Qualified (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Full Cast

  1. Abdul-Jawad, Wed as (voice)
  2. Aria, Max as (voice)
  3. Brunt, Emily as (voice)
  4. Guerena, Amanda as (voice)
  5. Hasenauer, Jonathan as (voice)
  6. Herrera, Marcia R. as (voice)
  7. Sindi, Abdul as (voice)
  8. Smith, David Lloyd as [Dale] <2>
  9. Stansell, Harlie as (voice)
  10. Wickman, Karl as (voice)
  11. Goldstein, Elsa as (voice)
  12. Herrera, Jacqueline as [Esperanza] <3>
  13. McElvain, Yukilynn as [Olivia] <1>
  14. Saryan, Kristine as (voice)


  1. Biography
  2. Drama
  3. News
  4. Short

Full Plot

In this day and age a good job is hard to come by. In this movie we follow three very different people who are after the same job. Getting this job could change any of their lives. Each of these people have something going for them and something very against them. Its hard enough to get a job in today's society with a perfect resume and record. What if you were lacking in some of these areas? What would make you 'Qualified'? Take a journey with these three individuals searching for hope in today's job market. This film with tug on your heart strings and shine light on the current struggle many of us are facing to day. We will leave you with the question, who really is...'Qualified'? Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Smith, David Lloyd

Film Editors

  1. McElvain, Yukilynn