"Ruth Rendell Mysteries" (1987) {Simisola: Part Three (#9.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Ruth Rendell Mysteries" Season 09 Episode 05 (S09E05)



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Blue Heaven Productions [gb]
ITV Productions [gb]
Meridian Broadcasting [gb]

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babysitting, based-on-novel, british-mystery, candidate, chief-inspector, class-differences, coma, detective-inspector, detective-sergeant, dreadlocks, employment-agency, false-testimony, fraternal-twins, hospital, illegal-alien, inspector-wexford, murder-investigation, nigerian, payback, policewoman, protest-march, protestors, rape, ruth-rendell, suspect,

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Full Cast

  1. Adoti, Razaaq as [Patrick Akande] <17>
  2. Baker, George (I) as [Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford] <1>
  3. Byfield, Trevor as [Leyton] <25>
  4. Cochrane, Michael as [Swithun Riding] <4>
  5. Donaldson, Tom (I) as [Ben] <23>
  6. Doyle, David (III) as [Dean] <12>
  7. Elba, Idris as [Raffy] <10>
  8. Harris, George (II) as [Dr. Raymond Akande] <6>
  9. Kermode, Robin as [Sgt. Vine] <7>
  10. Martin, Adrian (IV) as [Robin] <22>
  11. Oliver-Watts, Guy as [Zack Nelson] <21>
  12. Portal, Robert as [Christopher Riding] <14>
  13. Ravenscroft, Christopher as [Det. Insp. Mike Burden] <2>
  14. Reynolds, Robert (I) as [Det. Cons. Mark Drayton]
  15. Simon, Charles (II) as [Percy Hammond] <13>
  16. Bautista, Jane as [Rosenda Lopez] <20>
  17. Buch, Naomi as [Susan Riding] <27>
  18. Fielding, Alison as [Ingrid Pamber] <16>
  19. Goldman, Gracy G. as (as Grace Mattaka) [Melanie Akande] <15>
  20. Hamilton, Emily (I) as [Sophie Riding] <24>
  21. Lapotaire, Jane as [Anouk Khoori] <3>
  22. Mitchell, Sasha (II) as [DS Karen Malahyde] <11>
  23. Parnell, Loretta as [Sojourner] <26>
  24. Peasgood, Julie as [Cookie Dix] <19>
  25. Ramsay, Louie as [Dora Wexford] <5>
  26. Reilly, Kelly (I) as [Kimberley] <18>
  27. Thomas, Ellen (I) as [Laurette Akande] <8>
  28. Tucker, Marcia (I) as [Oni Johnson] <9>

Full Plot

Mrs. Johnson, the school crossing guard, is recovering in hospital but in a semi-comatose state and has no recollection as to what has happened. Wexford does learn from her that the unidentified dead teenager had recently asked her for directions to the job center. There are several possible leads. The burglar's girlfriend seems to be living beyond her means: Mrs. Khouri is known as a difficult employer who can't keep her servants and Wexford wonders if the unidentified girl might have worked for her; and then there are the silent phone calls Wexford keeps receiving. Wexford also cannot help but remember the question at the town hall from the young woman who asked what to do if you had a rapist in the family. Somehow, the Chief Inspector knows it all fits together. garykmcd Plot not found


A&E Television Networks [us] - (????) (USA) (TV)
AcornMedia [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD)
Granada International [gb] - (1996) (worldwide) (all media)
Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (1996) (UK) (TV)


Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: Where have I seen that car before? Det. Insp. Mike Burden: In your worst nightmare. Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: [to Burden] Right. well now, it's 90% investigation and 10% intuition. I rely on my 10%. DS Karen Malahyde: Did your mother suspect any of what was going on? Susan Riding: Women have a great gift for looking the other way. We've been doing it for centuries.