Saanncha (2008) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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8.6/ 10 (5 Votes)

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Shilp Creations [in]

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bollywood, independent-film, labour, victim,

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Full Cast

  1. Gazi, Amin as
  2. Kher, Anupam as [Ram Khilawan]
  3. Raaz, Vijay as [Dinu]
  4. Tiwari, Mukesh as [Shambu]
  5. Yadav, Raghuvir as [Hariya]
  6. Chandran, Sudha as [Social Worker]
  7. Gupta, Archana as [Chakori]
  8. Mani, Sona as [Sukhia]
  9. Trivedi, Ekta as
  10. Vaishnavi as [Chanda]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

"Sancha" is a conscious effort to present the naked truth of human emotions in today's progressive, cultured and civilized society. "Sancha" is a thought process that does not only symbolize an individualistic perception but relates to every human being who goes through hellish crisis. "Sancha" is homage to an age-old indestructible human values and relations... Every parent prays to God that they be blessed with an intelligent and physically powerful male child and if it is a female child she be sanctified with divine beauty... This very benevolence of God becomes an inconceivable curse for some parent. This is precisely what happens to a haggard woman, Chanda, who works at a rustic brick kiln to meet her daily needs. Like every dutiful mother would protect her young child, Chanda has religiously rubbed the kiln-ash every day over her daughter's ever-glowing skin for past sixteen years in order to protect her honor from the lustful eyes of this world. Chanda appears as a model of a sanctimonious motherhood and stands out as a self-respectful & strongest mother. Unfortunately due to sickness of her husband she borrows money from the brick-contractor, Shambhu, and unwillingly enrolls herself amongst those underprivileged & helpless women who undergo physical abuse in return of his monitory favor whenever he wishes so. As a hard luck would have it, one day Shambhu's eyes glimmer to see the mouth-watering attractiveness of Chanda's daughter, Chakori whose beauty was hidden under the layers of murky ash for years. Overwhelmed by this cruel situation and sensing his wicked intent, Chanda finds no other solution to safeguard her daughter's honor but to marry her to an aged 55 yrs old, Ramkhilavan who perceives his wife as nothing but a mere commodity to fulfill his sexual desires. By nature, Chakori's husband, Ramkhilavan is a pervert old man who seems overjoyed to trap a young virgin in his marital snare. To his dismay on his first night, he discovers that his young wife knows nothing about sexual act. As a wise old man he makes a prudent decision not to ravage her chastity with force but to prepare her slowly into physical submission. However in the process, the old man realizes his cardinal sin and surrenders before her sacred innocence that ultimately transforms him from a depraved demon to a holy saint. Sharat Chandra Plot not found

Total Business

BT: EUR 1,000,000

Music Composers

  1. Mani, Madhu (original score music)


  1. Gautam, Kapil

Film Editors

  1. Riaz, M. Faisal (film editing by)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Maharashtra, India