"Primeval" (2007) {(#1.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Primeval" Season 01 Episode 05 (S01E05)



Ratings / Votes
7.2/ 10 (117 Votes)

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Production Company
ITV Productions [gb]
Impossible Pictures [gb]
M6 Films [fr]
Pro 7 [de]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 10 March 2007
(Netherlands) - 26 April 2007
(Australia) - 26 May 2007
(Germany) - 2 July 2007
(Belgium) - 11 September 2007

Running Time


golf, golf-cart, hitting-a-ball-into-a-lake, lawn-sprinkler, pterodactyl, pterosaur, temporary-blindness, unable-to-hit-a-ball,

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Full Cast

  1. Curtis, Mat as [Jeff] <2>
  2. Goodwin, Adam G. as [Medic] <9>
  3. Hamilton, Ike as [Andy] <1>
  4. Henshall, Douglas as [Nick Cutter] <7>
  5. Mellor, James (II) as (uncredited) [Scientist]
  6. Miller, Ben (II) as (credit only) [Sir James Lester]
  7. Murray, James (XIII) as [Stephen Hart] <8>
  8. Potts, Andrew Lee as (as Andrew-Lee Potts) [Connor] <3>
  9. Wakeling, Mark as [Captain Tom Ryan] <6>
  10. Aubrey, Juliet as [Helen Cutter] <10>
  11. Brown, Lucy (V) as [Claudia Brown] <5>
  12. Spearritt, Hannah as [Abby] <4>

Full Plot

Tension between Cutter and Lester continues, with Claudia Brown, as ever, caught in the middle. Stephen Hart reveals his connoisseur's ability to analyse by taste exotic animal dung. A golfer is savaged on the green at a deserted country hotel. Connor is still lodging with Abby, still at arm's length even after outstaying his one-week welcome by three more weeks, but still hopeful of romance. When summoned to the new scene of action, he accidentally takes Abby's tame flying green dinosaur Rex with him. This is not good, because the team soon discover that the prehistoric threat is now from the air. It is also greatly attracted by the scent of blood. IPH Plot not found

Total Business

CP: copyright Impossible Pictures Ltd 2006

Movie Certificate

6 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Scherrer, Dominik


  1. Suschitzky, Adam (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Attawia, Joey


BBC America [us] - (2008) (USA) (TV)
Eén [be] - (2007) (Belgium) (TV)
Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (2007) (UK) (TV) (ITV1)
M6 Métropole Télévision [fr] - (2007) (France) (TV)
Pro 7 [de] - (2007) (Germany) (TV)
RTL Klub Televízió [hu] - (2008) (Hungary) (TV)
Sci Fi Channel [nl] - (2009) (Belgium) (TV) (limited)
Sci Fi Channel [nl] - (2009) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
Tien [nl] - (2007) (Netherlands) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Arthurs, Nick


  1. Anderson, Joanna (series script executive)
  2. Anderson, Peter (XVIII) (title designer)
  3. Bowker, Caroline (trainee script supervisor: FT2)
  4. Casarin, Paula (script supervisor)
  5. McBryde, Sarah (production coordinator)
  6. Oakden, Charles (stand-in) (uncredited)
  7. Sinclair, Madeleine (script editor)
  8. Trinh, Sheryl (production executive)
  9. Windsor, Simon (production accountant)
  10. Woolley, Henry (II) (location manager)


Professor Nick Cutter: [after Claudia is knocked out by a semi-tranquillised pteradon] Ooops Claudia Brown: Four hours? I told you to seal the perimeter, not drystone-wall it! Connor Temple: [answering the telephone] Abby Maitland's love shack; number one stud speaking. Oh, n-n-nah it's... it's Connor, professor! Connor Temple: Re-e-ex! Where are you, dude? Abby Maitland: Did you think he was going to send up a distress flare or something? Connor Temple: He knows the sound of my voice; I'm thinkin' he might come running. Abby Maitland: He's a lizard, not a golden retriever! Professor Nick Cutter: Let's have a look. [shines pen torch into her eyes] Claudia Brown: What're you doing? Professor Nick Cutter: I've absolutely no idea... but I've seen them do it on ER so there must be something in it.... How are you feeling? Any nausea? Claudia Brown: No. Professor Nick Cutter: Any headache? Claudia Brown: No. Professor Nick Cutter: Does anything feel odd at all? Claudia Brown: Just the one thing. Professor Nick Cutter: What? Claudia Brown: I can't see anything.