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alternative-reality, car-accident, death-of-wife, loss-of-wife, number-in-title, one-word-title, scientist, time-travel, workaholic,

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  1. Sci-Fi

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James Faulkner, a workaholic scientist, loses his wife in a car accident and uses his knowledge of quantum physics to travel to parallel universes to find the closest thing to his lost love that he can - attempting to bring her back. As he tries to find her, he discovers that in universes too close to his own, his 'wife', if he brought her back would be missed just as much as she was in this universe. In parallels further away, his wife is not quite the same woman, her choices in life having made her different enough that she is not the woman he loved. Every time he travels to a parallel world, he risks his life and everything in it, leaving behind his daughter and others who care for him to try to recapture his lost love. When he finally does re-connect with his wife, it is not the result he imagined, but is still one that is full of hope. Anonymous Plot not found