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Birchwood Pictures [us]
Eterne Films [us]

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compassion, football, gainesville-texas, high-school, hope, prison, texas,

Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa Plus

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Deke as [Coach Tom Lane]
  2. Arrant, Tyler as [#66 Faith Football Player]
  3. Bailey, G.W. as [Mark Williams]
  4. Blatz, Kelly as [Chase McClure]
  5. Blucas, Marc as [Kris Hogan]
  6. Boaz, Donny as [Coach Garry Statts]
  7. Burgett, Jeremy as [Football Fan]
  8. Coleman, Markeith as [Tornado Player]
  9. Compean, Carlos as [Convenience Clerk]
  10. Crawford, Lewis as [Jordan Thomas]
  11. Daly, Charlie (II) as [Duece Hogan]
  12. Dillard, Richard (IV) as [Referee]
  13. Echavarria, Johnny as [Police Stunt Driver #2]
  14. English, Chance as [Homecoming Nominee]
  15. Espinoza, Eddy as [Fan]
  16. Gardner, Michael P as [Fort Worth Cop] <25>
  17. Garrison, Lane (I) as [Keith Biggers]
  18. Gillaspie, Gregory as (uncredited) [Football Player/Football Fan]
  19. Grindle, Jason as [Trinity Cougar Trainer]
  20. Harmon, Justin (II) as [Coach at Conference]
  21. Hayes, Robert (VI) as [Junior]
  22. Henry, Jim (I) as [Police Stunt Driver #1]
  23. Hensley, A.C. as [Coach as A.C. Hensley]
  24. Henson, Darrin Dewitt as [Rod McNeill]
  25. Hodge, Edwin as [Demarcus Brown]
  26. Hodges, Logan as [Speedy]
  27. Hogan, Amy as [Registration Attendant]
  28. Horton, Baron as [Game Announcer]
  29. Hughes, Darren (III) as (uncredited) [Obsessed Fan #1]
  30. Jean, Catfish as [Catfish]
  31. Jeffers, Steven as [Fan #3]
  32. Kearney, Dion as [Dion]
  33. Kelley, Rayshard (I) as [Calvary Football Player #82]
  34. Kepple, Zach as [Calvary Coach]
  35. Lillard, Matthew as [Ben Hogan]
  36. Lopez, Fabian (III) as [Thug]
  37. Martinez, Hugo (IV) as [Driver]
  38. McElroy, Mark (II) as [Fort Worth Cop]
  39. Medeles, Jaime as [Crunch]
  40. Michael Jr. as [Bruce Huckins]
  41. Neisz, Jeff as [Fan]
  42. Newman, Travis Scott as [Videographer/Photographer]
  43. O Neill, Michael (I) as [Ross Graham]
  44. Roberts, Bruce (XVIII) as [Football Administrator/football fan with spirit sign]
  45. Robertson, Joshua (I) as [Football Coach]
  46. Romeo (XI) as [Shade]
  47. Shelton, Mike (IV) as [Fan #2]
  48. Sheridan, Lee (II) as [Athletic Trainer- St. Paul]
  49. Stallings, T.C. as [Big E]
  50. Staton, David Joseph as [Football Fan & Administrator]
  51. T, Bobby (I) as [Gangster/Fan]
  52. Tidmore, Zachary as [Football Fan]
  53. Troy, Cowboy as [Lance Rawlings]
  54. Williams, Morgan Jaye as [Football Coach]
  55. Wright, Tim (XXV) as [Assistant Coach]
  56. Bernier, Barbara as (uncredited) [Fan]
  57. Brown, RayAnn Marie as (rumored) [Registration Attendant]
  58. Campbell, Kimberly Lynn as (uncredited)
  59. Chen, Anwei as [Football Fan]
  60. Crabb, Debbie M. as (uncredited)
  61. Davis, Maci as (uncredited)
  62. Ford, Suzanne as [Meg]
  63. Foster, Tanya as (uncredited)
  64. Furche, Casey Leigh as [Homecoming Court/Football Fan]
  65. Henderson, Arianna as [Faith Cheerleader]
  66. Jakobsson, Nancy as (uncredited)
  67. Lieber, Jennie as (uncredited)
  68. Little, Cara as [Cheerleader]
  69. Lively, Robyn as [Lisa McClure]
  70. McEvers, Ashlyn as (uncredited)
  71. Micolowsky, Anna as [Registration Attendant]
  72. Osburn, Starla as (uncredited)
  73. Rakel, Adrienne as [Newman Trainer]
  74. Riach, Anna as [Jeryln Hogan]
  75. Shardell, Brittney as [Calvary Trainer]
  76. Spencer, Abigail as [Amy Hogan]
  77. Thomas, Jordan C.E. as (uncredited)
  78. Tidmore, Jennifer as [Football Fan]
  79. Wilson, Darla as [Faith Cheerleader]


  1. Drama
  2. Sport

Full Plot

Based on the real-life events surrounding the 2008 high school football game, One Heart is the amazing story of how the actions of a small town football coach profoundly impacted the lives of 14 players from a maximum security juvenile prison. That night two paths crossed to create life-changing hope and inspiration for both teams. Two Teams. Two Cultures. One Heart. Russell Lake Plot not found


  1. Andrich, Stephen F.


  1. Anderson, Matt (XLII) (production assistant)
  2. Bellino, Beatrice (script supervisor)
  3. Bensko, Adam (location assistant)
  4. Bisset, Jonilyn (first assistant accountant)
  5. Burgeson, Shayna (production secretary)
  6. Burke, Cristina (set production assistant)
  7. Clark, Josh (X) (location manager)
  8. Compton, Carol A. (script clearance)
  9. Crisp, David (production assistant)
  10. Crowley, Timothy F. (football equipment manager)
  11. Frenzel, Jason (production assistant)
  12. Graham, Elise (production office coordinator)
  13. Hiemenz, R. Kyle (first assistant production office coordinator)
  14. Hogan, Amy (production assistant)
  15. Jeffers, Steven (stand-in)
  16. Jordan, Chelsea (production assistant)
  17. Lambert, Dusty (set production assistant)
  18. Lopez, Fabian (III) (stand-in)
  19. McDaniel, Aimee (assistant football coordinator)
  20. McEvers, Tiffany (stand-in: Amy Hogan)
  21. Micolowsky, Anna (production assistant)
  22. Moore, Jessi (assistant football coordinator)
  23. Newman, Travis Scott (stand-in)
  24. O'Hara, Patrick (I) (football coordinator)
  25. Powell, Larry (VI) (payroll accountant)
  26. Rakel, Adrienne (stand-in)
  27. Riach, Wendy (production assistant)
  28. Sheldon, Mike (assistant football coach)
  29. Spracklen, Seve (production accountant)
  30. T, Bobby (I) (stand-in)
  31. T, Bobby (I) (stand-in: DeMarcus Brown)
  32. Williams, Morgan Jaye (stand in: Mark Blucas)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Grapevine Faith Christian School, Grapevine, Texas, USA