Paperthin (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Foox Productions [us]
Reel Logic Studios [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 November 2012

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absent-father, bullet-wound, business-card, corrupt-police, dark-past, district-attorney, drunk, evidence, fake-gun, framed-for-murder, graveyard, gun, hit-on-the-head, jumping-out-a-window, magnifying-glass, murder-witness, neo-noir, newspaper, poker, police-informant, scene-of-the-crime, shot-in-the-head, tea, telephone-book, train-yard,

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Full Cast

  1. Allis, Matthew as [Tommy Larson] <2>
  2. Baxter, Charles (VII) as [Detective Jeff Baxter] <20>
  3. Beck, Curtis as [D.A. Glen Shepherds] <17>
  4. Cawthon, Lane (I) as [Jack Pryce] <3>
  5. Clark, Robert (XXXVI) as [Roy Donovan] <11>
  6. Cooper, Jesse (IV) as [Warehouse Goon #1] <25>
  7. Cooper, Trey as [Langdon Dobbs] <1>
  8. Espinoza, Eddy as (as Eduardo Espinoza) [Bar Patron] <39>
  9. Espinoza, Eric (III) as [Hooded Stranger] <27>
  10. Ezelle, Dawn as [Police Office Extra] <31>
  11. Funderburk, Jordan as [Amelio Woodson] <30>
  12. Harper, Tyson as [Warehouse Goon #2] <26>
  13. Hartwell, Jonathan (II) as [Detective Tom Malarki] <19>
  14. Hilton, Amy as [Crime Scene Medic] <28>
  15. Hulme, Matt (I) as [Hector Garcon] <24>
  16. Lisak, Alex as [Radio Host Don] <21>
  17. Lopez, Fabian (III) as [Louis Barlow] <9>
  18. McCracken, Mason as [Will Dobbs] <18>
  19. Page, Matt (I) as [Rich Larson] <7>
  20. Phillips, Nick Norrece as [Darius White] <13>
  21. Plaskonos, Aaron as [Walt Blaine/Radio Host Al] <22>
  22. Rock, Derek as [Ned Larson] <6>
  23. Singleton, John (VI) as [News Anchor] <23>
  24. Vestal, Greg as [Paul White] <14>
  25. Waggoner, Troy as [Joseph Novak] <4>
  26. Williams, Morgan Jaye as [Bruce Abrams] <36>
  27. Yowell, Jon L. as [Bill Archer] <10>
  28. Alverson, Heather as [Rachel Taylor] <35>
  29. Baidas, Caitlyn as [Sydney Quinn] <16>
  30. Broun, Alyssa as [Linda Bartowski] <8>
  31. Funderburk, Katie as [Crime Scene Photographer] <29>
  32. Hartwell, Amy as [Police Office Extra] <32>
  33. McCracken, Aimee as [Barbara Romano] <12>
  34. O Valle, Violet (II) as [Gale WIlliamson] <37>
  35. Plaskonos, Lauren as [Phyllis] <15>
  36. Richardson, Barbara as [Janice Sladonovik] <5>
  37. Slatten, Candy as [Andrea LeGrand] <38>
  38. Vestal, Melissa as [Police Office Extra] <34>
  39. Visser, Kim (I) as [Police Office Extra] <33>


  1. Crime
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

When someone is murdered in cold blood on his doorstep, a talented yet exhausting recluse (Tommy) hires a washed-up former detective with an agonizing past (Dobbs) to help uncover a mystery that runs much deeper than either could have possibly imagined. As the unlikely duo begin to unravel a wide-spread corruption, with powerful authorities hot in pursuit, the truths of Dobbs' sordid past begin to resurface. Faced with his personal demons and imminent danger to everyone he loves, Dobbs must choose whether to risk everything -his family, his friends, and himself- for his past, his honor, and his undying duty to the shield. Jordan Funderburk Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Young, Josh (XII)


  1. Hobbs, Brian (IV)


- The car that Ned and Rich Larson drive actually belongs to Director Jordan Funderburk and is a 2009 Kia Rio.

- When Tommy is looking through the stack of VHS tapes at the beginning of the film, a tape labeled "Zompyre Rising" is clearly visible. "Zompyre Rising" was written and Directed by the same team as "Paperthin".

- The film that Tommy can be seen watching on the television is the 1947 Film Noir "Fear in the Night" starring DeForest Kelly.