"Oz" (1997) {See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil (#6.2)} TV Season

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Overview "Oz" Season 06 Episode 02 (S06E02)



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8.5/ 10 (126 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 12 January 2003

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Kirk as [Miguel Alvarez] <1>
  2. Acocella, Paul as [Death Row Guard]
  3. Adams, Granville as [Zahir Arif] <22>
  4. Atkins, Tom (I) as [Mayor Wilson Lowen] <10>
  5. Bates, Jerome Preston as [Officer Travis Smith] <35>
  6. Benson, Peter (III) as [Reporter] <36>
  7. Brown, Timothy L. as [Officer Jason Armstrong] <37>
  8. Cebron, Don as [Correction Officer]
  9. Chisholm, Anthony (I) as [Burr Redding] <12>
  10. Clohessy, Robert as [Officer Sean Murphy] <23>
  11. Cooney, John Paul as [Inmate 'The Kid'+]
  12. Corone, Antoni as (as Antoni Cornacchione) [Frank 'The Fixer' Urbano] <38>
  13. DiMaggio, Carl (I) as [Officer Len Lopresti] <40>
  14. Dugan, Sean (I) as [Timmy Kirk] <24>
  15. Gant, Mtume as [Reggie Rawls] <41>
  16. Grant, Craig muMs as (as muMs) [Poet] <28>
  17. Halow, Bash as [Assistant] <43>
  18. Hudson, Ernie as [Warden Leo Glynn] <2>
  19. Ivanek, Zeljko as [Governor James Devlin] <14>
  20. Jackson, Christopher Neal as [Perry Loftus] <44>
  21. Kelly, Brendan (I) as [Wolfgang Cutler]
  22. Kinney, Terry as [Tim McManus] <3>
  23. Korkes, Jon as [Officer Tom Robinson] <45>
  24. Leon, Carlos (I) as [Carlos Martinez] <46>
  25. Ligon, Tom as [Alvin Yood] <47>
  26. Lurie, John (I) as [Greg Penders] <48>
  27. Malavarca, Eddie as [Peter Schibetta] <25>
  28. Mardirosian, Tom as [Agamemnon Busmalis] <26>
  29. Meloni, Christopher as [Chris Keller] <16>
  30. Morfogen, George as [Bob Rebadow] <17>
  31. Palumbo, John (II) as [Don Zanghi] <50>
  32. Perrineau, Harold as [Augustus Hill] <5>
  33. Powers, Andy as [Franklin Winthrop] <51>
  34. Robbins, Blake as [Officer Dave Brass] <52>
  35. Rodgers, R.E. as [James Robson] <30>
  36. Sanchez, Otto as [Chico Guerra] <53>
  37. Seinfeld, Evan as [Jaz Hoyt] <54>
  38. Simmons, J.K. as [Vern Schillinger] <6>
  39. Sones, Lou as [Steve Dawkins] <55>
  40. Tergesen, Lee as [Tobias Beecher] <7>
  41. Wagner, Hank as [Stein] <56>
  42. Walker, Eamonn as [Kareem Said] <8>
  43. Winters, Dean as [Ryan O'Reily] <9>
  44. Winters, Scott William as [Cyril O'Reily] <19>
  45. Wishnoff, Steven as [Tony Masters]
  46. Wong, BD as [Father Ray Mukada] <20>
  47. Wright, Michael (I) as [Omar White] <21>
  48. Yarbrough, Emanuel as [Clarence Seroy]
  49. Zayas, David as [Enrique Morales] <32>
  50. Zito, Chuck as [Chucky Pancamo] <33>
  51. Anders, Andrea as [Donna Degenhart] <34>
  52. Buckley, Betty (I) as (as Betty Lynn Buckley) [Suzanne Fitzgerald] <11>
  53. Delgado, Judith as [Carmen Alvarez] <39>
  54. Denton, Sandra Pepa as (as Pepa) [Officer Andrea Phelan] <29>
  55. Erbe, Kathryn as [Shirley Bellinger] <13>
  56. LuPone, Patti as [Stella Coffa] <15>
  57. Martell, Tara as [Officer] <49>
  58. McElduff, Ellen as [Eleanor O'Connor] <27>
  59. Moreno, Rita (I) as [Sister Peter Marie Reimondo] <4>
  60. Rohde, Kristin as [Officer Claire Howell] <31>
  61. Vélez, Lauren as [Dr. Gloria Nathan] <18>
  62. Wolf, Catherine (I) as [Nurse Carol Grace] <57>


  1. Zakrzewski, Alex

Dress Designers

  1. Nigro, Tina

Film Editors

  1. Moran, Deborah (I)


  1. Benson, Laura (II) (production coordinator)
  2. Bines, John A. (opening titles) (as John Bines)
  3. Cipriani, Donna (production accountant)
  4. Cossu, Kathy (set medic)
  5. Davis, Ulla Eleiana (second assistant accountant) (as Ulla Davis)
  6. Fiero, Andrew (production assistant)
  7. Greer, Andrea (script supervisor)
  8. Hughes Yaeger, Erin E. (production secretary) (uncredited)
  9. Kriaris, Michael (location manager)
  10. Lucas, Michael P. (production assistant)
  11. Mollo, Cindy (opening titles)
  12. Nayar, Sunil (executive story editor)
  13. Occhino, David (I) (stage manager)
  14. Pozzi, Martina (production assistant)
  15. Rohn, Sam (location scout)
  16. Soddano, Michele (payroll accountant) (as Michele A. Soddano)
  17. Winters, Bradford (executive story editor)


[O'Reily has told Pancamo, falsely, about Schibetta putting the evil eye on him] Peter Schibetta: Hi, Chuckie. What do you want to talk about? Prisoner #97P468 Charles Pancamo: Oh, this and that. Life and death. My life... [draws a shank] Prisoner #97P468 Charles Pancamo: ...and YOUR DEATH! [kills Schibetta] [Wolfgang Cutler gives James Robson a spoon] Wolfgang Cutler: Lick this. That's right, lick it real good. Now give it back to me. Drop your pants. Now bend over. James Robson: What? Wolfgang Cutler: You and me, we're gonna spoon. Now bend the fuck over. [Cutler rapes Robson with the spoon. Robson screams] Leo Glynn: Look, whatever relationship we may had in the past, it's over, you're my prisoner now! Mayor Wilson Lowen: That simple huh... do you actually think I killed those little girls? Leo Glynn: You're found guilty! Mayor Wilson Lowen: As a black man... you gotta know that don't mean dick! [the Sicilians find Robson alone in the library] Prisoner #97P468 Charles Pancamo: Robson! You shanked me and I almost died! Now you're gonna wish I had! [Pancamo advances on Robson] Stella Coffa: Officer! [CO pulls Pancamo off] Prisoner #97P468 Charles Pancamo: [cursing in Italian] Stella Coffa: Holy Shit! James Robson: Yeah. James Robson: Vern, you gotta help me. Vern Schillinger: Keep walking. James Robson: After all I've done for the Brotherhood, *you owe me*! Franklin Winthrop: You heard the man, keep walking! James Robson: Watch your mouth, prag. [goes for Winthrop but the other Aryans restrain him] Franklin Winthrop: I'm not a prag anymore, pal! As for watching my *mouth*, YOU'RE the one with the *nigger gums*! [taps his cheek] Franklin Winthrop: Bye bye. [Robson get kicked away by the Aryans]