Porcelain Presence (2013) Movie

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Breaking Bones Productions [gb]

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The best kept secrets are always the most twisted You never truly know what goes on behind your neighbours closed doors

independent-film, porcelain-doll,

Technical Support
CAM:Canon DSLR Cameras

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Full Cast

  1. Banham, Tony as [Mark Taylor]
  2. Bryhan, James as [Henry Darnell]
  3. Horobin, Stuart as [Brian Darnell]
  4. Jones, Keanu as [Benji Williams]
  5. Kinman, Adam as [Dominic Peters]
  6. Lake, Harry (III) as [Young Brian]
  7. Murphy, Mark (XXIX) as [Dr. David Robbins]
  8. Power-Tate, Andy as [Terry]
  9. Thornton, Mitch as [Daryl]
  10. Bunting, Carol as [Penny Stevens]
  11. Ellwood, Jean as [Pat Johnson]
  12. Fossey, Elisabeth as (rumored) [Edna May Wickerty]
  13. Fossey, Elizabeth as [Edna May Wickety]
  14. Frewin, Caroline as [Jules]
  15. Griffiths, Samantha (II) as [Young Esther]
  16. Griffiths, Toni as [Esther]
  17. Hamilton, Abigail (II) as [Mabel Dixon]
  18. Harding, Rachael (I) as [Amber]
  19. Molloy, Renee as [Sharon Williams]
  20. O Donnell, Andrea Louise as [Suzanne Taylor]
  21. Poole, Louise as [Estate Agent]
  22. Tarsh, Anna as [Anna Darnell]
  23. Woods, Hope as [Janet Darnell]


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

A terrified wife who is brutally beaten and tormented at the hands of her psychotic husband is forced to accept his haunted past by bearing his infatuation for porcelain dolls. Things start to take a turn for the worst when some meddlesome neighbours discover that hidden beyond the doors of their seemingly perfect home lie some unsettling secrets that they wish had never been unearthed. The repercussions that await them after a gruesome crime, leaves all parties reeling in ways you could never imagine. Emily Bibb From a young age Brian has always been obsessed with Porcelain Dolls, now in his adult life he dominates his vulnerable wife Anna into living out his twisted fantasy. After moving to a new neighbourhood it seems that their relationship that has been built upon violence and fear is not going to stay hidden forever, as in this town - nothing stays secret for long. Anna's life takes a tragic turn when their unhealthy relationship is eventually unearthed by two of their nosy neighbours, Sharon and Penny. After a brief but violent struggle, Brian's torment is finally bought to an end . Standing over his corpse the women are thrown into turmoil as they desperately try to decide their next move. However it soon becomes clear that they were not the only ones to witness Brian's untimely demise and the they must battle with their emotions to discover the truth before its too late. Emily Bibb Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 15,000


  1. Mills, Nicholas (IV) (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Jay, Chris (III)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK
  2. Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, UK


- A few hours before Anna Tarsh auditioned for the character of Anna Darnell, the casting team found her name carved into a nearby table, and deemed it fate.

- When the first ever draft of Porcelain Presence was written, it was intended to be a 25 minute short film.