Quest for the Indie Tube (2011) (TV) TV

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Reel Groovy Films [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 21 December 2011
(USA) - 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Angelos, Leo Kei as [Kickbot]
  2. Bellefeuille, Nate as [OM Circle]
  3. Bellefeuille, Paul as [OM Circle]
  4. Carter, Maja as [Man Goth Dancer]
  5. Davis Jr., Michael as [OM Circle / Zombie]
  6. Eastman, Eric (II) as [Dr. Beastman]
  7. Hartman, John (VIII) as [Wow Man / Goth Robot (camp fire)]
  8. Holtey, Tom as [Kayaker]
  9. Leonard, Mark (VII) as [Dr. Dawn Lear'Ned / Goth Robot (Ft. Stark) / Zombie]
  10. Lewis, Alexander (IV) as [Dr. Lewis]
  11. Lupo, Joey as [Wagner Son]
  12. Lupo, Joseph as [Mr. Wagner]
  13. Meredith, Weston as [Eugene Humperdink]
  14. Murphy, Richard (XXIV) as [Dr. Murphy]
  15. Newcomb, Sarah as [Newscaster]
  16. Stevens, Chris (XXVI) as [OM Circle / Zombie]
  17. Alejandro, Charlie as [Cop]
  18. Boyajian, Tannis as [Louise / Tannis Wizard]
  19. Butts, Amy as [Amy on the Stage]
  20. Cengi, Ayla as [Belly Dancer]
  21. Crimson, Sandra as [Woman Goth Dancer]
  22. Dechert, Kachina as [Quadbot]
  23. Gilberto, Sophia as [Hippy Girl]
  24. Goode, Jayne Costello as [Hippy Woman]
  25. Harvey, Becky (II) as [OM Circle]
  26. Kirkpatrick, Melinda (II) as [Beastman's Fingers]
  27. Lamkin, Emily as [Android Emily]
  28. Lupo, Katie as [Jenny Wagner]
  29. Lupo, Mary Jo as [Mrs. Wagner]
  30. Nicklin, Sarah as [Captain Sarah]
  31. Peligrad, Irina as [Android Irina]
  32. Rozo, Adriana as [Zombie]
  33. Smith, Cari as [Akashic Translator]
  34. Stevens, Gwen (II) as [OM Circle]
  35. Stevens, Jodi as [OM Circle / Zombie]
  36. Tashkin, Aslahan as [Belly Dancer]
  37. Zuhra, Zahira as [Belly Dancer]


  1. Sci-Fi

Total Business

BT: USD 1,000


  1. Hartman, John (VIII)


Reel Groovy Films Distribution [us] - (2011) (USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Hartman, John (VIII)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New England, USA