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Each Tuesday, in St. Luke's hospital in Dublin, the door to Radioactive Iodine Suite B is shut behind a patient who remains there, alone, until the end of the week. On one such day, sixty six year old Rosanna Byrne prepares for the treatment that will see her locked away from the family and friends that have been so vital in her battle with illness. In another part of the specialist hospital, a small lead canister is being carefully prepared and transported through the corridors. As a toxic dose of iodine works to eradicate any remaining thyroid cells at this last, exhausting stage of cancer treatment, Rosanna is kept from all human contact. Meals are passed through a hatch in the heavy doors that separate her from the busy hospital. In a week punctuated only by brief, restricted visits that must be conducted through thick glass, she is left alone with her thoughts. We move slowly up to and through the lead-lined glass to frame an intimate portrait of one woman's solitary time with illness, fate and faith. The jury at the Cork Film Festival commended 'a documentary that manages a seemingly impossible task', a film 'rich in its casual humanity'. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Ward, Feargal

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  1. O'Sullivan, Tadhg