"Pulling Moves" (2004) {The Pirate and the Choirboys (#1.7)} TV Season

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Overview "Pulling Moves" Season 01 Episode 07 (S01E07)



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(Ireland) - 26 March 2004

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Full Cast

  1. Clinton, Martin as [Choir Boy]
  2. Delaney, Simon (I) as [Wardrobe]
  3. Doherty, Gerry as [Diesel]
  4. Doran, James (II) as [Road Block Cop]
  5. Elliot, Kevin (I) as [Darragh Owens]
  6. Fitzpatrick, Mick (I) as [Waldo the Painter]
  7. Huston, Elliott as [Cranky Old Man]
  8. MacNeill, Conor as (as Conor O'Neill) [Hood in Taxi]
  9. McCavanagh, Danny as [Another Taxi Driver]
  10. McCavanagh, Mark as (as Mark McKavanagh) [Choir Boy]
  11. McMenamin, Ciarán as [Tomas 'Ta' McKeown]
  12. McNamee, Sean as [Shay's Da]
  13. Nolan, Ciaran as [Shay O'Prey]
  14. O Neil, Conor (II) as [Hood in Taxi]
  15. O Prey, Danny as [Grizzled Taxi Driver]
  16. Ross, Glenn (IV) as [Choir Boy]
  17. Clarke, Kathy Kiera as (as Kathy Keira Clarke) [Una]
  18. Cusack, Sorcha as [Concepta McCluskey]
  19. Dow, Maureen as [Whispers]
  20. McKendry, Simpson as [Sadie]
  21. Montgomery, Flora as [Carol]
  22. Morelli, Antoinette as [Shopping Mum]
  23. O Hara, Moya as [Bus Gossip]

Film Editors

  1. Endacott, Paul


  1. Currie, Trevor (location assistant)
  2. Devlin, Mark (I) (production coordinator)
  3. Geary, Catherine (assistant location manager)
  4. Jackson, Kevin (V) (assistant head of drama, BBC northern Ireland)
  5. Quinn, Anne (production assistant)