"Only Fools and Horses...." (1981) {It's Only Rock and Roll (#4.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Only Fools and Horses...." Season 04 Episode 04 (S04E04)



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8.0/ 10 (79 Votes)

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Production Company
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb] - (as BBC)

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Release Date
(UK) - 14 March 1985

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Full Cast

  1. Francis, Marcus (I) as [Charlie] <6>
  2. Jason, David (I) as [Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter] <1>
  3. Leesley, Geoffrey as [Policeman] <4>
  4. Lyndhurst, Nicholas as [Rodney Trotter] <2>
  5. Merryfield, Buster as [Uncle Albert Trotter] <3>
  6. Peacock, Daniel (I) as [Mental Mickey Magee] <5>
  7. Read, Mike (I) as [Himself - TV presenter] <8>
  8. Thewlis, David as [Stew] <7>

Full Plot

Rodney has joined a new band, and Del immediately capitalises on this by booking them into The Shamrock Club to play for the St Patrick's night festivities. Taking his place as the band's manager, Del winces his way through their rehearsals, and when the Shamrock gig results in a fight, the band are forced to leg it, leaving the instruments behind them. When Rodney finds out the musical equipment has vanished, he contacts the police and helps them with their enquiries. When tell sees Rodney with the constable, he quickly distracts the officer and pulls Rodney aside. It turns out that Del had the instruments on sale or return, and he'd taken them back because their band was so bad. Rodney's dreams of showbiz fame have been shattered, but he goes ballistic when he sees his group performing their old hit single on Top of the Pops and realises that without Del's interference he might have made it to number one. Rune Thandy Plot not found

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Movie Certificate

PG (UK)(video rating) (1998)

Dress Designers

  1. Winter, Richard (I)

Film Editors

  1. Jarvis, John (III)


  1. Andrews, Caroline (I) (production assistant)
  2. Bywater, Lesley (production assistant)
  3. Clark, Gavin (I) (assistant floor manager)
  4. Mutimer, Tony (technical coordinator)