Quarterlifers (2011) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Blind Bassett Films [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Banoovong, Van as (uncredited) [Job Interviewee/Bar Patron]
  2. Betson, Joseph as [James/Male Staffer]
  3. Caputo, Chris as [Chris] <21>
  4. Dodge, Bobby as [Matthew Gibson] <12>
  5. Evans, Chris (XXXIV) as [Radio Announcer]
  6. Ferguson, Vohn as [Drunk Guy] <20>
  7. Fortner, Adam as [Riggs] <1>
  8. Guzman, Mike (I) as (uncredited) [Office Employee]
  9. Haylor, Richard as [Michael] <13>
  10. Lynam, Roy as [Ryan] <5>
  11. Mignone, Joe as [Phone Man] <19>
  12. Miller, Duey as [Bar Guy 2]
  13. Montgomery Jr., Rick as [Dad] <3>
  14. Nickell, AJ as [Funeral Guest]
  15. Nicoletti, Ron as [Reporter]
  16. Potwin, Lincoln as [Jason] <4>
  17. Power, Bryan as [Bar Guy 1] <18>
  18. Roth, Andrew (I) as [Derek] <2>
  19. Rudicil, Brandi as [Secretary] <15>
  20. Scarano, Joseph as [Funeral Director]
  21. Shea, Sheri as [Bar Girl 1]
  22. Wolf, Nickolas as (uncredited) [Funeral Guest]
  23. Ahlers, Krystyna as [Bar Girl 2]
  24. Capellan, Millie as [Jennifer] <7>
  25. Carlisle, Marilyn as [Mom] <11>
  26. Insua, Carolina as [Angela] <8>
  27. Jacuzzo, Carly as [Drunk Girl]
  28. Kambur, Ani as [Girl in Bar]
  29. Khan, Miranda as [Claire] <6>
  30. Lakhani, Fauzia as [Funeral Guest]
  31. Levey-Giacomino, Laurel as [Mrs. Zimm]
  32. LoCicero, Amy as [Allison] <9>
  33. MacFarlane, Donna as [Phone Girl 1]
  34. Maletto, Keri as [Emily] <10>
  35. Marie, Jaime as [Leah] <14>
  36. Megna, Raven Daria as (uncredited) [Hospital Guest]
  37. Neita, Tara as (uncredited) [Extra]
  38. Remekie, Judith as (uncredited) [Girl in Office with an Attitude]
  39. Rotolo, Katie as [Attractive Woman]
  40. Ruiz, Claudia (III) as [Female Staffer]
  41. Sepulveda, Patrice as (uncredited) [Funeral Family Member]
  42. Trombetti, Erica as [Michelle] <17>
  43. Werner-Gray, Liana as [Ellie] <16>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Full Plot

Riggs is in his late twenties, has a good job, great friends and family, but something is missing in his life. When his father suddenly dies of a heart attack, we see how Riggs and his closest friends try to ensure that their lives each mean something to them through a series of emotional events, complex relationships and hilarious situations that occur amongst lifelong friends and their significant others. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000 PD: 25 March 2010 - 15 April 2010


  1. Dones, Anthony