Rendezvous (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Invictus Films [us]
Noir Worldwide [us] - (produced with the participation of)
Paddock Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - October 2014

Running Time

You will see Light in the Darkness...

murder, reverse,

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Full Cast

  1. Case, Curtis K as [Raleigh]
  2. Colletti, Damien as [Ron]
  3. Daskas, John as [Garrison]
  4. Donnelly, Danny (I) as [Bennie Driscoll]
  5. Emmert, Alexander as [Coach Billings]
  6. Fenster, Evan as [Billy]
  7. Ferrier, Dave as [Bartender]
  8. Glincosky, Bernard as [Roy Driscoll]
  9. Greenberg, David J. as [Dr. Joe Swartley]
  10. Grock, Nick as [Tom Carson]
  11. Gustin, Gary as [Dan Harmon]
  12. Heinaman, Kai as [Railroad Tracks Kid #2]
  13. Ivins, Jimmy as [Mike]
  14. Klein, Sam (II) as [Dental Patient]
  15. Kresser, Zackary as [Coroner Tech #2]
  16. Kulick, Logan as [Jeffrey]
  17. Lepre, Loren W. as [Mr. Reynolds]
  18. Noone, Eddie as [Doherty]
  19. O Donnell, Mike (XIII) as [Joel]
  20. Padden, Ryan as [Coroner Tech #1]
  21. Roman, Brian as [Big Guy]
  22. Rome, Demetri as [Tad]
  23. Ryan, Alexander as [Bennie - Age 11]
  24. Scalzitti, Michael as [Todd]
  25. Sobejano, Claudio as [Railroad Tracks Kid #3]
  26. Swiren, Randy Louis as [Irv Meltzer]
  27. Theresa, Aimee as (as Aimee Wein) [Mary Carson]
  28. Vitali, John E. as [Bob Jessup]
  29. Ward, Nekko as [Railroad Tracks Kid #1]
  30. Williams, Frank (XIII) as [Arnie]
  31. Barninger, Julianna Therese as [Gail]
  32. Bolt, Laura as [Lydia - Age 16]
  33. Boyle, Megan (III) as [Molly McCoy]
  34. Caruso, Natalie as [Crazed Woman]
  35. Davis, Leila Jean as [Cassie - Age 10]
  36. Gates, Victoria as [Cindy]
  37. Gordon, Grace (III) as [Young Reporter]
  38. Graybill, Trisha as [Margaret Slater]
  39. Greene, Maxine as [Ruth]
  40. Grgic, Sarah as [Tracy Alder]
  41. Heinaman, Oceana as [Pretty Girl]
  42. Ivins, Kira as [Lydia, Age 10]
  43. Ivins, Zaughn Elizabeth as [Kim Baines]
  44. Lebo, Lexi as [Gail - Age 8]
  45. Lorraine, Suzi as [Fran]
  46. Marie, Kacie as [Abby]
  47. McCullagh, Deirdre as [Charlotte]
  48. McMonagle, Concetta as [Gail's Grandmother]
  49. Miller, Jeni as [Shelly Driscoll]
  50. Raczko, Annie as [Madeline Rodgers]
  51. Tax, Natasha as [Cassie - Age 16]
  52. Teporelli, Kristin Ann as [Chippy Reporter]
  53. Walker, Payton as [Gail - Age 11]
  54. Wright, Mala as [Mrs. Kendall]
  55. Yates, Jessica (IV) as [Cathy]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Music Composers

  1. Gill, Onree


  1. Baxter, Jeffrey (IV) (director of photography)


Invictus Films [us] - (2011) (Non-USA) (DVD)
Sundance Channel [us] - (2011) (USA) (all media)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA
  2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA