"Oz" (1997) {A Failure to Communicate (#6.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Oz" Season 06 Episode 04 (S06E04)



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8.6/ 10 (128 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 26 January 2003

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RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Kirk as [Miguel Alvarez] <1>
  2. Acocella, Paul as [Death Row Guard]
  3. Adams, Granville as [Zahir Arif] <21>
  4. Benson, Peter (III) as [Reporter] <34>
  5. Brown, Timothy L. as [Officer Jason Armstrong] <35>
  6. Cebron, Don as [Correction Officer]
  7. Chisholm, Anthony (I) as [Burr Redding] <10>
  8. Clohessy, Robert as [Officer Sean Murphy] <22>
  9. Corone, Antoni as (as Antoni Cornacchione) [Frank 'The Fixer' Urbano] <36>
  10. Crosby, Douglas as [Officer D'Agnasti]
  11. DiMaggio, Carl (I) as [Officer Len Lopresti] <37>
  12. Farmer, Cyrus as [Officer Adrian Johnson] <38>
  13. Gant, Mtume as [Reggie Rawls] <39>
  14. Grant, Craig muMs as (as muMs) [Poet] <27>
  15. Grey, Joel as [Lemuel Idzik] <11>
  16. Hanna, Ra as [Nacim Bismilla] <40>
  17. Hudson, Ernie as [Warden Leo Glynn] <2>
  18. Iannicelli, Ray as [Officer Roger Breese] <25>
  19. Ivanek, Zeljko as [Governor James Devlin] <12>
  20. Jackson, Christopher Neal as [Perry Loftus] <41>
  21. James, Peter Francis as [Jahfree Neema] <24>
  22. Kelly, Brendan (I) as [Wolfgang Cutler]
  23. Kinney, Terry as [Tim McManus] <3>
  24. Korkes, Jon as [Officer Tom Robinson] <42>
  25. Lurie, John (I) as [Greg Penders] <43>
  26. Malik (I) as [Kenaniah Maxwell] <44>
  27. Mardirosian, Tom as [Agamemnon Busmalis] <26>
  28. Margolis, Mark (I) as [Antonio Nappa] <14>
  29. Meloni, Christopher as [Chris Keller] <15>
  30. Morfogen, George as [Bob Rebadow] <16>
  31. Perrineau, Harold as [Augustus Hill] <5>
  32. Pine, Larry as [Arnie Zelman] <46>
  33. Powers, Andy as [Franklin Winthrop] <29>
  34. Rivera, Michael (I) as [Pablo Rosa] <47>
  35. Robbins, Blake as [Officer Dave Brass] <48>
  36. Rodgers, R.E. as [James Robson] <29>
  37. Sanchez, Otto as [Chico Guerra] <49>
  38. Scozzarella, Philip as [Officer Joseph Mineo] <51>
  39. Seinfeld, Evan as [Jaz Hoyt] <52>
  40. Simmons, J.K. as [Vern Schillinger] <6>
  41. Solis, Felix as [Reynaldo Escobales] <53>
  42. Tergesen, Lee as [Tobias Beecher] <7>
  43. Wagner, Hank as [Stein] <54>
  44. Winters, Dean as [Ryan O'Reily] <8>
  45. Winters, Scott William as [Cyril O'Reily] <18>
  46. Wishnoff, Steven as [Tony Masters]
  47. Wong, BD as [Father Ray Mukada] <19>
  48. Wright, Michael (I) as [Omar White] <20>
  49. Yarbrough, Emanuel as [Clarence Seroy]
  50. Zayas, David as [Enrique Morales] <31>
  51. Zito, Chuck as [Chucky Pancamo] <32>
  52. Anders, Andrea as [Donna Degenhart] <33>
  53. Buckley, Betty (I) as (as Betty Lynn Buckley) [Suzanne Fitzgerald] <9>
  54. Harmon, Jennifer (I) as [Ms. Lang] <23>
  55. LuPone, Patti as [Stella Coffa] <13>
  56. McElduff, Ellen as [Eleanor O'Connor] <27>
  57. Moreno, Rita (I) as [Sister Peter Marie Reimondo] <4>
  58. Nelson, Connie (VII) as [Detective Guinevere McGorry] <45>
  59. Rohde, Kristin as [Officer Claire Howell] <30>
  60. Schumacher, Michelle as [Norma Clark] <50>
  61. Vélez, Lauren as [Dr. Gloria Nathan] <17>
  62. Wolf, Catherine (I) as [Nurse Carol Grace] <55>

Movie Certificate



  1. Zakrzewski, Alex

Dress Designers

  1. Nigro, Tina


  1. Benson, Laura (II) (production coordinator)
  2. Bines, John A. (opening titles) (as John Bines)
  3. Cipriani, Donna (production accountant)
  4. Cossu, Kathy (set medic)
  5. Davis, Ulla Eleiana (second assistant accountant) (as Ulla Davis)
  6. Fiero, Andrew (production assistant)
  7. Greer, Andrea (script supervisor)
  8. Hughes Yaeger, Erin E. (production secretary) (uncredited)
  9. Kriaris, Michael (location manager)
  10. Lucas, Michael P. (production assistant)
  11. Mollo, Cindy (opening titles)
  12. Nayar, Sunil (executive story editor)
  13. Occhino, David (I) (stage manager)
  14. Pozzi, Martina (production assistant)
  15. Rohn, Sam (location scout)
  16. Soddano, Michele (payroll accountant) (as Michele A. Soddano)
  17. Winters, Bradford (executive story editor)


[Officer Johnson, a Black CO sees an Aryan Brotherhood member who has been lynched in his cell] Officer Adrian Johnson: Well, ain't that a kick? One of you actually went and lynched yourselves. [the Sicilians confront Robson in the gym] Frank 'The Fixer' Urbano: How's the bitch thing going? James Robson: Shut up. Chucky Pancamo: Look, the only people who hate Cutler more than you, is *us*. So why don't you do everyone a favor? James Robson: Ace him? Frank 'The Fixer' Urbano: Ain't no downside. It proves to the Brotherhood you're still a man. Chucky Pancamo: And, you'll make a few friends in the kitchen. Win win. [Robson nods] Antonio Nappa: Midway through the 20th century, man wants communication without communication! He wants to sit in his living room and watch people in a box fall in love, work, sing, golf, cry, fuck and fuck up. Television! A one-way conversation between you and the world, where the world does the talking! Like God, man can finally create man in his own image and then sit back and watch all sorts of shit hit the fan.