"Oz" (1997) {Family Bizness (#2.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Oz" Season 02 Episode 05 (S02E05)



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8.8/ 10 (165 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 10 August 1998
(Hungary) - 6 September 2008

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Kirk as [Miguel Alvarez] <1>
  2. Adams, Granville as [Zahir Arif] <22>
  3. Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Adewale as [Simon Adebisi] <10>
  4. Bailey, Bret (I) as [Officer] <33>
  5. Brown, Timothy L. as (as Tim Brown) [Officer Jason Armstrong] <34>
  6. Callen, Bryan as [Jonathan Coushaine] <26>
  7. Dugan, Sean (I) as [Timmy Kirk] <27>
  8. Gillen, Brett as (uncredited) [Philip Featherstone]
  9. Grant, Craig muMs as (as muMs) [Poet] <21>
  10. Hudson, Ernie as [Warden Leo Glynn] <2>
  11. Ivanek, Zeljko as [Governor James Devlin] <16>
  12. Kinney, Terry as [Tim McManus] <3>
  13. Malavarca, Eddie as [Peter Schibetta] <19>
  14. Mardirosian, Tom as [Agamemnon Busmalis] <23>
  15. Meloni, Christopher as [Chris Keller] <17>
  16. Merhi, Ali as [Luis Batista]
  17. Morfogen, George as [Bob Rebadow] <12>
  18. Nance Jr., Cortez as [Mark Glynn] <28>
  19. Pendleton, Austin as [William Giles] <15>
  20. Perrineau, Harold as [Augustus Hill] <5>
  21. Riddell, Leif as [Mark Mack] <29>
  22. Schulze, Paul (I) as [Officer Rick Heim] <30>
  23. Scozzarella, Philip as (as Philip V. Scozzarella) [Officer Joseph Mineo] <35>
  24. Segalla, Todo as (uncredited) [Inmate]
  25. Serra, Jack as (uncredited) [Officer Ricotta]
  26. Simmons, J.K. as [Vern Schillinger] <6>
  27. Sones, Lou as [Steve Dawkins] <31>
  28. Tergesen, Lee as [Tobias Beecher] <7>
  29. Walker, Eamonn as [Kareem Said] <8>
  30. Williams, J.D. (II) as [Kenny Wangler] <20>
  31. Winters, Dean as [Ryan O'Reily] <9>
  32. Winters, Scott William as [Cyril O'Reily] <25>
  33. Wong, BD as [Father Ray Mukada] <14>
  34. Zito, Chuck as [Chucky Pancamo] <32>
  35. Erbe, Kathryn as [Shirley Bellinger] <18>
  36. Falco, Edie as [Officer Diane Whittlesey] <11>
  37. Lawrence, Elizabeth (I) as [Beecher's Grandmother] <24>
  38. Moreno, Rita (I) as [Sister Peter Marie Reimondo] <4>
  39. Vélez, Lauren as (as Lauren Velez) [Dr. Gloria Nathan] <13>

Music Composers

  1. Darlington, David
  2. Rosen, Steven (I) (as Stephen Rosen)


  1. Kershaw, Glenn (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Padovani, Lisa


TV6 [hu] - (2008) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Procopio, Vanessa


  1. Au, Teddy (accounting assistant)
  2. Baugh, Darlyne R. (production coordinator)
  3. Briody, John Ian (set production assistant)
  4. Cattano, Greg (payroll accountant)
  5. Clark, Kerry (location assistant)
  6. Coss, Daniel (assistant location manager) (as Danny Coss)
  7. Dawson, Rachel R. (assistant production coordinator)
  8. Drumheller, Julia (opening titles)
  9. Giardino Finnerty, Theresa (assistant accountant) (as Theresa Finnerty)
  10. Kriaris, Michael (location manager)
  11. Laker, Chris (office production assistant) (as Chris K. Laker)
  12. Logan-Torres, Shannon (assistant to writer)
  13. McCarthy, LeRoy (office production assistant) (as LeRoy N. McCarthy)
  14. Micallef, Eddie (set production assistant)
  15. Mollo, Cindy (opening titles)
  16. Moran, Deborah (I) (opening titles)
  17. Muller, Andy (set production assistant)
  18. Nayar, Sunil (assistant: Tom Fontana)
  19. Polk, Audra (production secretary) (as Audra A. Polk)
  20. Rohn, Sam (location scout) (uncredited)
  21. Saunders, Susan (I) (production accountant)
  22. Schebece, Bethann (set production assistant)
  23. Speller, Adesola (office production assistant) (as Ade Speller)
  24. Twentyman, Lynne (script supervisor)


Chris Keller: Fuck you, you fuck! [Poet has been granted an early parole] Arnold 'Poet' Jackson: It's kinda fucked up, leaving. Everybody else is staying. It's like waking up from a dream. Kareem Said: Hope is a waking dream. Arnold 'Poet' Jackson: Who that, Mohammad? Kareem Said: Aristotle. Arnold 'Poet' Jackson: Well, that fuck ain't never served no time in Oz. Chris Keller: [Toby wakes up screaming] Hey, hey... Tobias Beecher: Don't touch me! Chris Keller: I was just wondering what hap... Tobias Beecher: Don't fucking touch me you fucking faggot! Chris Keller: You want to play some more chess? [Toby shakes his head] You want to go wrestle? [Toby shakes his head] You want me to leave you the fuck alone? [Toby starts crying, Chris hugs him] I'm sorry, I'm sorry... you want to cry, you go ahead, nobody's watching. Chris Keller: Toby, what's wrong? Tobias Beecher: [crying] I fucked up my life... I really fucked up my life, I'm all alone! Chris Keller: No you're not, no, no you're not. Vern Schillinger: The alcohol is the key. Chris Keller: No, *I* am the key, Beecher loves me. Tobias Beecher: I love you. Chris Keller: I love you, Toby. [they kiss, a guard pounds on the door, Keller throws moonshine at them] Fuck yoooouu! Fuck yoooouu!