Restoration (1995) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.5/ 10 (5499 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for sexuality

Production Company
Avenue Pictures Productions [us]
Miramax Films [us]
Segue Productions
The Oxford Film Company [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 29 December 1995
(Canada) - 2 February 1996
(Denmark) - 9 February 1996
(UK) - 8 March 1996
(Brazil) - 10 May 1996

Running Time

In a world of seduction and power, temptation has its price.

1660s, 17th-century, abandonment, actress, adrift, afraid-to-sleep, architectural-model, assurance-of-love, asylum, baby, bare-breasts, based-on-novel, beating-heart, begins-with-text, betrayal, betting, bird, bleeding, blood, book, bravery, cadaver, caesarean-birth, cane, card-playing,

Technical Support
CAM:Moviecam Cameras
MET:3307 m
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Ashton-Griffiths, Roger as [Mr. Bung] <21>
  2. Asquith-Coe, Lee as (uncredited) [Supporting Artist]
  3. Babot, Philip as [Whittlesea Dancer] <38>
  4. Beard, Steven (I) as [Messenger] <36>
  5. Carter, Simon (I) as [Messenger] <37>
  6. Dallimore, John as [The Secretary] <20>
  7. Davies, Dylan (I) as [Whittlesea Dancer] <40>
  8. Downey Jr., Robert as [Robert Merivel] <1>
  9. Edmonds, Alex as [Whittlesea Dancer] <47>
  10. Ennis, Jim as [Whittlesea Dancer] <41>
  11. Evans, Roy (I) as [Fleeing Man] <18>
  12. Fisher, Stephen (IV) as [Whittlesea Dancer] <48>
  13. Gant, David (I) as [Chiffinch] <14>
  14. Gardner, Tony (I) as [Gallant] <29>
  15. Gomer, Russell as [Whittlesea Dancer] <42>
  16. Grant, Hugh (I) as [Elias Finn] <7>
  17. Havill, Andrew as [Gallant] <28>
  18. Hext, Timothy as [Whittlesea Dancer] <49>
  19. Hutchison, Nick as [Pinworth] <27>
  20. Kubba, Janan as [Pretty Wench] <22>
  21. Letheren, Mark as [Daniel] <10>
  22. McDiarmid, Ian as [Ambrose] <8>
  23. McKellen, Ian as [Will Gates] <6>
  24. Michell, Philip as [Whittlesea Dancer] <50>
  25. Nannestad, Arne as [Party Guest] <32>
  26. Neill, Sam as [King Charles II] <2>
  27. Pallett, Leonni as [Court Dancer] <55>
  28. Pringle, Bryan as [Watchman] <17>
  29. Quarmby, John as [The Chancellor] <19>
  30. Ross, Willie as [Man with Visible Heart] <13>
  31. Rozelaar-Green, Frank as [Whittlesea Dancer] <52>
  32. Ryall, David as [Lord Bathurst] <30>
  33. Taylor, Simon (I) as [Second Doctor] <24>
  34. Thewlis, David as [John Pearce] <3>
  35. Valentine, Graham as [Dandy] <33>
  36. Watchurst, Neville as [Latin Doctor] <16>
  37. Whitrow, Benjamin as [Merivel's Father] <15>
  38. Bennett, Rosalind as [Eleanor] <12>
  39. Blade, Carole as [Whittlesea Dancer] <45>
  40. Cohen, Ena as [Whittlesea Dancer] <39>
  41. Cohen, Jessica (I) as [Whittlesea Dancer] <46>
  42. Giles, Selina as [Fair Lady] <25>
  43. Griffith, Wendy as [Court Dancer] <53>
  44. Herbert, Judy (I) as [Court Dancer] <57>
  45. Iglich, Bernadette as [Court Dancer] <54>
  46. Lamb, Caroline (I) as [Whittlesea Dancer] <43>
  47. Luce, Philippa as [Court Dancer] <58>
  48. MacLeod, Mary (I) as [Midwife] <9>
  49. McDade, Sandy as [Hannah] <11>
  50. McKenrick, Susanne (I) as [Dark Lady] <26>
  51. Morini, Margarlda as [Whittlesea Dancer] <44>
  52. Neave, Belinda as [Whittlesea Dancer] <51>
  53. Redfern, Joanne as [Court Dancer] <59>
  54. Rees-Davies, Birdie as (uncredited) [Margaret]
  55. Runacre, Jenny as [Painter Lady] <31>
  56. Ryan, Meg as [Katharine] <5>
  57. Savva, Anna as [Celia's Maid] <34>
  58. St. John, Beryl as [Court Dancer] <56>
  59. Voigts, Henrietta as [Female Patient] <23>
  60. Walker, Polly (II) as [Celia Clemence] <4>
  61. Woodbridge, Wendy as [Court Dancer] <60>


  1. Biography
  2. Drama
  3. History
  4. Romance

Full Plot

An aspiring young physician, Robert Merivel found himself in the service of King Charles II and saves the life of a spaniel dear to the King. Merivel joins the King's court and lives the high life provided to someone of his position. Merivel is ordered to marry one of the King's mistresses in order to divert the suspicions of another one of his mistresses. He is given one order by the king and that is not to fall in love. The situation worsens when Merivel finds himself in love with his new wife. Eventually, the King finds out and relieves Merivel of his position and wealth. His fall from grace leaves Merivel where he first started. And through his travels and reunions with an old friend, he rediscovers his love for true medicine and what it really means to be a physician. P. Wong Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 1,422 (Netherlands) (31 December 1998) AD: 1,407 (Netherlands) (1 January 1998) AD: 8,045 (Portugal) (24 October 1996) BT: USD 12,000,000 CP: Restoration Productions Limited GR: USD 4,100,000 (USA) GR: ITL 144,050,000 (Italy) (18 May 1997) PD: 30 May 1994 - 15 August 1994

Movie Certificate

M18 (Singapore)(re-rating)
L (Iceland)
12 (Netherlands)
13 (Argentina)
M (Australia)
14 (Chile)
U (France)
M/12 (Portugal)
R(A) (Singapore)
7 (Spain)
A (Canada)

Music Composers

  1. Howard, James Newton


  1. Stapleton, Oliver

Dress Designers

  1. Acheson, James (I)


Al!ve AG [de] - (2004) (Germany) (DVD)
Buena Vista Home Video [us] - (1996) (USA) (VHS) (For Miramax Home Entertainment)
Cannes Home Vídeo [br] - (Brazil) (VHS)
Concorde Film [nl] - (1997) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment [us] - (2011) (USA) (DVD)
Egmont Film [se] - (1997) (Sweden) (VHS)
Europa Filmes [br] - (2000) (Brazil) (DVD)
Gativideo [ar] - (1997) (Argentina) (VHS)
Miramax Films [us] - (1995-1996) (USA) (theatrical)
Scotia International Filmverleih [de] - (1997) (Germany) (theatrical)
Sogepaq Distribución [es] - (Spain)
Spentzos Film Home Video [gr] - (1997) (Greece) (VHS)
Spentzos Films [gr] - (1996) (Greece) (VHS)

Film Editors

  1. Craven, Garth


  1. Aiken, Sharon (assistant: Ms. Ryan)
  2. Allen, Molly (I) (location manager)
  3. Apodiacos, Maria (script supervisor)
  4. Barratt, Rory (assistant: Mr. Zanetti)
  5. Bensly, Erica (production coordinator)
  6. Blues, Bobby (supervising production accountant)
  7. Bunce, Catherine (assistant to supervising producer)
  8. Collings, Sally (floor runner)
  9. Davis, Gordon (I) (account cashier)
  10. Drake, Jessica (I) (dialect coach) (uncredited)
  11. Dunn, Jessica (I) (assistant to supervising producer)
  12. Emanuel, Simon (I) (floor runner)
  13. Flatt, Kate (choreographer)
  14. Fleuss, Gerald (calligraphy advisor)
  15. Fox, Danielle (I) (contact: London) (uncredited)
  16. Fraser, Simon (I) (assistant: Mr. Paterson and Mr. Bentley)
  17. Freeborn, Suzanne (unit nurse)
  18. Frieze, Sandra (I) (contact: Shepperton)
  19. Gambale, Christopher (assistant to Harvey Weinstein) (uncredited)
  20. Gamble, Linda (I) (unit publicist)
  21. Guard, Lucy (assistant: Mr. Brokaw)
  22. Halfon, Sheri (executive: Avenue Pictures Productions)
  23. Hall, Anna (I) (assistant to director)
  24. Harm, Michael (assistant location manager)
  25. Hawkins, Edward (supervising rigger)
  26. Herr, Kristy (assistant: Mr. Brokaw)
  27. Holding, Jacky (assistant accountant)
  28. Howard-Garde, Kelly (production coordinator: additional photography)
  29. Hubert, Michael (production coordinator)
  30. Hume, Pauline (title designer) (uncredited)
  31. Jack, Andrew (dialogue coach)
  32. Khaira, Dalbag (trainee video playback operator)
  33. Lidbury, Louisa (unit nurse)
  34. Locke, John (V) (stand-in)
  35. Madison, Ian (assistant: Sam Neill)
  36. Pazord, Jenny (unit nurse)
  37. Quinn, Sue (I) (location manager)
  38. Reiter-Soffer, Domy (director of movement)
  39. Robinson, Kay (II) (production secretary)
  40. Sacks, Quinny (choreographer)
  41. Silvestri, Francesca (assistant: Mr. Downey Jr.)
  42. Squirrell, Adrian (production runner)
  43. Stenner, Ron (period medical advisor)
  44. Stokes, Emma (I) (stand-in)
  45. Syer, Tamara (production secretary: The Oxford Film Company)
  46. Tarry, Chris (assistant accountant)
  47. Welch, Kevin (II) (supervising rigger)
  48. Weller, Andy (basic rigger) (as Andrew Weller)
  49. Williams, Tillie (accommodation assistant)
  50. Williams, Tillie (location assistant)


Katharine: You know, in Ireland a man with a horse, a cart and a book he knows how to read is the catch of the county. Robert Merivel: Well, perhaps when we have made fire of the cart and eaten the horse and wiped our asses with the book, you'll become better acquainted with what you have caught. Robert Merivel: I must restrain my farts and do something altogether more productive. King Charles II: For her husband I need a man who is far too fond of women in general to love one in particular. Merivel: A most lavish affair! Who is to be married? King: Celia Clemence. Merivel: I understood she was your mistress! King: Then you understood right, Merivel... Miss Clemence is to be married and seemingly dispatched out of London with her husband, while in fact, I secrete her near the river in Kew - the better to sport with her unobserved... For her husband, I need a man who is far too enamored of women in general to make the mistake of loving one in particular... King Charles II: Love was the only thing not asked of you. Indeed it was the only thing expressly forbidden of you. Robert Merivel: Fear is our greatest enemy, and hope is our greatest weapon against the disease. Lady Celia Clemence: We live in an age when many are made fools and many are deceived. Katharine: Every man on earth has his leaving step. If my husband had been a small man, he would not have been able to leave me. But he was a large man, and stepped over me as I slept, one great stride. [last lines] Robert Merivel: [voiceover] The fire in its fury has consumed the great plague. Misfortune may leave behind unlooked-for blessings... none dearer than you, my little Margaret. I will return to the city, to my work as a doctor, and the rebuilding of the King's Hospital. The stars that once confused me seem now to light a path that is clear, that I have in truth been traveling for all these days. Where I met what came, and left behind my sorrows. And I am traveling still. [first lines] Opening Title Card: In 1660 Charles II was restored to the English Throne ending 11 years of Oliver Cromwell's bleak Puritan rule. Thus began the age of Restoration. It was an era of scientific discovery, artistic exploration and luxurious sensuality. Opening Title Card: It was also a time of natural disasters and archaic medical practices. Science was pitted against superstition. This is the story of one man's journey through the light and dark of those times. Robert Merivel: My first patient was a frog, I cured him of jumping. Now I can cure people of breathing. Robert Merivel: I have done the one thing forbidden by the king. I have fallen in love with my wife. Robert Merivel: We need money. Katharine: There is money inside my skirt! Robert Merivel: [to roadside hack] She is simple. We are doctor and patient. [clarifying] I am the doctor.

Other Titles

  1. Restoration - Il peccato e il castigo (1995) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

  2. Restoration - Zeit der Sinnlichkeit (1997) (ENG)

  3. Zeit der Sinnlichkeit (1997) (ENG)

  4. Restoration - Zeit der Sinnlichkeit (1997) (GER)

  5. Restoration - Il peccato e il castigo (1995) (ITA)

  6. Restoration, la tentazione (1995) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, UK
  2. Brympton d'Evercy, Yeovil, Somerset, England, UK
  3. Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, Wales, UK
  4. Dorset, England, UK
  5. Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset, England, UK
  6. Mapperton, Beaminster, Dorset, England, UK
  7. Oxfordshire, England, UK
  8. Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK - (studio)
  9. Somerset, England, UK
  10. Tretower Court, Powys, Wales, UK


- Composer James Newton Howard's main theme is based on a music from The Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell.