"Run's House" (2005) {The Bird's and the Bee's (#1.2)} TV Season

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Full Cast

  1. Simmons Jr., Joseph as (as JoJo) [Himself]
  2. Simmons Jr., Russell as [Himself]
  3. Simmons, Daniel (III) as [Himself]
  4. Simmons, Joseph as [JoJo]
  5. Simmons, Russell as [Himself]
  6. Jones, Justine (II) as [Herself]
  7. Simmons, Angela as [Herself]
  8. Simmons, Justine as [Herself]
  9. Simmons, Vanessa (II) as [Herself]


  1. Arelleno, Andrew (logger)
  2. Barber, Jaclyn (assistant: Jason A. Carbone)
  3. Beard, James (VII) (production assistant)
  4. Bingsworth, Peter (assistant)
  5. Blothenburg, Cory (production assistant)
  6. Bond, Johnna (production assistant)
  7. Busto, Jenelle (assistant)
  8. Capule, Benilda 'Bunny' (finance manager)
  9. Carbajal, Tara (office assistant)
  10. Carbone, Bob (production coordinator)
  11. Cardenas, Paul (II) (production accountant)
  12. Cast, Mike (production assistant)
  13. Caster, Daniel (personal assistant)
  14. Cavagnet, Andrew (production assistant)
  15. Chavez, Thomas (II) (other crew)
  16. Chicco, Gabriel (production assistant)
  17. Chmielewski, Brian (office assistant)
  18. Chou, Christina (personal assistant)
  19. Cole-Sizemore, Jenn (production accountant)
  20. Conkey, Kathleen (legal counsel)
  21. Czander, Eliza (logger)
  22. Dassinger, Mike (legal counsel)
  23. Domagalski, Amy (personal assistant)
  24. Ellingsworth, Peter (production assistant)
  25. Elustondo, Valerie (project manager)
  26. Figueroa, Jennifer (legal counsel)
  27. Fuchs, Sarah Jane (production coordinator)
  28. Garcia, Bridget (coordinator) (as Bridget Goodbody)
  29. Gerbasio, Vinny (technical director)
  30. Greaves, Kate (technical supervisor)
  31. Harris, Louisa (publicist)
  32. Herman, Toby (production assistant)
  33. Hirsch, Jono (assistant accountant)
  34. Hook, Melissa (personal assistant)
  35. Howe, Lauren (production assistant)
  36. Kauffman, Stuart (III) (legal counsel)
  37. Lo Presti, Joe (II) (production coordinator)
  38. LoCascio, Jeffrey (production assistant)
  39. Malis, Nick (executive consultant)
  40. Marciante, Nicci (other crew)
  41. Mason, Mike (V) (technical supervisor)
  42. McEnaney, Edward (production assistant)
  43. McGintee, Anne-Marie (personal assistant)
  44. Moody, Abbey (production assistant)
  45. Mueller, Paige (personal assistant)
  46. Mullins, Derrick (I) (office production assistant)
  47. Nesmith, Terry (production coordinator)
  48. Park, Aaron (production accountant)
  49. Pederson, Shannon (II) (logger)
  50. Piston, Jennifer (I) (production assistant)
  51. Powers, Mike (XI) (executive consultant)
  52. Predescu Jr., Nicolae (production management)
  53. Prescott Peters, Lesley (assistant story editor) (as Lesley Prescott)
  54. Prowse-Gany, Brian (production coordinator)
  55. Rachlin, Stephanie (personal assistant)
  56. Reiter, Kyle (IV) (logger)
  57. Reynolds, Rebecca (X) (logger)
  58. Rowe, Ryan (II) (creative consultant)
  59. Salvo, Michael (I) (production assistant)
  60. Schiffman, Jodi (production coordinator)
  61. Shames, Evan (personal assistant)
  62. Shea, Kimberly (I) (technical director)
  63. Simeti, Paolo (logger)
  64. Skinner, Brian T. (assistant: Jason A. Carbone)
  65. Smith, Stephanie (X) (assistant: Jason A. Carbone)
  66. Soler, Nelson (creative consultant)
  67. Spero, Francesca (consultant)
  68. St. Boi, Roody (assistant: Jason A. Carbone)
  69. St. Eloi, Roodly (legal counsel)
  70. St. Germain, Sybil (personal assistant)
  71. Szulewski, Adam (office assistant)
  72. Taylor, Ryan (XXIX) (office assistant)
  73. Tripet, Peter (personal assistant)
  74. Tucker, Todd (II) (production coordinator)
  75. Volonakis, Lauren (personal assistant)
  76. Walken, Erika-Summer (I) (personal assistant)
  77. Wellmeyer, Dan (title designer)
  78. Whyte, Catherine (project director)
  79. Wynder, Ronica (office assistant)
  80. Yadegar, Jessica (personal assistant)
  81. Yarowsky, Matt (personal assistant)