Runner, Runner (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Appian Way [us]
Double Feature Films [us]
New Regency Pictures [us]
Stone Village Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Belgium) - 25 September 2013
(France) - 25 September 2013
(Argentina) - 26 September 2013
(Australia) - 26 September 2013
(Denmark) - 26 September 2013

Running Time



Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2
OFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Affleck, Ben as [Ivan Block]
  2. Beder, Jordan as [Paul Arnaud]
  3. Booko, Daniel as (voice)
  4. Castro, David (I) as [Guard]
  5. Cooper, Oliver as
  6. Costabile, David as [Professor Hornstein]
  7. Esper, Michael (I) as
  8. George, Christian as [Wilson]
  9. Gonzalez, Jeremy E. as [Jeremy-Esteban's Son]
  10. Isaac, Joel as (as Joel Gonzalez) [Costa Rican Worker]
  11. Kahn, Justin Paul as [Bar Back]
  12. Lombardi, Louis as [Archie]
  13. Mackie, Anthony as
  14. Mason, Laurence as [Governor]
  15. McLinden, Christopher as [Lico (1st Student)]
  16. Molina, James (I) as [Esteban]
  17. Myatt, Clifford as [Congressman Towel]
  18. Okeniyi, Dayo as [Perdeep]
  19. Padilla-Lallave, Juan as [Esteban's Son]
  20. Palladio, Sam as [Shecky]
  21. Rainey, Jon Douglas as [Business man]
  22. Sanz, Carlos (II) as
  23. Schwartz, Ben (III) as
  24. Scott, Hugh (IV) as [Shooter]
  25. Tester, Brian (I) as [Casino Whale]
  26. Timberlake, Justin as [Richie Furst]
  27. Upton, Sam (I) as [Agent Poole]
  28. Vazquez, Yul as [Delegate Herrera]
  29. Weisz, Steven as [Doorman John]
  30. Arterton, Gemma as [Rebecca Shafran]
  31. Hartnett, Danielle (I) as (voice)
  32. Khin, Sandha as [Shooter's Girl]
  33. Laura, Diana (III) as [Sandra Leon]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Total Business

SD: June 2012 - 31 August 2012

Music Composers

  1. Hajian, Chris


  1. Fiore, Mauro

Dress Designers

  1. Rosario, Carlos (I) (co-costume designer)


20th Century Fox Netherlands [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical) (through Warner Bros.)
Imperial - Cinepix [pl] - (2013) (Poland) (theatrical)
Twentieth Century Fox C.I.S. [ru] - (2013) (Russia) (theatrical)
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical) (through)

Film Editors

  1. Fox, Billy (I)


  1. Alfonseca, Marielena (second assistant accountant)
  2. Berrios, Lionel A. (I) (production assistant)
  3. Brilliant, Gregg (unit publicist)
  4. Bruckman, Vivian (assistant to executive producers)
  5. Cañizares, Miguel (producers asssistant)
  6. De Orduña, Carlos (office production assistant)
  7. Díaz Marqués, Eduardo (office production assistant: additional photography)
  8. Estrella-Rivera, Luis R. (location manager)
  9. Goldsmith, Jane (I) (script supervisor)
  10. Hastings, Tyler (stand-in)
  11. Hilera, Jose R. (location assistant) (2013)
  12. Keith, Daniel E. (stand in: Justin Timberlake)
  13. Keith, Daniel E. (stand-in: Justin Timberlake) (uncredited)
  14. Malley-Campos, Michelle (key production assistant)
  15. Medina, Mariant (assistant production office coordinator)
  16. Mercado, Neyda Johana (production coordinator)
  17. Morse, Nathan (sequence artist)
  18. Pérez-Hicks, Ryan (office production assistant)
  19. Rodríguez Murphy, Vanessa (production secretary)
  20. Rubero, Edgardo (stand-in) (uncredited)
  21. Samuelsohn, Howard (dialogue coach)
  22. Solomon, Lucas (video/computer graphics)
  23. Stone, Adam M. (product placement coordinator)
  24. Stone, Cat (product placement coordinator)
  25. Varona, José R. (head set medic)
  26. Vlassopoulos, Chrisoula (second assistant accountant)
  27. Weisberg, Steven (II) (location manager)
  28. Weiss, Vanessa (production secretary)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Puerto Rico