One Story (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
New Element Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 21 March 2013

Running Time
USA:85 (approx.)


2010s, aztec-indian, barrio, chicano, cultural-assimilation, cultural-movement, culture-shock, deity, family-relationships, first-feature, independent-film, indigena, indigenous, la-raza, latina, latino, latino-community, los-angeles-california, low-budget-film, mexica, mexican-american, nahuatl, nican-tlaca, orange-county-california, quinto-sol,

Technical Support
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Alvarez Jr., Manny as [Joshua Navarro]
  2. Ayala, Martin J. as [Aztec Man]
  3. Ayala, Susie as [Aztec Woman]
  4. Castro, Alfonso (III) as [Abuelo]
  5. Chavez Jr., Ray as [Stereotype Guy Gangster #1]
  6. Cordoba, Ramon as [Jesus]
  7. Deadlee (I) as [Cholo #1]
  8. El Vuh, Victor as [Aztec with Conch]
  9. Espinoza, Mace as [Jacob]
  10. Fresco, Christian as [Beto]
  11. Frost, Kid as [Chato]
  12. Garcia Jr., Benito as [Skater #1]
  13. Gonzalez, Jose G. as [Cholo #2]
  14. Graf, David Alan as [Larry]
  15. Guy, Justin (I) as [Charlie]
  16. Hammel, Chris as [Harry]
  17. Hernandez, Frank (VI) as [Assassin #2]
  18. Landa, Edgar as [Jeffrey Navarro]
  19. Mazatzin as [Mazatzin]
  20. Mendoza, Dylan Anthony as [Jorge]
  21. Meza, Jerry as [Aztec Dancer]
  22. Morales, Efren as [Assassin #1]
  23. Navarro Jr., Luis Sergio as [Stereotype Guy Gangster #3]
  24. Navarro Jr., Sergio as (uncredited) [Gangster Extra]
  25. Olivia, Hugo as [Mica Guy]
  26. Reyes, Pedro (III) as [Tony]
  27. Rivas, Alfred Kuahutli as [Cuauhtemoc]
  28. Rojas, Anthony as [Coyote]
  29. Rubio, Abraham as [Gangster #2]
  30. Zevallos, Jaime (II) as [Emilio]
  31. Acosta, Taide as [Stereotype Girl Gangster #2]
  32. Castillo, Rachel (II) as [Stereotype Girl Gangster #3]
  33. Castro, Carissa as [Maria]
  34. Connolly, Kara as [Paula]
  35. Curioca, Liliana as [Aztec Painter]
  36. Fowler, Brandi as [News Anchor]
  37. Garza, Leslie as (as Leslie Garza Rivera) [Flor]
  38. Guerrero, Ilse as [Aztec Dancer]
  39. Jacoby, Amanda Lee as [Jaime]
  40. Lopez, Samantha Nicole as [Evee]
  41. Mendez, Karla as [Aztec Dancer]
  42. Michel, Karina as [Sarah]
  43. Montano, Araceli as [Aztec Scribe]
  44. Nickson, Jessie as [Angie Navarro] <1>
  45. Presley, Olivia as (as Olivia Guerrero) [Stereotype Girl Gangster #1]
  46. Ricci, Veronica as [Stripper #1]
  47. Rojas, Lizzette as [Xochitl]
  48. Rojas, Wendy as [Tony's Girlfriend]
  49. Saenz, Lisset as [Karina Navarro]
  50. Schwartzman, Jennica as [Megan]
  51. Shepherd, Neferteri as [Jessica]
  52. Stevens, Veronica (II) as [Ashley]
  53. Teris, Joanna as [Mail Lady]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Third-generation Mexican teenagers Angie and Josh Navarro from Laguna Beach's upper class estates, are forced to move into their grandparent's house in the barrio. It is there they will decide to accept their uncovered Mexica (aka Aztec) culture and grab on to their lost roots, or continue to reject their culture as their parents have taught them. History shows that with time, an oppressed culture always regrows itself and prevails once more, but is it Angie and Josh's time to grow or are they destined for something more? Clint Nitkiewicz Hernandez Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000

Music Composers

  1. Pavkovic, Nicholas


  1. Nitkiewicz Hernandez, Clint (director of photography)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA