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(Hollywood) USA

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An independent feature-length comedy in which everything is on the table.

edge, food, independent-film, marriage, sexy, slapstick, wit,

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Full Cast

  1. Amplas, John as [Master of Ceremonies]
  2. Anderson, Abe as [Percussion]
  3. Bingham, Tony (III) as [Uncle Randy]
  4. Braverman, Jeremy as [Jeremy]
  5. Carpenter, Jeffrey as [Uncle Jim]
  6. Coelho, Luis Pedro as [Luis]
  7. Falberg, Alex as [Humphrey]
  8. Fitzgerald, James (IX) as [Keith]
  9. Gohel, Parag as [Chris]
  10. Jamal, Wali as [Mark]
  11. Jordan, Patrick (V) as [Uncle Patrick]
  12. Lehane, Gregory as [Dennis]
  13. Lehane, Nick as [Joshy]
  14. McCune, Jason (I) as [Greg]
  15. McGeever, Tim as [Devon]
  16. Nielsen, Hayley as [Lauren]
  17. Turich, Sam as [Eli]
  18. Vila-Roger, Ricardo as [Ricardo]
  19. Vincent, Chet as [Guitar (busker)]
  20. Allyn, Theo as [Shannon]
  21. Alphabet, Molly as [Molly (busker)]
  22. Antonuccio, Nicole as [Pittsburgh Girl #4]
  23. Brady, Sharon (IV) as [Ma]
  24. Brehmer, Cassie as [Pittsburgh Girl #2]
  25. Brennan, Lissa as [Anya]
  26. Cody, Gab as [Libby]
  27. Goldsmith, Lisa Ann as [Lisa Ann]
  28. Hardy, Dana (I) as [Pittsburgh Girl #1]
  29. Imbrogno, Trish as [Bass]
  30. Klatscher, Laurie as [Clara]
  31. Leach, Christiane as [Christiane]
  32. Ozbek, Umut as [Sabah]
  33. Rawson, Mary (III) as [Dorothy]
  34. Reis, Rita as [Rita]
  35. Russo, Nayli as [Nayli]
  36. Slavinsky, Jaime as [Pittsburgh Girl #3]
  37. Styles, Genna as [Sheridan]
  38. Tober, Jen as [Danielle]
  39. Turich, Mathilda as [Egg eater]
  40. Vallozzi, Rachel as (as Rachel Vallozi) [Rachel]
  41. Wehr, Adrienne as [Cathy]
  42. Williams, Megan (XVI) as [Fiddler]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Progression is a feature-length narrative film project, set in Lawrenceville, shot in Lawrenceville and about a real-life Lawrenceville institution. This feature-length ensemble comedy follows a group of urban pioneers navigating love and heartbreak on the night of the annual progressive dinner in and around the hipster-est neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Dubbed a gentrification farce, this film features arty young professionals colliding with the fourth-generation locals who watch bemusedly as their neighborhood transforms under their noses. This film features three soups, two salads, and culminates in a raucous single entrée where secrets are revealed, true love is conceived or destroyed, and a baby is delivered on the dining room table. The tone of the film is urbane and witty, with some slapstick thrown in for good measure. The filmmakers pay stylistic homage to the great screwball comedies of 1930s American cinema, as well as the mannered farces perfected by French auteurs. Progression Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Bernstein, Paul (III)


  1. Knobil, Mark

Dress Designers

  1. Vallozzi, Rachel (as Rachel Vallozi)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA