Run Stinky Run (2013) Movie

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English - (Original version)

(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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A young beauty has super-charged pheromones.

chase, pheromones, running, smell,

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Virginia (III) as [Stinky Witness]
  2. Block-Anderson, Faith as [Stinky Witness]
  3. Brown, Phyllis (III) as [Stinky Witness]
  4. Bruno, Pam as [Middle-Aged Woman]
  5. Byer, Gail as [Gwen Garish]
  6. Carlisle, Marilyn as [Stinky Witness]
  7. Cherie, Faiza as [Deputy Press Secretary]
  8. Chimato, Karen (II) as [Stinky Witness]
  9. Da Rosa, Elena as [Stinky Witness]
  10. Dailey, Debbie as [Stinky Witness]
  11. Dennehy, J. Kelly as [Mom]
  12. Dourbecker, Frenchi as [Foreigner]
  13. Firecracker, Frenchi as [Foreigner]
  14. Golden Bryan, Angela as [FBI Agent Holbrook]
  15. Groom, Christina as [Pool Beauty Zoe]
  16. Hoerler, Amy as [Pool Beauty Pamela]
  17. Huard, Judi as [Stinky Witness]
  18. Hurtado, Nastasshia as [TV Hostess Tricia Abbott]
  19. Joy, Jennifer (IV) as [Rose Calhoun]
  20. Kay, Dona as [Stinky Witness]
  21. Kelly, Irene (III) as [Tacky New Yorker]
  22. Kendall, Julie as [Pool Beauty Carolyn]
  23. Komerzan, Elena as [Stinky Witness]
  24. Kraham, Iret as [Stinky Witness]
  25. Kriauciunaite, Ilona as [Stinky Witness]
  26. Kysia, Ali as [Stinky Witness]
  27. Levey-Giacomino, Laurel as [Lenore Gable]
  28. Marzilli, Clairese Rose as [Biggest Fan]
  29. McGuinness, Aniela as [Pool Beauty Joyce]
  30. Morgan, Melia as [Housewife]
  31. Orban, Jan as [Upscale Woman]
  32. Orman, Marybeth as [Nicole]
  33. Rasa, Marcela as [Stinky Witness]
  34. Reichert, Sherry (V) as [Stinky Witness]
  35. Roban, Marcy as [Shopping Center Woman]
  36. Robinson, Lanette as [Pool Beauty Mindy]
  37. Saperstein, Valerie as [Stinky Witness]
  38. Scala, Adriana (III) as [TV Hostess Maggie Sloan]
  39. Taglienti, Tara as [Gay Woman]
  40. Wrieden, Brianna as [Uptight Teen Conservative]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Rose Calhoun could be your neighbor, your daughter or your son's girlfriend. She's an attractive 25-year old working as a South Florida cocktail waitress and happy with her life. She's vain about her looks and plans to marry a rich man so she can spend her life shopping. Through a hilarious series of weird events, Rose begins emitting a supernatural level of pheromones. To women, she smells horribly, like a cesspool in July. But to men, her pheromone odor is so sensually intoxicating that the blood rushing from their heads to their groins causes them to grow instant erections, become amorously faint and lose consciousness. Caught on camera as men collapse all around her, Rose becomes a viral Internet sensation, which sends her running for her life and freedom. The Department of Defense wants to turn her into a weapon. The FBI considers her a terrorist threat. The DEA classifies her as a narcotic and forbids anyone to snort her. The police have to enforce the criminal assault charges filed by the men she has affected. An unscrupulous cosmetics company wants to duplicate her powerful odor so they can market foolproof aphrodisiacs. Television networks want her to star in a freaky reality show. Tabloids spread rumors of a secret passionate relationship with Brad Pitt. Even a White Power Militia wants to use her super-smell to rob banks to help finance the overthrow of the government. Everyone is chasing Rose so they can lock her away and do grotesque experiments on her body, which is why it's Run Stinky Run. Neil Golin Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 35,000


  1. Milt, Victor (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Golin, Neil (co-editor)
  2. Milt, Victor (co-editor)


  1. Carlisle, David (III) (production assistant)
  2. Dzuro, Michael (production assistant)
  3. Gardner, George (IV) (production assistant)
  4. Golin, Neil (location manager)
  5. Golin, Neil (production accountant)
  6. Honore, Jean-Paul (production assistant)
  7. Joy, Jennifer (IV) (animal wrangler)
  8. Milt, Kim Bretton (script supervisor)
  9. Stylianou, Stelious (production assistant)