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Ratings / Votes
3.6/ 10 (170 Votes)

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Production Company
Puzzy Power [dk]
Zentropa Entertainments [dk]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Sweden) - 12 November 1999
(Netherlands) - 25 January 2000
(Germany) - 2006

Running Time


catfight, hardcore, interracial-sex, photo-reporter, prison, sadism, sex, shower,

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Full Cast

  1. Aalbæk Jensen, Niels as [Taxi Driver] <10>
  2. Christensen, Ole (II) as [Gatekeeper] <9>
  3. Duran, Mark (I) as [Michael] <4>
  4. Jørgensen, Casper as [Strapped Prisoner] <12>
  5. Kjærbo, Thorbjørn as [Shower Boy] <7>
  6. Koenig, Klaus as [Model] <16>
  7. Main, Marc as [Prisoner] <11>
  8. Marcus, Mr. (I) as [Chef] <5>
  9. Messerschmidt, Rolf as [Doctor] <13>
  10. Nielsen, Ronny as [Shower Boy] <8>
  11. Nyborg, Anders as [Yasia] <2>
  12. Rey, Alberto as [Guard] <3>
  13. Schou, Henriette Bjørnholt as [Model] <14>
  14. Eve, Evil as (as Eva) [Governor] <6>
  15. Kean, Katja as [Mila] <1>
  16. Lønborg, Tine as [Model] <15>


  1. Adult
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

36-year old Mila makes a bet that she can make a photo-report from inside the Pink Prison. She does not manage to get in legally, but at night she breaks into the prison. This is the start of a different erotic adventures. Anonymous Mila is a 32 year old photographic journalist. While shooting for an erotic book, she makes a bet with Yasia, a publisher and flirt, as to whether she will be able to penetrate the Pink Prison penitentiary to do a reportage with the prison governor, who has never given any interviews before. If Mila wins the bet she will get to keep all the profits from the book. If she loses, she will have to spend a weekend in Paris with Yasia. Mila tries the usual channels - but fails to penetrate the prison. So one night she breaks in. Once inside she finds herself both a voyeur and an active participant in a range of sensual exploits that constantly lead her closer and closer to the governor. Anonymous Plot not found

Movie Certificate

18 (Norway)(uncut) (2006)

Music Composers

  1. Lassen, Nils

Dress Designers

  1. Bjørnbøl, Rikke


Beate Uhse Max's AB [se]
Canal+ [fr]
Colmax [fr]
Innocent Pictures [dk]
Monaco International [it]
Team Video Plus [dk] - (2006) (Denmark) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Stang, Jens


  1. Bache, Jette (title designer)
  2. Swendsen, Sanne Münster (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Filmbyen, Avedøre, Sjælland, Denmark
  2. Zentropa, Filmbyen, Avedøre, Sjælland, Denmark - (studio)