gotta sit down on the toilet or else I'm gonna shit on your feet. Frank Catton: Let me break it down for you like a fraction. Tess Ocean: This is just wrong. Linus Caldwell: You mean like... morally? Tess Ocean: Well... yeah I guess. Terry Benedict: The last time we talked, you hung up on me. Rusty Ryan: You used nasty words. Linus Caldwell: [Linus is trying to convince everyone that Danny was actually the leader of "The Benedict Job"] Well, if any of you had a problem, who did you go to? Basher Tarr, Turk Malloy, Virgil Malloy, Reuben Tishkoff, Livingston Dell, Yen, Frank Catton: [simultaneously] Rusty. Danny Ocean: Thanks, Linus. Danny Ocean: If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en would fall on the same date. Reuben Tishkoff: [after Linus complains about the freak] Are you hosting a telethon we don't know about? Danny Ocean: [from the trailer] How are you feeling? Basher Tarr: Great... for a dead guy! Danny Ocean: [pauses] Good. Roman Nagel: And tell him he dresses like a gigolo! Assistant Manager: After the second call, I tried knocking, but he won't open up. Rusty Ryan: I'll handle it; I know him [bangs on hotel room door] Topher Grace: [from inside] Jesus Christ, are you people retarded? It says "Do Not Disturb!" Rusty Ryan: It's me. Topher Grace: [opens the door] Hey. Come on in. Rusty Ryan: [looks around the trashed hotel room] Jeez, Topher, you didn't have to go all Frankie Muniz on me. Topher Grace: I'm sorry. Russ, look, I know this is your joint. I just... there's this girl. I love her, man. I love her, but she is driving me crazy! I can't sleep. I can't work. I quit the show. I totally phoned in that Dennis Quaid movie. I mean, it's like... Assistant Manager: [answers phone] Hello? Topher Grace: [rips off a bracelet] God, it's almost like this Kabbalah crap doesn't even work! Assistant Manager: Rusty, call for you. Topher Grace: Dude, don't leave! Rusty Ryan: [seeing Topher Grace] Gee Topher, you didn't have to go all Frankie Muniz on me. Terry Benedict: I'd like to say a few words... about commitment. About honor. About responsibility. About a very special someone and admitting to her... Terry Benedict: [hits Virgil] Get up. Pull the chair out. Terry Benedict: ...admitting her in front of everybody that her wedding... and that very special honeymoon trip to Epcot Center... will have to be postponed. Rusty Ryan: Anybody remember that scene in Miller's Crossing when John Turturro begs for his life? Reuben Tishkoff: Sure, "Look into your heart." [pause] I cry every time. Danny Ocean: What? Rusty Ryan: We have no line of sight. Reuben Tishkoff: Terry, I can't predict the future. I pay professionals to do that, and even they get it wrong sometimes. Virgil Malloy: [At an engagement dinner] [clinks his glass] All right, I know I'm just the groom, and I'm not supposed to say anything, like uh, a speech. But I don't care what the rules are, because I really wanna thank my family. My mom and dad, my Uncle Gary and Aunt Grace. Uncle Ted, Aunt Celeste, and their children Denise and Jessica. My Bishop Tom and his wife, Helen. My neighbor, John, and his new girlfriend, Tanya. And all the guys at Lean Machine Inc., Bobo, Mullethead, Big Sam. [His brother is not mentioned] And everyone else who's just been great in welcoming Sara into the family. Thank you. Saul Bloom: Do you have any idea how vulnerable a fetus' brain is to the electromagnetic field created by your cell phone? You might as well point a gun at her stomach! Bruce Willis: I'm Bruce Willis. Molly Star: I hope Danny And Rusty appreciate the fine job you did - in a tight jam? I'm really proud of you. Linus Caldwell: Thanks. Molly Star: We both are. Linus Caldwell: [pauses and looks at Star] Linus Caldwell: [revealing that Molly Star is actually Mrs. Caldwell, his mother] You told Dad? You told Dad? Molly Star: I had to sweetheart, We were on vacation. Linus Caldwell: [shaking his head, looks away from his mom] Molly Star: [smiling] I'm sorry. Linus Caldwell: Great. you guys are gonna be dining out on this one for months! Hey, you remember the time your mom had to go to Rome, Blah, Blah,blah? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah? [last lines] Reuben Tishkoff: If, God forbid, anything does happen to you, we will not be involved. Terry Benedict: You better not be, Reuben. You better not be. Turk Malloy: I'll give you a million dollars if you don't speak for a month. Virgil Malloy: I wanna eat your whole head. Danny Ocean: You know, I was once in a vault while it was being robbed. Bank Officer: [pause] that must have been quite an experience... Danny Ocean: [pauses, thinks for a while] Yeah... Danny Ocean: So how much do we all owe, each? Reuben Tishkoff: $17.34 million. Assuming Benedict gives us Prime Plus One, which I doubt. Figure 19 to be safe. Danny Ocean: How much is everyone short? Turk Malloy: 14. Virgil Malloy: You're kidding me! You spent all but 5 million? Turk Malloy: Yes! Are you going to start on me with that too? You don't know what it's like starting something from scratch! Virgil Malloy: Well, with interest, I'm short 7. Frank Catton: Eight. Linus Caldwell: Well, I spent a million on talent development, so I guess that leaves me at 7. Boy, that interest just kills you, man! Basher Tarr: I'm light 9. Livingston Dell: What's the interest? Reuben Tishkoff: 6. Livingston Dell: Then I owe 6. Turk Malloy: What? Livingston Dell: I've been living with my parents. Rusty Ryan: I owe 25. [everyone looks at him, he chuckles wryly] Hotels, man. Reuben Tishkoff: I can handle Saul's share. Danny Ocean: You don't have to do that. Reuben Tishkoff: Who would I talk to if you're all dead? Danny Ocean: That's a good point. Alright, I owe 10. Amazing? Yen: [speaks in Mandarin] Rusty Ryan: [chuckles] Yeah, but it's a nice place. Livingston Dell: So that comes to? Reuben Tishkoff: 97, give or take. Rusty Ryan: He didn't find us on his own. Someone helped him. Reuben Tishkoff: Another thief. Linus Caldwell: Well, there's no-one we'd know that would violate rule number one. Danny Ocean: What we do know is we need a job. We need a high paying job. Linus Caldwell: Well, now we're too hot to be working anywhere in this country. Danny Ocean: So we go abroad. How 'bout we go to... Rusty Ryan: [cuts in] We're on the 5:00. Danny Ocean: Good. We're we going? Rusty Ryan: Amsterdam. Danny Ocean: Amsterdam, it is. Clock's running guys. Let's go. Linus Caldwell: I've never been to Amsterdam. Turk Malloy: I hear German girls are really hot. Matsui: So, business? Danny Ocean: Business. Rusty Ryan: A doctor, who specializes in skin diseases, will dream he has fallen asleep in front of the television. Later, he will wake up in front of the television, but not remember his dream. Matsui: [to Caldwell] Would you agree? [Caldwell is visibly perplexed and perturbed, shaking his head] . Danny Ocean: If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en... would fall... on the same day. Rusty Ryan: Mm. Matsui: Yeah. Hey. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Matsui: When I was four years old, I watched my mother kill a spider... with a teacosy. Years later, I realised it was not a spider - it was my Uncle Harold. Linus Caldwell: [All eyes turn to him, expectantly] Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars fill my dreams. [Ryan claps hand across eyes] I am a traveller in both time and space, to be where I have been. [Blank, yet stern, looks from everyone] Linus Caldwell: [Outside, Ryan and Ocean join Caldwell in the street] Is he alright? Are we alright? Rusty Ryan: Kashmir? Danny Ocean: Is that your idea of making a contribution? Rusty Ryan: We hadn't even started. We ain't even got to the terms yet. Danny Ocean: We came this close to losing that. Linus Caldwell: Hey, I don't even understand what happened in there. What did I say? Danny Ocean: You called his niece a whore. Rusty Ryan: A very cheap one. Linus Caldwell: What? Danny Ocean: She's seven. Rusty Ryan: Currently confined to bed with a wicked case of... Danny Ocean: No, you don't need to tell him that... Linus Caldwell: Sorry. Linus Caldwell: OK. So what does this mean? Rusty Ryan: It means you stay here.

Other Titles

  1. Honor Among Thieves (2004) (ENG)
    (USA) (original script title)

  2. Ocean's 12 (2004) (ENG)
    (USA) (alternative spelling)

  3. Ocean's Twelve (2004) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Phyllis Morris - 8772 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, California, USA
  2. 's-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands - (City Hall used as Europol office)
  3. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
  4. Bannockburn, Illinois, USA
  5. Beverly Hills, California, USA
  6. Cap Martin, Alpes-Maritimes, France - (exteriors Riviera driving)
  7. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  8. Cernobbio, Como, Lombardia, Italy - (Villa Erba)
  9. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  10. Fiumicino, Rome, Lazio, Italy - (airport)
  11. Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands - (station used as being Amsterdam Centraal Station)
  12. Highwood, Illinois, USA
  13. Lake Forest Bank & Trust, Lake Forest, Illinois, USA
  14. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  15. Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA
  16. Los Angeles, California, USA
  17. Monaco
  18. Paris, France
  19. Scopello, Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani, Sicily, Italy
  20. Stage 15, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  21. Stage 20, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  22. Stage 21, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  23. Waukegan, Illinois, USA
  24. Winnetka, Illinois, USA


- 'Steven Soderbergh' (qv) insisted that this film be made on the same budget as the original _Ocean's Eleven (2001)_ (qv).

- 'Bruce Willis' (qv), who appears as himself in the film, was originally signed to play Danny Ocean in _Ocean's Eleven (2001)_ (qv), but pulled out due to scheduling conflicts.

- The story of this film was taken from "Honor Among Thieves", a screenplay treatment written by 'George Nolfi' (qv) that was originally intended to be a 'John Woo (I)' (qv) vehicle. When it was decided that _Ocean's Eleven (2001)_ (qv) was going to have a sequel, Warner Bros. asked Nolfi to rewrite the script, adjusting it for the Ocean's Eleven characters.

- While on production in Rome, 'Brad Pitt' (qv) and 'George Clooney' (qv) were not allowed back into the hotel because the doorman thought they were vagrants after the actors were caught in a rain storm while jogging.

- Shooting in the Netherlands caused some train delays. The Thalys that was used in the film accidentally broke the upper contact wire. Since the wire broke at the point where several wires connected, the power on several tracks was lost. It took two hours to undo the damage.

- The Night Fox's mansion is on