Pehchan (1970) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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3.5/ 10 (10 Votes)

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Filmnagar [in]

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Full Cast

  1. Bhardwaj, Brahm as [Maya's dad]
  2. Dubey, C.S. as [Sunder]
  3. Kuljeet as [Rakesh]
  4. Kumar, Manoj (I) as [Gangaram 'Ganga' Ramkishan] <1>
  5. Kumar, Sailesh as [Rajiv 'Raju'] <4>
  6. Rana, Keshav as [Rakesh's employee]
  7. Sahni, Balraj as [Ex-Firefighter] <3>
  8. Shivdasani, Hari as (uncredited) [Ashram Manager]
  9. Bose, Lata as [Maya]
  10. Irani, Daisy (I) as [Rani]
  11. Kapoor, Babita as [Barkha] <2>
  12. Latkar, Sulochana as [Barkha's mom]
  13. Rajrani as [Maya's mom]
  14. Tun, Tun (I) as [Ganga's prospective bride] <7>
  15. Usmani, Chand as [Champa] <5>


  1. Drama
  2. Family
  3. Musical
  4. Romance

Full Plot

Bombay-based Barkha lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed mom and brother, Rakesh, who is to marry a wealthy woman by the name of Maya. Barkha meets with a naive man from Vishnupur by the name of Gangaram who has come to Bombay to get married. His marriage was arranged with Duriya Choudhry's daughter, but Choudhry decided to get his daughter married elsewhere after he finds out that Gangaram does not know English, is unemployed, and has virtually no future prospects. Barkha and Gangaram are attracted to each other, so much so that he introduces her to his sister, Champa, and an ex-firefighter who they live with. Barkha and Gangaram come even closer after she finds out that the ex-firefighter had actually saved her life when their house had caught fire. When Barkha's brother and mom come to know that she wants to marry Gangaram they are enraged and refuse to accept him as their in-law. But when Barkha persuades them, they relent, and Rakesh goes to Gangaram's house to discuss marriage. He does not discuss marriage or anything at all, but angrily returns home and informs his mom and sister that Gangaram is living with a dancer from a local brothel - the very woman that Gangaram had introduced to Barkha as his sister. A visibly upset Barkha goes to confront Gangaram and asks him disown Champa, when he refuses to do so, she asks him to chose between her and Champa. The question remains what will be Gangaram's choice? rAjOo ( Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Pankal, Jaikishan Dayabhai (as Jaikishan)
  2. Raghuwanshi, Shankarsingh (as Shankar)