Pretties for You (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Future Proof Films [us]

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  1. Horror

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Recuperating from his recent book tour, children's author Edison Mackie heads out of town to his remote mountain retreat when he crosses paths with Sally, an attractive and mysterious young hitchhiker running from her past. After an unsettling ride, Edison drops Sally at a gas station before continuing a short distance to his lakeside cabin. Their ride together, however, is far from over. After settling into his vacation routine, Edison's world erupts into violence with the arrival of two vicious thugs, Trip, Boo and The Kid. These ex-cons trash his house and beat him savagely looking for a quick score. When they can't find anything of value, they turn up the pressure by revealing that they've taken Sally hostage and will torture her if Edison doesn't come up with some money. In a desperate attempt to save Sally, Edison gets his hand on his gun and kills The Kid before Boo can restrain him. But what he didn't count on was that Sally is not a victim. She is a part of this gang, used as bait to lure in rich men so her accomplices can rob them. Alone against this vicious gang, Edison has no choice but to reveal the location of his "treasure." As Trip and Boo search the woods for Edison's stash, Sally guards the man who tried to save her life. Like the ride they shared earlier, the two play a game of cat and mouse with each other. This time Sally seems to be in charge, but the tables quickly turn as Edison's true nature is slowly revealed. Instead of finding a treasure trove, Trip discovers an underground torture chamber. And inside the trunk of Edison's trunk, Sally makes the most disturbing discovery -- an 8-year-old girl, bound and gagged. Sally confronts Edison, ready to kill stab him to death. But when she see's an odd scar on his wrist, something changes within her. She realizes that this is not the first time she's encountered Edison. They met when she was a little girl. Edison kidnapped her little sister. But nothing is what it seems. He explains that Sally's little sister was a monster. The girl in his trunk is a monster. And it is his duty to unmask them and destroy them. If they get one is safe. Sally now has the power to kill the man who abducted her sister...but who is the real monster here. Edison? Trip? Sally? Or the pretty young thing in the trunk? Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 250,000

Music Composers

  1. Miller, Jonathan (X)

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  1. Los Angeles, California, USA