"Ruth Rendell Mysteries" (1987) {Simisola: Part Two (#9.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Ruth Rendell Mysteries" Season 09 Episode 04 (S09E04)



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7.4/ 10 (7 Votes)

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Production Company
Blue Heaven Productions [gb]
ITV Productions [gb]
Meridian Productions

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 9 February 1996

Running Time


alibi, autopsy, babysitting, based-on-novel, beaten-to-death, british-mystery, burglar, candidate, chief-inspector, crossing-guard, detective-inspector, detective-sergeant, detective-series, doctor, dysfunctional-marriage, employment-agency, estate, garden-party, identifying-dead-body, illegal-alien, inspector-wexford, investigation, marital-infidelity, missing-person, murder-mystery,

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Full Cast

  1. Adoti, Razaaq as [Patrick Akande] <27>
  2. Baker, George (I) as [Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford] <1>
  3. Cochrane, Michael as [Swithun Riding] <23>
  4. Donaldson, Tom (I) as [Ben] <31>
  5. Doyle, David (I) as [Dean] <14>
  6. Elba, Idris as [Pest Controller] <12>
  7. Fyfe, Robert (I) as [Alexander Dix] <20>
  8. Harris, George (II) as [Dr. Raymond Akande] <6>
  9. Ilsley, Daniel as [Gary] <13>
  10. Kermode, Robin as [Sgt. Vine] <7>
  11. Lermitte, Robin as [Mavrikiev] <25>
  12. Martin, Adrian (IV) as [Robin] <30>
  13. Middleton, John (II) as [Peter Stanton] <16>
  14. Oliver-Watts, Guy as [Zack Nelson] <11>
  15. Portal, Robert as [Christopher Riding] <21>
  16. Ravenscroft, Christopher as [Det. Insp. Mike Burden] <2>
  17. Seymour, Shaughan as [Bruce Snow] <18>
  18. Stern, Tim (I) as [Minister Fletcher] <29>
  19. Trussell, Paul as [Market trader] <8>
  20. Davies, Meg (I) as [Carolyn Snow] <17>
  21. Fielding, Alison as [Ingrid Pamber] <24>
  22. Keen, Diane as [Jenny Burden] <5>
  23. Lapotaire, Jane as [Anouk Khoori] <3>
  24. Mitchell, Sasha (II) as [DS Karen Malahyde] <15>
  25. Parnell, Loretta as [Simisola (Sojourner)] <26>
  26. Peasgood, Julie as [Cookie Dix] <19>
  27. Ramsay, Louie as [Dora Wexford] <4>
  28. Reilly, Kelly (I) as [Kimberley] <9>
  29. Shore, Barrie as [Mrs. Stowlap] <10>
  30. Thomas, Ellen (I) as [Laurette Akande] <28>
  31. Tucker, Marcia (I) as [Oni Johnson] <32>

Full Plot

Chief Inspector Wexford and Insp. Burden continue the investigation of Melanie Akande's disappearance and the death of the last person to have seen her alive, employment counselor, Annette Bystock. While they find the man who broke into Bystock's house, he claims that the door was unlocked - and she was dead - when he got there. When they find the body of a young black woman, they believe they have found Melanie but have in fact made a terrible mistake leading Dr. and Mrs. Akande to accuse the police of racism. The young woman, only 17 years old, was beaten to death but yet another murder of a black woman deepens the mystery. garykmcd Plot not found


AcornMedia [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD)
Granada International [gb] - (1996) (worldwide) (all media)
Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (1996) (USA) (TV)


Robin: I've decided that all European languages are really, really boring. Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: [Tongue in cheek] Oh, I'll inform Tolstoy, Balzac, and Shakespeare immediately. Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: May I remind you this conversation's being recorded. Carolyn Snow: [Contemptuously] Bring out the album! Ingrid Pamber: [looking in awe at the interior of the Khoori mansion] Isn't it a wonderful house? Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: Yes, beautiful! Built by the poor for the rich. Maintained by the poor for the rich. It says money and privilege. Absolutely demands respect! Ingrid Pamber: What's the use of having money if you don't flaunt it? Mavrikiev: [Understating sfter autopsying the beaten dead girl] Whoever did this is not a nice man.