"Playing the Field" (1998) {(#3.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Playing the Field" Season 03 Episode 01 (S03E01)



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(UK) - 1 February 2000

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Full Cast

  1. Angelis, Michael as [Chris]
  2. Beckford, David as [Clerk of the Court]
  3. Chubb, William as [Brian Sutherland]
  4. Dantay, Tim as [Dave Powell]
  5. Ellis, James (I) as [Mr. Mullen]
  6. Gleaves, Nicholas as [Rick Powell]
  7. Ineson, Ralph as [Luke Mullen]
  8. Martin, Peter (III) as [Harry Laycock]
  9. Ross, Lee (I) as [Ryan Pratt]
  10. Shankley, Jeff as [Des]
  11. Thornton, James (II) as [Scott Bradley]
  12. Tomlinson, Ricky as [Jim Pratt]
  13. Walker, Chris (I) as [Matthew Mullen]
  14. Ashbourne, Lorraine as [Geraldine Powell]
  15. Behan, Janet as [Rachel Fenman]
  16. Biggins, Debbie as [Additional team member]
  17. Blakley, Claudie as [Kelly Powell]
  18. Evans, Sandra (I) as [Additional team member]
  19. Forsyth, Brigit as [Francine Pratt]
  20. Hill, Melanie (I) as [Rita Dolan]
  21. Johnson, Fiona (I) as [Additional team member]
  22. McCormack, Adele as [Vicky Dolan]
  23. McInnes, Jo as [Jo Mullen]
  24. Putson, Stephanie as [Heidi]
  25. Sharp, Lesley as [Theresa Mullen]
  26. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Mrs. Mullen]
  27. Stephenson, Debra as [Diane Powell]
  28. Thomason, Marsha as [Sharon Pearce]
  29. Voe, Sandra as [Mrs. Powell]

Film Editors

  1. Sharpe, Martin (I)