Rogana: Losing Wonderland (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Hidden Trails Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 June 2013

Running Time

See the truth in a cracked looking glass.


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Full Cast

  1. Brinkley, Brandon as [Bouncer #1]
  2. Cripps, Eddie as (voice) [Caty's Dad]
  3. Dickson, Chris (III) as [Chris Mockington]
  4. Dickson, Jack (VIII) as [Electro-kid]
  5. Elsea, Zakk as [Griffon]
  6. Hall, Nathan (XII) as [Phoenix]
  7. Hively, Austin as [Shane]
  8. Mason, Andrew (IX) as [Harold]
  9. Moore, Carroll (III) as [Doorman]
  10. Acuff, Alli as [Dee/Tilda]
  11. Baker, Amber as [Caty] <3>
  12. Christie, Claire (VI) as [Macy Roberts] <2>
  13. Cripps, Lynn as (voice) [Caty's Mom]
  14. Crook, Cydney as [Stacy Maxon] <5>
  15. Dickson, Heather as [Alex Liddell] <1>
  16. Dickson, Judy as [Alex's mom]
  17. Dorris, Morgan as [Slick]
  18. English, Brittany as [Club dancer]
  19. Flynn, Paula J. as [Rogana] <6>
  20. Foreman, Katherine as [Cookie]
  21. Luther, Racheal Melodie as [Hit-and-run driver]
  22. Orebaugh, Connie as [Marla]
  23. Smavik, Selena as [Mary Ann]
  24. Walker, Lindsey (IV) as [Ivy] <4>
  25. Weatherspoon, Myra as [Evangeline]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Alex Liddell is a misfit, an outcast. At school she is the constant victim to Macy Robertson's cruel pranks. One day, Alex can't take it anymore and leaves. But it's when she runs away that her fate is sealed. Alex is killed and wakes up in Rogana. Here is where she meets odd characters who must help her realize what has happened. But not all is good in this world. The evil ruler, named Rogana as well, is a demon that thrives off of pain. Alex must not only come to terms with what has happened, but must also face this demon and save her new friends. Michael T. Flynn, director Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 5,000


  1. Flynn, Michael T. (I)