Rough Cut (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Reaper Films [us]

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bare-breasts, death, independent-film, infidelity, kidnapping, movie-in-movie, murder, revenge, serial-killer, two-word-title,

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Full Cast

  1. Blakkwell, Raven as [Guy Walking Down Street]
  2. Cason, Gregory as [Family Dad] <14>
  3. Colina, Melody (I) as [Business Woman] <29>
  4. Donohue, Sean as [Guy Under Desk] <30>
  5. Duffau, Mike as [Jack] <1>
  6. Garcia, Ruthie (I) as [Ant Victim] <28>
  7. Glazier, Bob as [Vagrant] <7>
  8. Heinz, Steve as [Executive 2]
  9. Herrin, Mitchell as [Attacker] <9>
  10. Klein, Jeff (XVII) as [Lawyer] <30>
  11. Leto, Beux as [Family Teen] <16>
  12. Leto, Christopher as [Wife's Boyfriend] <23>
  13. Leto, Jayden as [Poor Little Tommy] <20>
  14. McManus, Adam as [Trucker 2] <11>
  15. Nelson, Aaron Quick (I) as [Inside Man] <3>
  16. O Brien, Mark (XIX) as [Drive In Boyfriend] <25>
  17. O Keefe, John (VIII) as [James McCoy III] <18>
  18. Pelaez, Michael as [Farmer Ted] <27>
  19. Perez, Gustavo (I) as [Johnny D] <21>
  20. Sammy, Slammin as [Bowling Alley Cook] <33>
  21. Schwartz, Corey (II) as [Playground Kid] <13>
  22. Sherman, L.A. as [Reporter] <35>
  23. Steiner, Eddie as [Masked Man]
  24. Weston, Patrick as [Trucker 1 (Chuck)] <10>
  25. Westrate, Jeremy as [Masturbator Victim] <22>
  26. Wynkoop, Joel D. as [Vagrant] <6>
  27. Bermudez, Valeria as [Drive In Girlfriend] <24>
  28. Blake, Olivia (I) as [Finger Nails Victim]
  29. Boisvert, Autumn as [Girl at Dairy Plant] <34>
  30. Christiansen, Tanya as [Jack's Wife] <2>
  31. Christine, Meghan as [Incapacitated Girl] <26>
  32. Crotts, Cyndi as [Film Festival Host]
  33. Eisner, Kimmi as [Waitress] <17>
  34. Fiallo, Jeannine as [Wakey, Wakey Victim] <19>
  35. Goggans, Melissa as [Family Mom (Louise)] <15>
  36. Henneberry, Carolyn as [Bowling Alley Waitress] <32>
  37. Lander, Jennifer (II) as [Teaser Trailer Actress]
  38. Nault, Rebekah as [Frame Shop Girl] <31>
  39. Orta, Heather as [Shower Victim]
  40. Randall, Jennifer as [Executive 1] <4>
  41. Steed, Tammy as [Purse Snatch Victim] <8>
  42. Tathem, Tamara as [Bolt Hand Victim]
  43. Webb, Kimberly as [Jogger] <12>


  1. Horror

Full Plot

An Independent film director on the edge loses his funding and his marriage. In order to fulfill his destiny with no budget, he must set the scenes and abduct his cast. Film director or homicidal maniac? Castings open and he is the man to get you into the final cut! Jeremy Westrate Plot not found

Film Editors

  1. Leto, Christopher


Jack: Cut, print!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Tampa, Florida, USA