"Oz" (1997) {4giveness (#6.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Oz" Season 06 Episode 05 (S06E05)



Ratings / Votes
8.8/ 10 (133 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Levinson / Fontana Company, The [us]
Rysher Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2 February 2003

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Kirk as [Miguel Alvarez] <1>
  2. Acocella, Paul as [Death Row Guard]
  3. Adams, Granville as [Zahir Arif] <22>
  4. Anderson, Dakota (I) as [Inmate]
  5. Barchilon, Andrew as [Hank Schillinger] <23>
  6. Burke, Robert John (I) as [Special Agent Pierce Taylor] <10>
  7. Cebron, Don as [Correction Officer]
  8. Chisholm, Anthony (I) as [Burr Redding] <11>
  9. Clohessy, Robert as [Officer Sean Murphy] <24>
  10. Cooney, John Paul as [Inmate 'The Kid'+]
  11. Corone, Antoni as (as Antoni Cornacchione) [Frank 'The Fixer' Urbano] <32>
  12. Cowles, Matthew as [William Brandt] <33>
  13. DiMaggio, Carl (I) as [Officer Len Lopresti] <34>
  14. Farmer, Cyrus as [Officer Adrian Johnson] <35>
  15. Gant, Mtume as [Reggie Rawls] <36>
  16. Glymph, Avery as [Jamal Yusef] <37>
  17. Grant, Craig muMs as (as muMs) [Poet] <28>
  18. Grey, Joel as [Lemuel Idzik] <12>
  19. Hanna, Ra as [#95B327 Nacim Bismilla] <38>
  20. Hoty, Tony as [Lionel Kelsch] <39>
  21. Hudson, Ernie as [Warden Leo Glynn] <2>
  22. James, Peter Francis as [Jahfree Neema] <26>
  23. Kinney, Terry as [Tim McManus] <3>
  24. Koehler, Fred as (as Frederick Koehler) [#99S333 Andrew Schillinger] <13>
  25. Ligon, Tom as [#01Y208 Alvin Yood] <40>
  26. Malik (I) as [Kenaniah Maxwell] <41>
  27. Mardirosian, Tom as [Agamemnon Busmalis] <27>
  28. Meloni, Christopher as [Chris Keller] <15>
  29. Morfogen, George as [Bob Rebadow] <16>
  30. Perrineau, Harold as [Augustus Hill] <5>
  31. Rivera, Michael (I) as [Pablo Rosa] <43>
  32. Robbins, Blake as [Officer Dave Brass] <44>
  33. Rodgers, R.E. as [James Robson] <29>
  34. Sanchez, Otto as [Chico Guerra] <45>
  35. Scozzarella, Philip as [Officer Joseph Mineo] <47>
  36. Seinfeld, Evan as [Jaz Hoyt] <48>
  37. Simmons, J.K. as [Vern Schillinger] <6>
  38. Tergesen, Lee as [Tobias Beecher] <7>
  39. Waites, Thomas G. as [Henry Stanton] <49>
  40. Winters, Dean as [Ryan O'Reily] <8>
  41. Winters, Scott William as [Cyril O'Reily] <18>
  42. Wishnoff, Steven as [Tony Masters]
  43. Wong, BD as [Father Ray Mukada] <19>
  44. Wright, Michael (I) as [Omar White] <20>
  45. Zayas, David as [Enrique Morales] <21>
  46. Zito, Chuck as [Chucky Pancamo] <31>
  47. Buckley, Betty (I) as (as Betty Lynn Buckley) [Suzanne Fitzgerald] <9>
  48. Hart, Roxanne as [Jessica Kirk] <25>
  49. LuPone, Patti as [Stella Coffa] <14>
  50. Moreno, Rita (I) as [Sister Peter Marie Reimondo] <4>
  51. Nelson, Connie (VII) as [Detective Guinevere McGorry] <42>
  52. Rohde, Kristin as [Officer Claire Howell] <30>
  53. Schumacher, Michelle as [Norma Clark] <46>
  54. Vélez, Lauren as [Dr. Gloria Nathan] <17>
  55. Williams, Tessell as [Nurse] <50>
  56. Winnick, Katheryn as [Liesel Robson] <51>
  57. Wolf, Catherine (I) as [Nurse Carol Grace] <52>

Movie Certificate



  1. Zakrzewski, Alex

Dress Designers

  1. Nigro, Tina


Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2003) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Eluto, Ken


  1. Benson, Laura (II) (production coordinator)
  2. Bines, John A. (opening titles) (as John Bines)
  3. Cipriani, Donna (production accountant)
  4. Cossu, Kathy (set medic)
  5. Davis, Ulla Eleiana (second assistant accountant) (as Ulla Davis)
  6. Fiero, Andrew (production assistant)
  7. Greer, Andrea (script supervisor)
  8. Hughes Yaeger, Erin E. (production secretary) (uncredited)
  9. Kriaris, Michael (location manager)
  10. Lucas, Michael P. (production assistant)
  11. Mollo, Cindy (opening titles)
  12. Nayar, Sunil (executive story editor)
  13. Occhino, David (I) (stage manager)
  14. Pozzi, Martina (production assistant)
  15. Rohn, Sam (location scout)
  16. Soddano, Michele (payroll accountant) (as Michele A. Soddano)
  17. Winters, Bradford (executive story editor)


[in his will, Cutler left everything to Miguel Alvarez] Vern Schillinger: I'm gonna suggest this now, Alvarez. Or I'll find a way to make it happen later. You sign over all of Cutler's stuff to his widow. Miguel Alvarez: I already thought about that. James Robson: Don't think, spic! DO! Miguel Alvarez: You know, maybe I should just sign all his assets over to *you*, Roby. Seeing as how you already gave him *yo' ass*. [Miguel walks away] James Robson: Cunt! [Beecher is back in Oz, having been set up by Keller] Tobias Beecher: [to Sister Pete and McManus] Same old story. I got fucked in the ass. Augustus Hill: A man stands in a cemetery, reading a letter he wrote forgiving his long dead father. The mother of a girl killed by a drunk driver is racked with fantasies of retaliation. Your boyfriend begs you for one more chance. You say to your mirror you're done hating yourself. But you know you're not. Maybe instead of forgive and forget, it should be forgive and remember. Remember that you might have to wake up tomorrow and forgive all over again. And again, and again, the way your heart keeps beating like a drum. Forgive. I can't. You can. Forgive. Forgive. I can't. You can. Forgive.