Rumors of Wars (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Bearfruit Films [us] - (executive production)

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

In the end, we all worship something.


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Full Cast

  1. Anthony, Joseph Scott as [Professor Diedrich] <9>
  2. Ayres, Morgan as [Phoenix] <10>
  3. Baham, Nick (I) as [Alliance Soldier 504]
  4. Bailey, William (VII) as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  5. Baker, Rhoshawanda as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  6. Ballew, Wilson as [Alliance Soldier 420]
  7. Barber, Josh (III) as [Young Man]
  8. Barksdale, Averett as
  9. Barton, Douglas as [Funeral Attendee]
  10. Bennett, Chad (V) as
  11. Bennett, Junior as [Health Service Student]
  12. Bobis, Sarah as [Health Service Student]
  13. Buckner, Ocean as [Rebel]
  14. Burkey, Jason as [Bryan Keep] <5>
  15. Burri, Michael as [Funeral Attendee]
  16. Burton, Bruce (III) as [Antique Shop refugee]
  17. Butler, Jacoby as [Rebel]
  18. Carstens, Sam as
  19. Covello, Nicholas as
  20. Cullum, Shannon as [Woman Advocate]
  21. Dahbashi, Cameron as [Rebel Sniper]
  22. Davies, Ben (VII) as [Shaw] <1>
  23. DeJaynes, Samantha as [Zurn Spokeswoman]
  24. Devries, Casey as [Student]
  25. Durham, Wills as [Underground Christian]
  26. Edwards, Gary (XII) as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  27. Farrior, Hunter as [Alliance Soldier 601]
  28. Flanigan, Steve (IV) as [Rebel Tracker]
  29. Fogg, D Raey as [Rebel]
  30. Ford, Lanis as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  31. Garrett, Lee (II) as [Lee Richardson] <13>
  32. Gilliam, Derrick as [Agent Pete Cavanaugh]
  33. Glasper, Percy as [Rebel]
  34. Griffin, Derrick as [Rebel]
  35. Haagsma, Keith as
  36. Halliburton, Logan as [Underground christian]
  37. Harbison, Zachary as
  38. Harness, Roy as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  39. Harper, Alan (VI) as [Alliance Soldier 462]
  40. Hart, Kent as [Health Service Student]
  41. Heller, Luke as
  42. Hendrix, Tait as [Alliance Soldier 834]
  43. Hinton, Guy as
  44. Hoezee, Brandon as
  45. Hooker, Gabriel as
  46. Jackson, Bill (XXXI) as [Underground Christian]
  47. Jaden, Luke as (as Luke Sawicki) [Drew]
  48. Jett, Caleb as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  49. Joiner, Michael (I) as [Agent Harris] <4>
  50. Karlsen, Harry as
  51. Kauzlarich, Josh as [Health Service Student]
  52. Keene, Derek as [Alliance Soldier 117]
  53. Kelly, Benton as [Alliance Soldier 837]
  54. Kinney, Scott as [Funeral Attendee]
  55. Kocan, Jacob as [Funeral Attendee]
  56. Krahn, Tyler as
  57. Leach, Devan as [Alliance Soldier 330]
  58. Lindsey, Steve (VI) as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  59. Lott, Lamar as [Underground Christian]
  60. Manning, Grey as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  61. Mason, Jacob (V) as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  62. Massey, Zach as [Alliance Soldier 807]
  63. Mcelroy, Felita as [underground Christian]
  64. McElveen, Christian as [Alliance Soldier 714]
  65. McGuire, Wayne as
  66. Meadows, Caleb as [Antique Shop Boy]
  67. Meadows, Connor as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  68. Meadows, Steven as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  69. Medina, Dakota as [Alliance Soldier 619]
  70. Minton, Natalie as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  71. Montgomery, Chad as [Underground Christian]
  72. Montgomery, Cullen as
  73. Moody, Brooks as [Prisoner]
  74. Moore, Rashad as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  75. Patrick, Hayes as [Alliance Soldier 616]
  76. Penton, Chris as [Alliance Soldier 228]
  77. Pevey, Gerald as [Christian Couple]
  78. Powell, Cash as [Tony]
  79. Powell, Joshua (IV) as [Believer Man]
  80. Powell, Mac as [Enlin]
  81. Praschan, Matt as [Health Service Student]
  82. Price, Ken (VIII) as
  83. Queen, Joseph as [Alliance Driver 916]
  84. Raphael, Bill as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  85. Rayna, Justin as [Alliance Soldier 101]
  86. Rieckhoff, Brandon as [Student]
  87. Riviere, Tyriel as [Rebel]
  88. Roberts, Sam (XXII) as [Rebel]
  89. Roels, Nate as [Student]
  90. Rought, Kevin as
  91. Royer, Travis as
  92. Ruiz, Sandro as [Funeral Attendee]
  93. Ruppert, Matthew as [Rebel]
  94. Sanders, Johnathan as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  95. Sanford, Tony as [Rebel]
  96. Schmidt, A.J. as
  97. Seavolt, Ryan as [Funeral Attendee]
  98. Seccombe, Keith as [Professor Holloway]
  99. Shinabery, Todd as
  100. Skinner, Joshua as [Health Service Student]
  101. Smith, Coltan as [Health Service Student]
  102. Solon, David as [Student]
  103. Stallings, T.C. as [Commander] <7>
  104. Steffke, Phil as [Funeral Attendee]
  105. Stevens, Chase (III) as [Alliance Soldier 411]
  106. Stevens, Kevin (VI) as [Alliance Soldier 202]
  107. Stine, Brad as [Beau]
  108. Sweeney, Reid as [Underground Christian]
  109. Tavella, Dustin as [Ramirez]
  110. Thomas, Joshua (XVIII) as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  111. Thorne, Luke as [Student]
  112. Thurston, Sawyer as [Student]
  113. Tiderington, Ryan as [Soldier]
  114. Toliver, Mario as [Rebel]
  115. Ulmer, Michael (II) as [Webb266]
  116. Vanderploeg, Clayton as [Student]
  117. Walker, Skye as [Health Service Student]
  118. Warner, Alan (VI) as [Student]
  119. Werksma, Henry as [Funeral Attendee]
  120. Whetstone, Brennen as
  121. Williams, Calvin (X) as [Pelligro]
  122. Williams, Wade (IV) as [Alliance Guard]
  123. Williard, Brandon as
  124. Wiltshire, Ryan as [Underground Christian]
  125. Witherspoon, Nicholas as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  126. Yelding, Micahel as [Funeral Attendee]
  127. Alexander, Ashanti as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  128. Bailey, Bryanna as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  129. Besaw, Madelyn as [Health Service Student]
  130. Booker, Janae as [Rebel Girl]
  131. Briggson, Brooke as [Funeral Attendee]
  132. Brookens, Heidi as [Health Service Student]
  133. Bruce, Maegan as [Interrogated woman]
  134. Buckner, Latanya as [Rebel]
  135. Burgess, Brittany (I) as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  136. Bush, Laclyn as [Underground Christian]
  137. Chaness, Samantha as [Funeral Attendee]
  138. Christian, Payton as [Underground Christian]
  139. Chub, Marlyn as [Health Service Student]
  140. Cooper, Jennifer (V) as [Roxy] <2>
  141. Coppola, Jeanne as [Funeral Attendee]
  142. Dalrymple, Rebecca as [Student]
  143. Darby, Carrie as [Rebel]
  144. Deutsch, Keely as [Student]
  145. Driver, Brittany as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  146. Egerer, Joanna as [Health Service Student]
  147. Everett, Chelsea as [Underground Christian]
  148. Fields, Shannen as [Nurse] <8>
  149. Ford, Jane (VII) as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  150. Grant, Amy (IV) as [Underground Christian]
  151. Griffith II, Wendy as [Anchor Woman]
  152. Grunwell, Torey as [Funeral Attendee]
  153. Halliburton, Kelly as [Underground Christian]
  154. Harper, Maggie (III) as [Refugee Woman]
  155. Harrison, Harlee as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  156. Hopper, Katie as [Health Service Student]
  157. Jamie-Grace as [Vivica] <12>
  158. Jones, Lori (II) as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  159. Kowakcyk, Brittney as [Funeral Attendee]
  160. Kulang, Roda as [Health Service Student]
  161. Lemke, Beth as [Student]
  162. Lewis, Hattie as [Rebel]
  163. Looser, Regan as [Refugee]
  164. Macavei, Mariea Luisa as [Female News Reporter on Location]
  165. Marciniak, Jennifer as [Funeral Attendee]
  166. Martinez, Melissa (XIII) as [Rebel]
  167. Massengill, Cotton as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  168. McCall, Brenda as [Underground Christian]
  169. Meadows, Bonnie as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  170. Mullen, Victoria as [Mrs. Summers]
  171. Murray, Ashlei as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  172. Pascak, Lauren as [Health Service Student]
  173. Payne, Shirley as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  174. Pevey, Sue as [Christian Couple]
  175. Platto, Kirsten as [Student]
  176. Pleasant, Rachael as [Funeral Attendee]
  177. Powell, Scout as [Ashely]
  178. Ralsten, Grace as [Student]
  179. Rivera, Jasmine (III) as [Antique Shop Refugee]
  180. Sanders, Kelsey as [Claire] <11>
  181. Schafer, Maria as [Health Service Student]
  182. Scoltens, Juliana as [Student]
  183. Shelton, Nealie as [Underground Christian]
  184. Sherman, Cierra as [Believer Woman]
  185. Springs, Kinley as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  186. Stegall, Jesselyn as [Rebel]
  187. Stewart, Sabrina (III) as [Health Service Student]
  188. Stine, Mayce as [Christian girl]
  189. Swanson, Cheryl as [Funeral Attendee]
  190. Vail, Debra as [Underground Christian]
  191. Vail, Jennifer as [Underground Christian]
  192. Velasquez, Jaci as [Beth] <6>
  193. Voorheis, Courtney as [Health Service Student]
  194. Werksma, Luann as [Funeral Attendee]
  195. Werlein, Holly as [Student]
  196. Wilkinson, Jessica (III) as [Abandoned Town Squatter]
  197. Woods, Meredith as [Underground Christian]
  198. Yonge, Audrey as [Health Service Student]


  1. Thriller


  1. Roy, Philip

Dress Designers

  1. Wilson, Dusty (III)

Film Editors

  1. Solomon, Dustin


  1. Decker, Steve (VII) (dit)
  2. Fox, Katie (VII) (production coordinator)
  3. Kohan, Homa (key production assistant: set)
  4. Macavei, Mariea Luisa (production assistant)
  5. Mizell, Patrick (location manager)
  6. Norman, Josh (set production assistant)
  7. Soltysiak, Kathleen (script supervisor)
  8. Sorby, Rachel 'Betty Connor' (catering chef)
  9. Webb, Casey (II) (set production assistant)
  10. Werksma, Patrick (location manager)
  11. Wilson, Gracie D'Lene (production secretary)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  2. Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  3. Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA