Saaz (1997) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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5.7/ 10 (51 Votes)

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PLUS Films [in]

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Full Cast

  1. Hussain, Zakir (I) as <3>
  2. Sahni, Parikshat as [Dr. Ranjit Samant]
  3. Yadav, Raghuvir as [Vrundavan]
  4. Azmi, Shabana as [Bansidhar (Bansi) Vrundavan] <1>
  5. Dharker, Ayesha as [Kuhu Vrundavan]
  6. Irani, Aruna as [Mansi Vrundavan (Maan Didi)] <2>
  7. Warerkar, Vaidehi as [Younger Maan Didi]


  1. Drama
  2. Musical

Full Plot

Mansi and Bansi come to Mumbai after the death of their parents. All they have as a legacy is a love for music instilled in them by their father Vrindavan, and their divine voices. After their initial struggle, Mansi finds her way into the film industry with music director Indraneel as her mentor. Mansi keeps Bansi's talent under wraps and gets her married to an unsuitable man. Her argument is that both should cherish their father's memory - Bansi by bearing children to carry on the family name and Mansi by keeping his music alive. When Indraneel picks Bansi as his new protégé, Mansi breaks off with him. The sisters become bitter rivals. After her divorce, Bansi fights to keep her place in the sun against crippling odds. A dynamic young music director Himen Desai, is obsessed with Bansi and she finally succumbs to his charm and persuasion. The film tells the story of a brave woman's battle to come to terms with her life, she does not give up even when she loses her voice. A renowned psychiatrist Dr Samarth comes into her life. Does she find fulfillment this time? Does she find her voice? Anonymous Mansi and Bansidhar are two daughters of renowed singer, Vrundavan. After Vrundavan's wife passes away, the responsiblity of the household is shouldered by Mansi. When the two sisters grow up, Mansi focuses on her career in singing and becomes accomplished and know nation-wide. Mansi feels threatened by Bansi's voice, and she gets Bansi married to an alcoholic, debt-ridden, and abusive husband. Things do not improve even when Bansi give birth to a daughter, and she finally separates from him. Good fortune smiles on Bansi, when she is invited to sing in Mansi's place. She goes on to have an affair with her sister's boyfriend, Indraneel, resulting in bitterness all round, though this does improve Bansi career, leaving Mansi out in the cold. When Bansi's daughter grows up, she too excels in singing, and is in love with Hemang Desai, little knowing that her very own mother has also been having an affair with him and wants to marry him. rAjOo ( Plot not found


  1. Bhaskar, G.S.


B4U Entertainment [in] - (2006) (Canada) (TV)


  1. Singhania, Vivek (production coordinator)


- The story of this movie is actually based on the real life incidents of Hindi Cinema's top two singing stars, 'Lata Mangeshkar' (qv) and 'Asha Bhosle' (qv).