Prisoners (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
8:38 Productions [us]
Alcon Entertainment [us]
Madhouse Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 20 September 2013
(Russia) - 10 October 2013
(Netherlands) - 17 October 2013
(Brazil) - 25 October 2013

Running Time


kidnapping, one-word-title, revenge,

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Full Cast

  1. Castro, J. Omar as
  2. Dano, Paul as
  3. Dastmalchian, David as
  4. Davis, Jason (VIII) as [Paul Brewer]
  5. Duvall, Wayne as [Capt. Richard O'Malley]
  6. Gassaway, Mike as [Detective Rand]
  7. Griffith, Fred as [Groggy Man]
  8. Gyllenhaal, Jake as [Detective Loki]
  9. Howard, Terrence as
  10. Jackman, Hugh as [Keller Dover]
  11. James, Brad (II) as [Carter]
  12. Johnson, Kevin L. as [Forensic Tech]
  13. Minnette, Dylan as [Ralph Dover]
  14. Pope, Jeff (III) as [Scott Milland]
  15. Reynolds, Anthony (I) as [Officer Wedge]
  16. Rose, Brody as [Bud Brewer]
  17. Truley, Todd as [Detective Chemelinksi]
  18. Walker, Michael J. (V) as [Emergency Medical Technician]
  19. Bello, Maria as [Grace Dover]
  20. Borde, Zoe as [Eliza]
  21. Clark, Takara as [Captain's Secretary]
  22. Davis, Viola (I) as [Nancy Birch]
  23. Despain, Katrina as [Kim Milland]
  24. Gerasimovich, Erin as [Anna Dover]
  25. Leo, Melissa as
  26. McNeill, Jane as [Nurse]
  27. Shaw, Mary (III) as [Neighbor Woman]
  28. Simmons, Kyla Drew as [Joy Birch]
  29. Staley, Victoria as [Jill]
  30. Yoo, Lana as [Waitress]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Total Business

SD: January 2013 - ?


  1. Deakins, Roger


Ascot Elite Entertainment Group [ch] - (2013) (Switzerland) (all media)
Independent Films [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. Pictures [us] - (2010) (USA) (theatrical)


  1. Ansley, Tara (travel coordinator)
  2. Applebee, David (executive assistant to Mr. Kosove and Mr. Johnson)
  3. Beman, Stephanie (I) (key craft service)
  4. Billue, Haley (location coordinator)
  5. Blackmore, Christopher (key set production assistant)
  6. Clanton, Chip (assistant production coordinator)
  7. Davis, Anthony J. (I) (second assistant accountant)
  8. Dunlap, Jim (first assistant accountant)
  9. Fraser, Stephanie (production secretary)
  10. Guedes, Juliana (I) (assistant: Jake Gyllenhaal)
  11. Hinshaw, Kyle (key assistant location manager)
  12. Howard, Heath (production coordinator)
  13. Hughes, Blake H. (office assistant)
  14. Johnson, Kenyea (producer asst)
  15. Morgan, Maida N. (location manager)
  16. Parsons, Kelli (travel coordinator)
  17. Schliefer, Trevor (production assistant)
  18. Scott, Michael James 'Scotty' (production controller)
  19. Sloane, Jordan M. (assistant to mr. villeneuve)
  20. Tolbert, Steven (production assistant)
  21. Tresan, Greg (animal coordinator)
  22. Tyler, Taris (stand-in: Hugh Jackman)
  23. Vickers, Dodd (I) (assistant location manager)
  24. Warnock, Kaity (accounting clerk)
  25. Watson, Jessica (VII) (producers asssistant)
  26. Weber, John (VI) (second assistant accountant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  2. Conyers, Georgia, USA - (On Location Vacations Casting Call Announcement)
  3. Conyers, Georgia, USA


- 'Mark Wahlberg (I)' (qv) and 'Christian Bale' (qv) were set to star with 'Bryan Singer' (qv) directing, but the idea was dropped.

- 'Hugh Jackman' (qv) was attached to the project with 'Antoine Fuqua' (qv) directing. Both dropped out. After several years in development, Jackman returned in the lead role.

- 'Jessica Chastain' (qv) was rumored for a role.

- 'Leonardo DiCaprio' (qv) was attached for a long time to the project but he dropped out eventually.