"Play for Today" (1970) {Intensive Care (#13.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Play for Today" Season 13 Episode 04) (S13E04))



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7.3/ 10 (6 Votes)

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Production Company
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb]

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Release Date
(UK) - 9 November 1982

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Full Cast

  1. Addams, Anthony as [Denis' father (young)] <20>
  2. Bennett, Alan (I) as [Denis Midgley] <2>
  3. Beyer, Ted as [Teacher] <15>
  4. Birch, Frank (II) as [Fat man] <26>
  5. Broadbent, Jim as [Mr. Horsfall] <17>
  6. Chelsom, Peter as [Very young doctor] <32>
  7. Crompton, Frank as [Father] <1>
  8. Douglas, Colin (I) as [Uncle Ernest] <5>
  9. Fowlds, Derek as [Hartley] <6>
  10. Hulse, Alan as [Young man on telephone] <27>
  11. Leeze, Johnny as [Orderly/porter] <28>
  12. Major, David (I) as [Colin Midgley] <12>
  13. Morris, Aubrey as [Headmaster] <18>
  14. Mosby, Jeremy as [Mark] <8>
  15. Starkey, Alan as [Hospital clerk] <33>
  16. Wild, Kirk as [Denis as a boy] <21>
  17. Cox, Frances (I) as [Woman on sticks] <29>
  18. Doree, Jeanne as [Mrs. Midgley's mother] <13>
  19. Fraser, Helen (I) as [Joyce Midgley] <3>
  20. Hall, Brenda (I) as [Day matron] <30>
  21. Hindle, Madge as [Jean] <7>
  22. Hird, Thora as [Aunty Kitty] <4>
  23. Lijertwood, Lucita as [Mrs. Azakwale] <16>
  24. Lloyd, Alison (I) as [Denis' mother] <19>
  25. Pendleton, Olive as [Woman on telephone] <31>
  26. Petrie, Karen as [Heather] <22>
  27. Quinn, Pamela as [1st Nurse] <23>
  28. Roberts, Trish as [2nd Nurse] <24>
  29. Sanderson, Joan as [Miss Tunstall] <14>
  30. Shodeinde, Shope as [Indian doctor] <25>
  31. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Alice Duckworth] <11>
  32. Tunstall, Karen as [Elizabeth] <9>
  33. Walters, Julie (I) as [Valery] <10>

Full Plot

When Denis Midgley's father is rushed to hospital, Midgley drops everything to be by his side. They've never really got on, so Midgley wants to be sure he's there if his father ever regains consciousness. As he hates his job as a schoolteacher, and his home-life with his wife, her senile mother and their insolent teenage son, he has no qualms about lingering around the hospital. But as days turn into weeks, his father obstinately refuses to 'slip away', and Denis' motivation for staying by his father's bedside has more and more to do with Valery, a young nurse. Peter Brynmor Roberts Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Parker, Jim (I)


  1. Crosby, Nat


[Denis's father has been rushed into hospital and is not expected to live. Denis discusses him with his father's sister] Denis Midgley: What was my dad like? Aunty Kitty: He never had a wrong word for anybody. He'd do anybody a good turn. Shovel the snow, fetch the coal in. He was a *saint*. [pause] You take after your mother, more. [Denis looks dismayed that he has not inherited his father's saintly qualities]


- While writing the script, Alan Bennett also wrote a short story "Father! Father! Burning Bright", using the same material. This was published in 1999.