Rock-a-bye Road Cinema Thrills (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Adventurous Arts [us]
Wey-Man Productions

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How far will you go for love? The extra mile. Before they played in a band, they played with fire.

45rpm-mystery, based-on-novel, crime-caper, teen-romance,

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Full Cast

  1. Biker, The Phantom as [The Phantom Biker]
  2. Cole, Jasper as [Joey Snake Eyes]
  3. Grissom, Elijah as [Skateboard Kid on Radio Station Road]
  4. Hufsey, Bill as [Big Nick - the King of Clubs]
  5. Majors, Lee (I) as
  6. Murray, Allan (II) as [Deputy Conrad]
  7. Peffer III, Garry as [Dance Party Deejay]
  8. Roebuck, Daniel as [Mr. Sueder]
  9. Walker, DeRick as (rumored) [Matt, of WILD Radio]
  10. Webster, Aaron (V) as [Disc Jockey]
  11. Barrett, Sara Jean as [Madge the Diner Waitress]
  12. Bishop, Greer as [Frisbee Kendra]
  13. Elizabeth, Jennifer as [Rollerskates Carhop]
  14. Hill, Madisen as
  15. Lane, Peggy as [Mrs. M]
  16. Storm, Debi (IV) as [FBI Secretary Jones]


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Crime
  4. Music
  5. Romance

Music Composers

  1. Band, Neon Boneyard
  2. Peffer II, Garry
  3. Webster, Aaron (V) (as Aaron D. Webster)


  1. Petersen, Curtis (I)


  1. Cabrel, Coco (dance choreographer)


- In published literature, a spin-off: "Drummer Boy From Illinois Went Crash Boom Bang!" (ISBN 0741458209) is a romantic comedy set 5 years after this story, and the record "Rock-a-bye Road" is played at a radio station.

- Rock-A-Bye Road villain actor Jasper Cole was a special guest at 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego, CA.

- A "Rock-A-Bye Road" comic book is included in Webster's 2009 paperback "Magic Dragster" ISBN 9780741453655.

- The movie's opening scene is based on a true story that happened to the Rock-A-Bye Road author while working in commercial radio.