Parts Per Billion (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Benaroya Pictures [us]
Interactor Media [us]
Miscellaneous Entertainment [us] - (in association with)
PalmStar Entertainment [us]
XYZ Films [us] - (in association with)

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Full Cast

  1. Badgley, Penn as [Erik]
  2. Ciarmitaro, Reis as [Terran]
  3. Feaheny, James as [Attorney]
  4. Harper, Hill (I) as [Rick]
  5. Hartnett, Josh (I) as [Len]
  6. Langella, Frank as [Andy]
  7. Larkin, Abe as [Driver]
  8. Lockwood, Matt as [Jon]
  9. Prescott, Jon (I) as [Jay]
  10. Sowan, Stephen as [Jabe]
  11. Avakian, Sonya A. as [Carol Goto]
  12. Bledel, Alexis as [Sarah]
  13. Dawson, Rosario as [Mia]
  14. Fairbanks, Heather (II) as [Dead Woman]
  15. Hurt, Valerie (I) as [Tracy]
  16. Leslie, Conor as [Des]
  17. Palmer, Teresa (I) as [Anna]
  18. Rowlands, Gena as [Esther]
  19. Russell, Julie Ariane as [Dead Woman]


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Full Plot

The interwoven stories of three couples which are forced to make life altering decisions in the face of a disastrous war. Inspired and sometimes blinded by their love, Len, Mia, Andy, Esther, Anna and Erik are as flawed and beautiful as any of the billions who are facing this human-made biological disaster. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 1,300,000 SD: 26 November 2012 - 20 December 2012


  1. Guleserian, John

Dress Designers

  1. May, Mona (I)


  1. Amato, Andrea (post production accountant)
  2. Amato, Andrea (production accountant)
  3. Amato, Andrew (assistant to producers)
  4. Carmody, Michael Patrick (set production assistant)
  5. Demski, Ted (location assistant)
  6. Deroo, Nicholas (location manager)
  7. Flack, Stefani (production assistant)
  8. Fritz, Amber (script supervisor)
  9. Jackson, Elizabeth B. (key craft service)
  10. Jamal, Jason (additional production assistant)
  11. Lebovic, Aaron (production coordinator)
  12. Pon, Stephanie (assistant to producer)
  13. Rashid, Sahir (additional set production assistant)
  14. Roby, Jason (key set production assistant)
  15. Stark, Emelia Rae (office production assistant)
  16. Wilkinson, Andy (IV) (assistant to producer (Michael Benaroya))
  17. Wilkinson, Andy (IV) (assistant to producer - Michael Benaroya)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. The Whitney, David Whitney House, 4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  2. Guardian Building, 500 Griswold Street, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  3. DMC Surgery Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  4. Detroit, Michigan, USA