"Oz" (1997) {Conversions (#4.10)} TV Season

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Overview "Oz" Season 04 Episode 10 (S04E10)



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8.8/ 10 (140 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 14 January 2001
(Hungary) - 15 November 2008

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Kirk as [Miguel Alvarez] <1>
  2. Adams, Granville as [Zahir Arif] <17>
  3. Bartok, Jayce as (uncredited) [Angus Beecher]
  4. Bates, Jerome Preston as [Officer Travis Smith]
  5. Benson, Peter (III) as [Reporter]
  6. Bloom, Brian as [Ronald 'Ronnie' Barlog] <18>
  7. Brown, Timothy L. as [Officer Jason Armstrong]
  8. Carpenter, John (V) as (uncredited) [Himself]
  9. Chen, Stephen S. as [Liung Jiu Pinghao]
  10. Chisholm, Anthony (I) as [Burr Redding] <19>
  11. Clohessy, Robert as [Officer Sean Murphy] <20>
  12. Elliott, Gordon as (uncredited) [Himself]
  13. Farmer, Cyrus as [Officer Adrian Johnson]
  14. Grant, Craig muMs as (as muMs) [Poet] <24>
  15. Hudson, Ernie as [Warden Leo Glynn] <2>
  16. Ivanek, Zeljko as [Governor James Devlin] <10>
  17. Jamar, Lord as [Kevin 'Supreme Allah' Ketchum] <21>
  18. Kelsch, Peter James as [Jim Burns]
  19. Kim, Jinn S. as [Gongjin]
  20. Kinney, Terry as [Tim McManus] <3>
  21. Klein, Robert (I) as (uncredited) [Himself]
  22. Leung, Ken (I) as [Bian Yixue] <22>
  23. Macnamara, Pete as (uncredited) [Auto Mechanic]
  24. Mardirosian, Tom as [Agamemnon Busmalis] <23>
  25. Meloni, Christopher as [Chris Keller] <11>
  26. Morfogen, George as [Bob Rebadow] <12>
  27. Pardo, Don as (uncredited) [Himself]
  28. Perrineau, Harold as [Augustus Hill] <5>
  29. Perry, Luke (I) as [Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier] <13>
  30. Rodgers, R.E. as [James Robson]
  31. Sanchez, Otto as [Chico Guerra]
  32. Scozzarella, Philip as [Officer Joseph Mineo]
  33. Seinfeld, Evan as [Jaz Hoyt]
  34. Simmons, J.K. as [Vern Schillinger] <6>
  35. Smith, Jacques C. as (as Jacques Smith) [Leroy Tidd] <26>
  36. Tergesen, Lee as [Tobias Beecher] <7>
  37. Walker, Eamonn as [Kareem Said] <8>
  38. Winters, Dean as [Ryan O'Reily] <9>
  39. Winters, Scott William as [Cyril O'Reily] <15>
  40. Wright, Michael (I) as [Omar White] <16>
  41. Zayas, David as [Enrique Morales] <27>
  42. Zito, Chuck as [Chucky Pancamo]
  43. Atlantic, Dena as [Floria Mills]
  44. Lamia, Jenna as [Carrie Schillinger]
  45. Moreno, Rita (I) as [Sister Peter Marie Reimondo] <4>
  46. Rohde, Kristin as [Officer Claire Howell] <25>
  47. Schumacher, Michelle as [Norma Clark]
  48. Tse, Elaine as [Gou Liu Xio]
  49. Vélez, Lauren as [Dr. Gloria Nathan] <14>
  50. Williams, Tessell as (uncredited) [Nurse]


TV6 [hu] - (2008) (Hungary) (TV)


  1. Morgan, Julia (II) (production assistant)
  2. Pozzi, Martina (production assistant)
  3. Rohn, Sam (location scout)


Burr Redding: They say since Adebisi died, you been running the Homeboys. Arnold 'Poet' Jackson: That's right man, That's right Burr Redding: They also say you been doin' a shit job! Arnold 'Poet' Jackson: Look, old man, let me tell you something [Redding interrupts] Burr Redding: You think old man bothers me? Boy, I done dealt with a whole lot of men that much meaner than you, that said worse and never made it to old. My age is my honor and my strength! Arnold 'Poet' Jackson: Shit, you just think you can come in here and take over. Burr Redding: Some men are born leaders, others are not. A wise man knows his own limitations, you think on that! Omar White: I ain't no drug abuser. Truth is, I treat my drugs better than most. [McManus has just unveiled the cage, plus some other reforms] Chris Keller: Excuse me, Mr. McManus sir. Just how big *is* your penis? [laughter throughout Emerald City] Tim McManus: Very funny, Keller. Now *you* have the honor of being the first slug *in the cage*. [Keller is locked in the cage]