Rock and Roll: The Movie (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Saddle Ranch Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - March 2013

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Steve Taylor is an incredibly talented musician or, at least he was back in 1987. Can he 'rock' again in 2010?

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Full Cast

  1. Bent, Chip as [Ted] <4>
  2. Cedars, Dorian as <24>
  3. Cohen, Philip M. as (as Philip Cohen) [John Turner] <22>
  4. Cohen, Sam (IX) as [Stevie] <21>
  5. Corazza, Vince as [Bill] <3>
  6. Daly, Jeff (III) as [Mrs. Roso]
  7. Dowler, Darren as [Steve] <1>
  8. Finerty, Patrick M.J. as [Benny] <19>
  9. Garvin, Jonas as [Announcer 1] <18>
  10. Harjo, Ben as [Jerry Lotelli]
  11. Koelsch, Clark as [David Roso] <2>
  12. Laney, Daniel as [William Smythe] <5>
  13. Larson, Michael Patrick as [Jim Jackson] <9>
  14. Life, Given as [4 Piece Band]
  15. Mack, Stevie as [Bouncer] <17>
  16. Marko, Larry as [Ice Cream Vendor]
  17. Oberst Jr., Bill as [Mo] <7>
  18. Parikh, Shawn as [Don]
  19. Smith, Chris (LV) as [Rick ferris] <12>
  20. Smith, Chris (LXV) as [Rick Farris]
  21. Solow, Jered as [Musician]
  22. Thomason, Tanner as [Brock Brockner] <13>
  23. Williams, Brent (I) as [Steve's Dad]
  24. Winterbottom, Elvis as [Heckler] <14>
  25. Woodward, Jon Morgan as (as Jon Woodward) [Danny Lotelli] <26>
  26. Amore, Alexis as [Hot Hispanic] <27>
  27. Burnett, Kammy as [Star] <25>
  28. Cohen, Kate (IV) as [Steve's Mother] <23>
  29. Dowler, Raina as [Baby Steve] <20>
  30. Howell, Randi as [Porn Star]
  31. Kaposta, Ashley as [Ashley]
  32. Khalatbari, Anita as [Fan]
  33. Marini, Mara as [Gloria] <6>
  34. Masina, Victoria as [Natasha]
  35. McDaniels, Anne as [Nurse Vinyl]
  36. Merrill, Cindy as (as Cynthia Pacheco) [Karen] <8>
  37. Perry, Dianne as [Jacky Chen] <9>
  38. Quincy, Allene as [Venja] <10>
  39. Reame, Claudia as [Mrs. Buttercorn] <16>
  40. Shayne, Jane as [Bar Patron/Mature Die-Hard Fan]
  41. Siebrand, Steffanie as [Sheila] <11>
  42. Sinclair, Dorothy (II) as [Old Woman]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Rock and Roll the Movie follows fresh out of college guy David who moves to LA only to wind up in a bet with his teenage rock star agent idol, William Smythe over his cherished '59 T-Bird. To keep his car, David must convince a now washed-up rocker to return to the Rock and Roll spotlight for good. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Bogiantzis, Dimitris


  1. Archer, William (III) (legal services)
  2. Chirco, Anthony (assistant to director)
  3. Fracaro, Jason (assistant: Mr. Rothe-Kushel)
  4. Hochenberger, Ryan (script supervisor)
  5. Jodeh, Tifanie (production attorney)
  6. Joudeh, Sher (production accountant)
  7. Joudeh, Sher (production coordinator)
  8. Mensch, Brad (still photgrapher)
  9. Miles, Nicholas (assistant to director)
  10. Weiss, Erica (assistant: Jethro Rothe-Kushel)