Psychology of Secrets (2013) Movie

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English - (Original version)

(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Debbie Harmon Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 30 March 2013

Running Time

Christian film

child-abuse, christian, date-rape, depression, divorce, empowering-women, freedom, molestation, rape, truth,

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Full Cast

  1. Collins, Matthew L. as [Agent Arnold]
  2. Cruea, Nico as [Taylor age 9]
  3. Cruea, Nicolas as [Taylor Caldwell 9 yrs]
  4. Fisher, Tracy (IV) as [Dr. Tom Caldwell]
  5. Hamilton, Cole as [Steven]
  6. Haynes, Bradford as [Agent Tobler]
  7. Norris, Jon as [David Briggs]
  8. Norris, Mark (IX) as [Danny Briggs]
  9. Scimeca, Michael as [Mr. Taylor]
  10. Stratton, Thomas as [Brent Jones]
  11. Trivette, Alpha as [Dr. Cine]
  12. Wood, Billy (VII) as [Goth Teen's Dad]
  13. Wood, Taz as [Phil]
  14. Baldwin, Kerri J. as [Ella]
  15. Bogenschutz, April as [Tiffany]
  16. Bullock, Ali as [Cindy]
  17. Bullock, Kendall as [Samantha Taylor age 8]
  18. Bullock, Susie as [The Young Mrs. Taylor]
  19. Childs, Deborah (II) as [The Elder Mrs. Taylor]
  20. Frazier, Karlee as [Caroline Briggs age 3]
  21. Gavulic, Bailey as [Caroline Briggs age 15]
  22. Gentry, Holly as [Cutting Girl's Mom]
  23. Harmon, Debbie as [Samantha Taylor Briggs Caldwell]
  24. Ingram, Lilth Anne as [Samantha Taylor age 4]
  25. Keene, Lily as [Samantha Taylor age 12]
  26. Kirby, Virginia as [Gladys Butenski]
  27. Labrie, Tricia as [Claudia]
  28. Monk, Emerson as [Nichole Caldwell]
  29. Morton, Adriel as [Cutting Girl]
  30. Nacon, Katelyn as [Patti]
  31. Nicole, Dominique as [Nurse]
  32. Ramos, Canaan as [Goth Teen]
  33. Saint Martin, Natalie as [Sandy]
  34. Seman, Natalie Scott as [Samantha Taylor age 16]
  35. Smith, Emily (XLV) as [Gilly]
  36. Sundin, Dulaney as [Gabrielle]
  37. Taylor, Becky J. as [Mrs. Taylor]
  38. Trahan, Britni Shea as [Samantha Taylor Briggs]
  39. Weise, Devin as [Tina]
  40. Wofford, Shelia as [Miriam]


  1. Drama


  1. Harmon, Debbie
  2. Harmon, Ed

Film Editors

  1. Harmon, Debbie