Race to Judgment (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Collective Development [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2014

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Mississippi Burning (in Michigan) meets A Time to Kill Truth is Cloaked in Fear

based-on-story, detective, murder, police, sequel, serial-killer,

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, James (XV) as [Detroit Radical #1]
  2. Becker, Tony as [Ralph Grotts]
  3. Bond, David (XIII) as [Dave Krazny]
  4. Borowicz, David as [Andy Rankin]
  5. Callard, Roger as [Hoyt Pike]
  6. Dark, Johnny as [Gary Sakaluski]
  7. Ghazi, Taymour as [Junior Middleton]
  8. Gries, David as [Matthias Pace]
  9. Gwinn, Robert H. as [Clinic Doctor]
  10. Hall, Curtis as [E.R. Doctor]
  11. Hornus, Anthony as [Keith Franek]
  12. Hudson, Ernie as (rumored) [Nate Wallace]
  13. Jernigan, Terry as [Mayor Sam Friesner]
  14. Knox, Terence as [Ben Bannister]
  15. Lynch, Tommy (III) as [Tommy Jacalone]
  16. Lyon, Brad Leo as [Newsman Billy Kent]
  17. Maupin, Logan Anthony as [Billy Byers]
  18. Michaels, Myke as (rumored)
  19. Papenfuss, David as [Howard Krazny]
  20. Perry, DJ as [Detective Lynn Kendall] <1>
  21. Roe, Delvon as (rumored)
  22. Simmons, Larry (II) as (rumored) [Detroit Radical]
  23. Sura, Jed as [Bobby Byers]
  24. Teaster, Dean as (as Dean West) [Leon Tate]
  25. Walker, Patrick (IV) as (rumored) [Alonzo]
  26. Weyant, Carlucci (I) as [Police Chief Mark Yando]
  27. Ben-Kely, Nathalie as [Anna Marie Jacalone]
  28. Geerlings, Renae as [Erica]
  29. Hull, Betsy Sue as [Manicurist]
  30. Jones, Tracilyn as [Yvonne Rankin]
  31. Larrymore Kelly, Rae Ven as [Kat Wallace]
  32. Locke, Tembi as [Veronica McFall]
  33. O Connor, Renée as [Mona Beyers]
  34. Teaster, Tammy stephens as [Beverly Franek]
  35. Wood, Lana (I) as [Sofia Jacalone]


  1. Action
  2. Crime
  3. Drama

Full Plot

In 1976, three years after the murder of young mother Dee McGuire, Michigan State Police Detective Lynn Kendall is thrown into the secretive, racist, and violent world of the Ku Klux Klan as he investigates the brutal murder of a 22-year-old black woman in a small Michigan town. Inspired by a true story. T.H. Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Therrian, Dennis

Film Editors

  1. Therrian, Dennis

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    (USA) (working title)


- This film is a follow-up to _An Ordinary Killer (2003)_ (qv) (Based on a True Story), written and co-directed by 'Anthony Hornus' (qv). "Race to Judgment" brings back Michigan State Police detectives Lynn Kendall ('DJ Perry' (qv)) and Ben Bannister ('Terence Knox' (qv)).