Oversized Coat (2013) Movie

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Release Date
(Jordan) - 2 March 2013

Running Time

the Palestinian reality for the period of (1987-2011)

arafat, camera, filmmaking, israel, jeep, jordan, jordan-river, land, palestine, sami,

Technical Support
CAM:Canon C300
RAT:1.78 : 1 / (high definition)

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Full Cast

  1. Al-Kheer, Ibrahem Abu as [Jalal]
  2. Alkoja, Raja ai as [Hotel Concierge]
  3. Fassed, Mohammed Al as [Sager]
  4. Kawasmi, Abed Alkareen al as [Mosque man]
  5. Kemo (IV) as [Chick point police]
  6. Madani, Ahmad as [Sami the kid]
  7. Mashini, Ghassen as [Anwar uncle]
  8. Metwasi, Sami as [Sami]
  9. Najem, Akef as [Abu sami]
  10. Odeh, Yousef as [Fadi]
  11. Omari, Ahmad as [Alone]
  12. Qabani, Baker as [Mousad general]
  13. Qusai, Mohammed as [Ded man]
  14. Shahada, Khalil as [Abu al reeh]
  15. Telfah, Ashraf as [Anwar]
  16. Zagha, Ahmad as [Assistant alone]
  17. Hassan, Lina Abu as [Amal]
  18. Milhem, Lina as [Sami friend]
  19. Najar, Refa at as [Sami grand mother]


  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama
  4. History

Full Plot

OverSized Coat" is a 90 minutes-length masterpiece which talks about the Palestinian reality for the period of (1987-2011). It is considered to be the first and the only film of its kind to reflect Palestinians' miserable life throughout these years, highlighting the two witnessed "Intifadas" and the "Peace Conventions" that led to the present Palestinian status quo. The film is a story of a Palestinian hero who lives the daily Palestinian life with all its social and political details during the period of "OSLO Agreement", the "Palestinian National Authority" and the two "Intifadas" and is struggling to spread the "Palestinian Issue" world-widely via all means of media. The Zionist enemy on the contrary, poses considerable threats and endless obstacles on his way depriving him from spreading his message and making his voice heard. Therefore, the hero who is specializing in media and film making decides to travel to some neighboring countries and to Europe afterwards to convey the clear realistic picture of the Palestinians' suffering and torment; thus the recognition of the "Palestinian Issue" and its implications, the thing that leads to more violent practices by the Israeli enemy in an attempt to execute a planned assassination for the hero. Nawras Abu Saleh Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 500,000


  1. Morais, Antonio

Dress Designers

  1. Shehabi, Mona-Rewa

Film Editors

  1. Ramahi, Ahmad


  1. Madani, Mahmoud (production accountant)
  2. Nawas, Mothana abu (production staff)
  3. Shobaki, Zaid (location runner)
  4. Taeseer, Khaldoun (production assistant)
  5. Taleb, Ameer (location manager)


Anwar: Do you think I am agent? Sami: Jordan ? Do you force me to leave the country? Abu al reeh: Very tired, introduced to the interior.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Amman, Jordan - (Amman)
  2. Jordan
  3. Wadi Rum, Jordan - (Dream)